Saturday, 31 January 2015

I am back :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope your all happy and well!

I am so sorry for not writing a blog post for the past few weeks,  I have just been very ill and busy with college and very bad with anxiety and I have had writers block as well!

So you might be asking yourselves on what I have actually been doing for these past few weeks while I haven't been writing a blog post? not much really! lol!

I have been horse riding every Sunday, as normal, which is good and I always enjoy it, even though I don't really have anyone to talk to at the stables so that sucks!(that another blog post in itself about social groups!-coming soon maybe ;) or maybe not! hehe I tease!) Other then riding I have only been doing college work and just socialising with my friends (the few friends I still have lol!) and that's about it! my life is pretty dule and boring at the minute especially with college work and too many college assessments do meaning I have no time!!!!!!!!!!! so even though I haven't been writing my blog I have just been concentrating on getting all my assessments done at college(so annoying and yes I have no life since I barely have any friends left ( that's another blog post within itself-coming soon maybe or maybe not! hehe again I tease! lol!)

So pretty boring as normal lo! although saying that last week I did something pretty exciting the other week! Last Friday (23rd), I went to see Bethan Leadley aka MusicalBethan (she is one of my favourite youtubers)  in concert  which was amazing! I was so excited and so nervous as I thought I was bound to mess up in front of my idol and end up having a massive panic attack in front of her but I didn't as she was so sweet and so much more awesome then she I on youtube! Plus her opening act was Diode Clark aka Doodleoddle (one of my other favourite youtubes)  and again I was super nervous as I thought I was gonna mess up in front of her but I didn't as she was just so sweet and so much more awesome then she is on youtube! They were both so incredibly talented and the show was amazing! I so cat wait for Behan to (hopefully, and hopefully soon) go on tour again!

sorry this weeks is short and rambly but hope you enjoyed it anyway and don't forget to follow so that you can read next weeks which is going to be a good blog post (I hope so lol)
Thank you all for reading!
Love you all!!!!!!!!!!
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Friday, 16 January 2015

Sorry! (again...oops)

Hi everyone!

I am afraid that this week there will be no proper blog post again as i am very ill and very bad with anxiety as well and have had problems with my laptop as well so I haven't been able to blog.

sorry about this being a very short and pointless blog!- I hope next week my anixety will be better and I wont be ill and have laptop problems so I will be able to blog.

sorry! (again)
thanks for reading!-Dont worry next week i will be back to my normal geeky bookworm blogger self!
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Love you all!!!!!
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Saturday, 10 January 2015

I am really sorry....

Hi Guys!!!!!

Hope you all having a very happy new year!
so this weeks blog post,  I am not gonna lie but this weeks blog post is going to be very short and just me rambling so I am sorry about that, but I hope you all still read it anyway. :)
This weeks blog I have had many problems with writing it which is what I a going to explain now...

Problem #1

I have struggled with writers block this week. so that basically means I have had no clue what to write at all as I was lacking inspiration this week.

Problem #2

I have been feeling very bad with my anxiety lately. It has gotten really bad and I have had a lot of panic attacks and struggled a lot with my confidence as sometimes things just get to much. I was feeling that lo in confidence and bad with anxiety this week I wasn't sure I wanted to blog this week but I did as I promised everyone one of you reading my blog that I would have a new blog post every Saturday so that's what I am doing.

Problem #3

As well as feeling crap because my anxiety I have also been very ill this week as I have had really bad migraines and all week I have been feeling like I need to throw up all week (sorry for the TMI lol) and that is so bad as I have  fear of vomit so that then courses more anxiety and more panic attacks! so mix the feeling crap with the bad with anxiety and I have not been having a good week.

Problem #4

I have a lot of college work to get through as I had a massive assessment to hand in this week and it was 2 units (if you are still in school and don't understand how much work that's a lot more then school-try imagining all your homework assessment for an entire terms and then now you know how much work you have at college! sorry lol!-but college is awesome apart from the amount of work just so I don't scare anyone!)

Problem #5

I have had some problems with my internet this week so I haven't been able to come on to my blog to write a post but it is fixed now so I can blog! (YAY! WOO!)

Anyway I hope you all understand the problems I have this week with writing this blog especially about Problem 2 as I have been extremely bad this week with my anxiety.
Thank you all for understanding and sorry about this post being rubbish and kinda of negative so thank you all for reading it-don't worry next weeks blog post will so much more positive and better!!!
Thank you all again for reading! (if anyone is reading haha)
Love you all!!!!!!!!
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