Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Q and A

Q and A

Hi guys! So I know it's not a Saturday and I wasn't meant to be uploading but I felt like writing (and don't worry normal Saturday blog post will be up this saturday so you get two blog posts this week :) yay) so I thought I would do something abit different so I would do a q and a so you can get to know a bit better... So I asked my friends that I was sat with on the train home from London (went as college trip for an assessment) so here we goooo.....

1. What size shoe are you?
Depends. I am 7 and 1/2 in like flip flops and flatties or 8 in riding boots or 9 in converse.

2.favourite book? 
Tricky question! I have so many favourite books! If I had to choose Girl Online by Zoe Sugg as it was an incredible book and Zoe is my inspiration and her book inspired my blog :)

3. What is your favourite place in the world? America or Brighton! ❤️

4. What did you last laugh at? 
My best friend in the train just now she makes me laugh so much and we have this thing that we communicate in facial expressions and it's hilarious! She is hilarious-love ya hun :) 

5. When was the last time you were outside and what were you doing? 
*tumble weed-I don't go outside lol jokes!* 
Just now and we walked to Leister square subway.

6. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
I haven't been to the cinema in months which bad as I have a monthly card that lets me go to the cinema as much as like for £16 a month- and I have used it since I saw Big Hero 6 in like Feburary! I have been busy ok... 

7. What are your plans for this weekend? 
*tumble weed.* um working Friday and Saturday and then going horse riding on Sunday and working Monday (incase you are wondering I am only in college Tuesday,Wednesday and  Thursday's so I technically have a 4 weekend! Woo!) and Netflix and YouTube and reading All I know now by Carrie Hope Fletcher (if I have enough money to but it when it comes out in 2 days!) 

8. Seen anything weird lately? 
Yes my life is just full of weird! Last weird thing might of been in Convent Garden I saw a guy performing on a uni cycle and juggling knives! Yes that tops weird! 

9. If you become a multi millionaire overnight what would you buy? 
First I would but YouTube! Then maybe buy a few horses and flat of my own and then a waterstones just for me and buy a ton of Lush stuff! And a mac book pro and iPhone 6 🙊

10. Grab the nearest book? 
Well the book I took to London with me is The Duff by Kody Kepliner as I am currently reading this book and enjoying it a lot!

11. Music you love?
Well I love a mixture! I love Disney! I also love Pop punk (because my best friend for changed me to better music!) but I also like Musicals and things youtubers write!

12. Music you hate? 
Classical or R and B 

13. What music you listening to right now? 
Mcfly-memory lane (yes old album when mcfly was just Mcfly and not mcbusted! Haha)

14. What is the first thing you think when you wake up in the morning? 
Well first I go ahhhhh it's too early need sleep! Then I think check YouTube hahah geek!

Final question:
15.how are you feeling now?
I am feeling tired and anxious! :/ but I am with my best friend so I am laughing! 

Ok so that is all I have time for this week as I am almost coming up to my stop so it's nearly time for me to get off this train! 
This weeks shoutout goes to whynothonest.blogspot.com as I know she hasn't been feeling that good and she deserves a shoutout so I hope that cheers her up as she is awesome! 
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Love you all! 
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Saturday, 18 April 2015

just another tag.. and an apology oops x

Hi guys!

ok so here comes a massive apology...  I am so sorry I have been so bad and haven't written in weeks! I can explain!  so first of I have a part time job now so I am super super busy with balancing working Monday, Friday and Saturday and then college Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday so that leaves me with Sunday for writing my blog or whatever I feel like doing but normally on Sunday I go horse riding or catch up with college work as I have a lot of assessments to do at the minute, so I don't really have any time. I also have extremely bad with my anxiety so I haven't felt up to writing. I also have had  issues with my old laptop as it was just so slow and took forever to load so that's been a problems but this week my parents bought me a brand new shiny laptop as an early birthday present (birthday isn't for 3 months haha) and its so pretty and I love it so much! so now I can write blog posts without a laptop dying half way or taking forever for me to load! I hope you all understand the problems I have had like laptop and bad with anxiety and the being super busy. I am sorry I hate disappointing you all! I am sorry but I hope you understand!

ok so on with this weeks blog post! I thought I would do something light hearted so I figured I would do a tag (not like I have done a lot of them haha jokes done lots!) and I figured I would do the harry potter tag since I am a massive harry potter fan and I thought it would be fun to test how much I actually know etc. so here we goooo!!

1. Favourite book?
ok so I have to admit I haven't finished reading the harry potter book series yet... oops! ok so let me explain. I only become a harry potter fan last year after I went to Universal studios to see Harry Potter World and even went the new part Diagon Alley opened the day before I went on the Hogwarts express and got to the island but (cant remember the name of this) then I went a queued forever to buy a chocolate frog for my friend as it was her birthday while I was away so I got it her as part her birthday present (and she loved her birthday present especially the chocolate frog! which then made me really happy that I made her happy as she is awesome!) then I couldn't go in the Hogwarts castle as a storm came we had to get back! :/ anyway back to the question...  so I haven't really had a lot of time being a fan so I have seen all the films more then once but I haven't read past chamber of secrets as I am only half way reading book 2. so don't know if I can say a favourite yet until I have read the series.

2. Favourite movie?
tricky question... I have seen all more then once and love them all/! if I had to choose probably pick Order of the Phoenix as I really love that.

3. Part of book/movie that made you cry?
 dobby's death :'(

4. if you could hook up with any harry potter character who would it be?
I would say dobby but he is a house elf so that would be weird. maybe harry but I hate Daniel Randcliff or maybe Ron as I love goofy gingers.

5. What would your patronus be?
probably a unicorn haha.

6. what would the 'love charm' spell smell like to you?
books, horses, cake, pizza, popcorn,  Zoella beauty products, and acrylic paints.

7. If  you could have the Resurrection Stone, Invisibility Cloak or the Elder Wand which one would you choose?
Invisibility cloak definitely as I would love to be able to sneak around Hogwarts and sneak to the library after lights out.

8. What house would you be in?

9. If you could meet any member of the cast who would you want to met?
 Emma Watson.. I mean come on she is just awesome!

10. Have you played any of the video games?
no as I don't play video games but ohhh there are harry potter video games...? maybe I will start playing video games lol

11. if you were on the Quiddich team which position would you play?
I don't know probably a seeker.

12. Were you happy with the ending?
umm its been a while since I watched the last one, let me think. well no since dobby and Dumbledore died! :/ bring them back! but no seriously other then that J.K Rowling did a very good job of ending harry potter but I was so sad when I first watched the last film.

13. how much does harry potter mean to you?
it means a lot to me but not as much as like friend and family and books and YouTube mean to me.

ok so that's all the questions and since this is a tag I now tag...
whynothonest.blospot.com as I know this writer loves harry potter
and my friend who is the biggest ultimate harry potter fan in the world (the one who I bought the chocolate frog for her birthday for-shoutout to her as she is awesome-your welcome for the tag lol.)e and she doesn't have a blog or anything but she can write in the comments just as all you lot can answer them in the comments to!

This weeks shoutout goes to my best friend from college who deserves a shoutout and she is just awesome and more like a sister then a best friend! love you hun!

Ok so that's all for this week again I am so sorry for not writing for the past few weeks!
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