Saturday, 28 March 2015

Disney tag!

Hiya everyone!

So this week I was going to write a personal blog post but unfortunately I haven't finished it as its very hard and personal so I wont be putting that up this week but I will when its finished! So instead I thought I would do the Disney tag to prove how much I love Disney! Here we go...

1. Scene in any Disney movie that you wish you could experience?
I See the Light from Tangled. It just so magical!

2. Unforgettable moment you experienced at a Disney Park?
Last year, on my sixteenth birthday my parents took me to Disney World Hollywood Studios and I was watching The Frozen Parade and Anna saw my birthday badge that Disney gave me as she was walking past and smiled, waved and shouted happy birthday!

3. First time you were in Disneyworld?
*asks parents* lol
Apparently when I was about 7 months old! I was Disney baby! lol

4. If you could choose any Disney character to be your best friend?
Either Rapunzel or belle as they are both just so like me with reading books and art and I just just think we would be awesome crazy best friends!

5. who are your favourite Disney princesses?
Belle and Rapunzel as they are just so like me or maybe Cinderella.

6. Name a scene or moment in a Disney film that never fails to make you cry?
when stitch gets lost.. :(

7. Favourite Disney movie?
I hate this question..
Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and Frozen.

8. Favourite Disney Villian?
Usula because she actually use to scare me when I was 2 years old and I like her she has sass!

9. Favourite Disney Song?
Again.. I hate this question..
When will my life begin from tangled or Belle from beauty and the beast as they just describe my life (sort of lol) and Let It Go from frozen as it is such a good song and I always end up singing the chorus to my best friend at college as I know how much she hate frozen and  annoying her as then sh yells stop it and then we laugh which is always fun until she hits me around the head haha its our thing haha! we are weird!

And that is the end of the Disney quiz!
I now tag who is a blogger I meet on facebook via a facebook fan group of Carrie Hope Fletcher called "Hopefuls" and she super nice and has an awesome blog so I cant wait to read her Disney tag!
Sorry about not putting the personal blog post up today but I will have it up soon!
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This weeks shoutout goes to Zoella aka Zoe Sugg (probably not even reading this) as its her birthday today so happy birthday Zoe! You are my inspiration! hope you have fabulous day!

Thanks for reading! see you next week for a very exciting/personal blog post!
Love you all!
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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Book tag...

So since I am such a geek and such a nerd especially a youtube nerd and a book nerd that I thought this week I thought I would show you how much of a book nerd I am by doing a book tag! hope you enjoy! :)

1. Favourite book?
do I have to choose just one-there are so many! I have too many favourites but if I had to choose only one then Girl Online by Zoe Sugg as she is my inspiration anyway and it was an incredibly amazing book I just couldn't put it down!
2.Favourite author?
I have lot of favourite authors but here are my top few. Sarah Mlynowski, Gayle Forman, Rebecca Westcott, Micheal Mulpurgo, and Lauren St John and Rainbow Rowell and there are many more but I can't list them all!
3.What genre do you prefer?
Teen fiction.
4.What is your favourite book series/trilogy?
again do I have to chose just one-I hate this question already haha! I have too many! Dork diaries by Rachel Renne Russell which I think is more well known in America and I haven't read in a few years but it is one of the first book series I remember reading and I loved it as it was kinda like diary of a wimpy kid but for girls! The Hunger Games by Stephanie Meyer which although I am only in the middle of the first book and haven't had chance to finish it I love it and its amazing! Harry potter and same again that I haven't finished it as I am only reading chamber of secrets (book 2 out of 7) but I love it! The One Dollar Horse Trilogy by Lauren St John which is an incredible series and  I just love and I love how the outside of the pages are coloured so like book 1 is pink book 2 is blue book 3 is red and book is purple but I haven't read the fourth one yet as it only came out this month and I haven't had enough money to buy it yet.
5. What book did you hate reading n school?
Everything. I use to the reading as I was awful at reading as I just found it super hard but there was a reason behind this (which I will explain the reason in a later blog post-hehe I tease haha!) and now I can read very well and love it!
6. What is one of he first books you remember reading?
I have no idea at all! If I had to guess I would say Charlottes Web as I remember reading this as one of the first books I read without my parents help.
7. Bookstores or Libraries?
Book stores as  I love being able to have my own book that I know none before me has read.
8. How many books do you own?
I have no clue but I am going to guess about 100 ish. although my book goal s 1000 so I can fill a room with shelves of books :D
9. Do you read before you go to sleep?
Yes I always red before I sleep as it helps me sleep although some nights I am too tired and don't have the energy to read but I pretty much always read before I sleep as I love it!
10. most comfortable reading position?
Lying down on my bed as my bed s just the most comfy thing ever!
11. Most recent book you read?
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell which is the book I am currently reading as I haven't finished it yet but I am loving it as its about twins that are just starting at university and one of the is really out going and loves being social and going to parties etc but the other one is just like me as she gets really anxious about new things and changes and is such a geek and so like me!
12. What is one quotes from a book that you love?
I can't remember any my memory sucks. I suck but I will find it and edit it in tomorrow hehe.
13.  Science Fiction or Fantasy?
Fantasy as I love letting my imagination go wild with princesses, castles, romance, sparkly
vampires fighting against a werewolf for a girls heart and wizards!
14. What book do you regret reading?
None I enjoy reading every book that I have read so far and sometimes enjoy them so much that a few months later I re read them again.
15. How large is your book case/shelf?
It pretty small actually as I have a pretty small room so I don't have the space as  like I have a built in wardrobe that is a wardrobe and cupboard space for my clothes and then just across from that I have a small ish desk then opposite my desk is my bed and then in the corner of the room at the and of my bed I have a book case that has five shelves on. my bottom three shelves are just books then a shelf is DVDs and art based books and sketch books and then top shelf I have ornaments and a few pictures frames etc. so I don't really have the space.
16. On average how many books do you read a year?
I have no clue probably 1 every 2 or 3 weeks as I am a quite slow reader.
17. what book so you read hundreds of times without getting bored?
Probably Harry potter (even though I haven't finished the series yet) and the one dollar horse series or Girl online by Zoe sugg as they are my favourites.
18. do you like to read outside?
Not really as I hate it when its breezy and I live in England where it rains most the time so I cant read outside anyway and when its warm and the sun comes out it is very bright and gives me headaches from e brightness. so no I don't like reading outside.
19. what is the biggest life lesson you have learnt from a book?
That there is things you can do to help anxiety and that there is magic and wizardy out there so if you use your imagination anything is possible.
20. What is the best book you have read so far?
Girl Online by Zoe Sugg as its amazing.
I tag a friend who I met via a facebook group called Hopefuls (fandom name of Carrie Hope Fletcher fandom) and we talked and she is super nice and she just started a blog recently so I tag her to do this . here blog is

my shout out this week goes to a youtuber who I met on younow and we got talking and she is so super nice and her twitter name is @PrincessENoodle and she is so sweet and her youtube channel (prinessenoodle) is so awesome!
That's all for this week guys!
Thanks for reading!
I love you very very much!
See you next week for a very exciting blog post!
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Saturday, 14 March 2015


Hi guys!
so this week I thought since I spent way too much money in lush mainly as its mothers day on Sunday and today it is my mum's birthday and I know how much she loves lush products and I also wanted to get few products as well so I went to my local lush in town the other day and spent a bit much and thought I would share them with you today. I know this very different to my normal type of blog post but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Also I haven't done any blog photography before and I didn't have time to edit these photos. Hope you enjoy-let me know if you like to see more blog posts and I will be sure to do more haul/photography.
So these are all the items and products I brought which I will now talk about...
The first five products are all bath bombs as my um loves bath bombs so for mothers day and her birthday I got her tons of bath bombs (sharing them but half for birthday and half for mothers day) that I knew my mum would love.
The first one I got my mum is the Sakura bath both which looks very pretty and smelt amazing and I know she will like it as its a very much like fruity soaps but isn't too much and quite natural smelling as I know that my mum doesn't like smells and soaps that very overpowering if that makes sense. it looks really pretty as it its white and has bits of pink and green abit of blue in it so hopefully my mum will love it.
The second bath bomb I got for my mum is the Rose Jam bath bomb which as you can see is very pink and pretty and I like the fact as well that its spilt in two sort of so you can use it twice.
I also got the Comforter bath bomb as I know it's one of the most popular bath bombs an it looks so pretty and smells amazing. 

Another one I got for my mum is the Twilight bath bomb as I know its one of the popular bath bombs and I also know its very good as I gave this to one of my best friends last year for her birthday as part of the cosmic gift set that had this and the twilight soap in it and she loved it s it turned pink ad purple sparkly in the bath and she loved that as purple is her favourite colour!
The last bath bomb I bought is the Rose Queen bath bomb which is so tiny and so cute and smells amazing (like all Lush products lol) but its very cute.

At last getting on to the few products that I bought for me. so the first one  got for me is the "New" shampoo bar and I love there shampoo bars as I have had the Seanik shampoo bar before which I loved as it made my hair so smooth but I used it up this week and I was in lush anyway so I picked up this one which is one of the most popular ones as well the Godiva shampoo bar but I didn't like very much as it smelt really citrusy and I didn't like it as I don't like citrus scents. So instead I picked up this one and it smells amazing and I cant wait to try out tonight.

I also picked up the Roots hair treatment and I have had this product one before but ran out of it so I needed some more. I just love this product.
I also bout this little hand as I know my hands get very dry and I saw this near the counter and it only cost one pound and it was charity so I bought it.
I am not sponsored by Lush I just bought too much and I love all their products although if I was sponsored by Lush I would love that so Lush if your reading this can you please sponsor me?
Anyway I hope you all enjoyed reading this I know its very different to what I normally write but if like it then let me know by commenting or even ticking the feedback box below and if you all enjoy this then I will write more posts like this.
This weeks shout out goes to my mum since its her birthday today (even though she doesn't what my blog is so she probably wont even red this but oh well!) Happy birthday and happy mothers day! Love you mum!
Can't wait for you all to read next weeks blog!
Thank you all for reading!
Love you all! 
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Saturday, 7 March 2015

The blog post where I get British...

Hi everyone!

I have been procrastinating all day! (not good but youtube is so distracting! #relatable) and I have been feeling quite ill and bad with anxiety and have tons of college work still so I haven't had chance to write a blog post till now so I thought I would still write as I didn't want to disappoint my reader so I am writing the British tag for today as I don't have much time and I thought it would be fun so here we go...

1. How many cups of tea do you drink a day?
I don't drink normal tea I only drink green tea sometimes but I am not sure I like it yet as green is weird and I am getting use to it but mainly I drink a lot of herbal teas especially red berry flavours.  How many depends on what I am doing on the day but normally quite a few cups of tea.
On a college day I normally have 1 cup before college with my breakfast and while I get ready for college. then at college I can't have tea as we not allowed  kettle in he classroom as its a health hazard! (whatever booo that sucks!) so at college I have to drink ice tea which is my favourite cold drink! I am at college 3 days a week and leave in the morning about 8-9 am and get back about 5/5.30 pm every day so when I get back I have about 1 cup of tea every hour at least until I go to bed. for those 4 days a week when I am not at college it depends but normally about 1 cup every hour ish so probably about 10 cups a day. so a lot ok. part of a roast?
I am vegetarian so I am obviously not going to say the met whether that's chicken or beef o turkey as I don't eat meat. but I think it has be between he Yorkshire pudding or the stuffing or the gravy.
3. best dunking biscuit?
Has to be oreos as that's the only biscuits I eat and they are the best. although I don't like the original ones but I like the ones with chocolate cream in the middle. also the proper way to eat an oreo is to twist and eat the cream and the dip and eat each biscuit on its own and this  is making me want some oreos but we ran out and need to buy more!
4. quintessentially British pastime
I have to say drinking tea as that very British ting to do.
5. favourite word?
explelliarmus or potrum or ridiculous or wingardingliviousa
if anyone understands those words then thank gosh I am not the only one who wants to live in Hogwarts!
6.Cockney rhyme slang?
Elephants trunk which in English means drunk and for some reason I found this really funny so I going to this is my favourite cockney rhyme slang.
7.Favourite sweet?
I don't really eat sweets as I am vegetarian and most sweets contain something called gelatine (and I am not explaining what that is in case some of you don't want to be grossed out or I don't want to put anyone off sweets but if you want to know wait til you finished reading and then google it.) so I cant eat many sweets but I can eat jolly ranchers and skittles as they are vegetarian which is good as they are my favourites. I especially love the blue jolly ranchers (I think from memory they're blue berry/raspberry flavour but I cant remember as I haven't had any jolly ranchers in ages.)   and the purple skittles.
8.What would your pub be called ?
Probably something like "the white horse" or "the black stallion" as  I love horses and I like the idea of wild horses that are either black or white kinda of being like a ghost horse.
9. Number #1 British person?
I think either Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) or Carrie hope fletcher (aka itswaypastmybedtime) or Bethan Leadley (aka MusicalBethan) or Dodie Clark (aka doodleoddle) as they are my biggest inspirations.
10. Favourite shop/Restaurant
shop- waterstones because I love books or lush as hey have amazing prducts and all vegan and ethical and amazing and I hope to soon have part time job in lush soon..
restaurant- NANDOES!
11. What british song pops into your head?
WHAT MAKESYOU BEAUTIFUL- BY ONE DIRECTION!(of course it has to be one direction- I think of them all time and always have a song of theirs going through my head!)
 12. Marmite?

I now tag.....

... all of you are reading this now..
especially my three best friends and my boyfriend and my close friend who are all the only friends who know who I actually am..sorry lol and love you five friends I mentioned above! :)..
so if your tagged you can comment below!

Let me know in the comments if you all like me doing this tag questions as blog posts and if you do like them I will do loads more in the future..
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Talk to you all next week!
Love each and everyone of you at little bit too much :)
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