Saturday, 30 May 2015

My top 5 essential beauty products x

Hi guys !

This week I have been feeling quite ill and also very bad with anxiety and had a lot of very bad panic attacks so I haven't really felt very creative and felt up to writing. I also been super busy with getting organised for my holiday to America in July and been super busy organising and thoroughly cleaning my bedroom as at the minute looks like a ten year old girls room as I painted my room purple when I was about 11 and now I hate it and want to paint it pale/baby blue and re decorate it all as soon as college is over for the summer in about a month (14 college days left til summer!-not like I have been counting down since February! haha) However I still wanted to write something for this week as I hate it when I cant write as I busy or whatever as I hate disappointing you all! so I decided to write about my five favourite essential beauty products! hope you enjoy!!!!!

Product 1
Hair Care stuff
Roots Hair Treatment by Lush


I love this product! Its one of my favourite ever products! At first I wasn't so keen on how much it smelt of mint as its a very strong smell and I don't really like mint but now after using it about once a week I love the smell! I find with some (non-lush)hair treatments that it makes my hair greasy but not  with lush as this one is amazing and I love it so much that is it definitely a product I keep buying and even now this reminds me I need to buy some more when I next near a lush store as its that amazing I keep buying it and have just used my last tub up last night! I love this product so much!
Product 2
Make up stuff
Natural collection concealer/cover up stick Fair

As you can see I love this product as there is barely any left and need to buy more! This is a product is one of those that I have used since I started using make up a few years ago and I use it pretty much every day when I have to go out the house as I suffer quite bad with ache and feel conscious about my skin so my normal make up everyday look is just a bit of this and I  really like this product also natural collection stuff is super cheap as normal make is so expensive!
Product 3
Make up stuff
Benefit "They're real" mascara

I really like this mascara as its really good quality. I don't really wear mascara or eye make up on every day I normally only wear concealer and some lipbalm for normal days and special das I wear eye make up/eye shadow/glitter and some mascara for when I want to dress up for special days and stuff  and I feel like other mascaras are just over the top but this one isn't and is just plan and simple and I like it.
Product 4
Clean and Clear exfoliating daily face wash
Since I suffer with bad ache this means my skin is super sensitive so I have to be very careful with skin care products and eventually I found this one which is very good as its doesn't make my skin breakout go all red and irritated like most skin care products especially with exfoliators but this is more  of a deep cleansing face wash that I like to use as part of my night time skin routine (let me know if you want a night time routine as a blog post might do that in the future?)on days when I have make up on all day and feel like I need to use something to deep clean to get all the make up off so I either use this or Ocean sea salt face wash from lush which is very good. or if I just want to give my face a quick clean I will just use face wipes depending how lazy I feel lol!
Product 5
Clean and Clear Morning energy daily face wash

As I said earlier I suffer with ache so I have to be careful with skin care products but this products doesn't make my skin breakout or anything so that's good so I either use this or a face wipe as part of my morning skin care routine (let me know if you want me to do a get ready with me/morning routine blog post as well as that will be fun) and I really like this product as it makes me feel quite refreshes with skin in a morning and helps me wake up!
This weeks shoutout goes to my very good awesome friend who is currently studying at university in her first year and feel she deserves a shout out as she is currently battling her way through exams and exams are horrible! so if she is reading this then good luck for the rest of your exams and miss you lots cant wait to catch up when you get back to over here for summer! :) your awesome-love ya!
Thanks for reading everyone!
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Love you all! :)
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Saturday, 23 May 2015

shopping haul x

Hi everyone!
Hope your all happy and healthy!! 
I am so so sorry for not writing last week I just was very busy with this college assessments and I was having a fun weekend with my best friends. On the Friday of last week, me and my best friend from my old school went for lunch and then went shopping and was  such a brilliant day! Then last Saturday I went shopping and stayed over at my best friend from colleges's house which was so brilliant!!!! I figured since I went shopping two days in a row and I bought way to much I would show you what I bought! hope you enjoy! (sorry there is a lot I bought way to much!)
I also did buy a few more things but I wont show you them as I bought them as birthday presents for a close friend who will properally read this at some point and I don't want to spoil the surprise! I also bought another bath both from lush "Mr Brightside" but I used that before I took a picture! (oops!)

Ok so first of I went to one of my favourite shops ever! I went and bought way to much at Lush!

So first off I bought two of the "Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb" which I have already used and it was good as when you put it in it did fizz but then I was disspointed as after the fizz it didn't really do anything as the bath water stayed the same colour and nothing really happened.

Next, I bought some "Retread" hair conditioner as I am always looking to try new lush hair treatments. I have already used this once and I found it was good and made your hair so much healthier (not just this on its own but all lush products I use have helped me with healthiness of hair as I find lush just amazing! (no I have not been sponsored by Lush but Lush if you reading this please please sponsor me and please please give me a job! )
I also bought a new shampoo bar as I love the shampoo bars as they are great and they are useful to take on holiday and stuff as well! I bought the "Lullaby" one as I wanted to try this one. I haven't actually used it yet as I have only just used up my last one which was the "Honey I washed my hair" shampoo bar and I will be using this one very soon! Let you know if I like it! (sure I will I always love any lush product!!)
Next I went to Primark and picked some stuff I needed!
 So first off I found these really super cute sun glasses which I am going to save for my holiday in July! (If I can wait that long to wear them) they are so cute and I love how they are blue round the edge as blue is my favourite colour ever!

Next, I picked up these false nails as I love false nails but don't like buying expensive ones from like boots/superdrug for like £10 as I don't see the point in buying expensive nails if you only wear them a few time and then end up throwing them away. I really like the blue ones as blue is my favourite colour and I have already wore the blue ones last Saturday as I bought them on the Friday, but eventually took them off as after a while false nails get on my nerves as I normally have short nails and just paint them but every now and then I like to wear false nails as a treat. after a while they get really annoying especially typing etc. for example later when we went back to my best friends she was trying to teach me how to play video games on her PS3 (as I want to get into gaming and hopefully buy a PS3 soon..) but I was struggling enough with the gaming and my nails were getting in the way so I ended up taking them off! :(

And last thing I brought from Primark was some cute earrings as I don't know about anyone else but earring are always the things that get lost and end up always buying more! so I found these and as you can see I already used the bottom middle set (think they were little arrows if you wanted to know) before taking this picture as I thought the were so cute!

Next I headed into a store called "BodyCare" which I think is just a unique store that is in The Ridings shopping centre in Wakefield  (guess where I went shopping! haha jokes!) This shop is basically like a cheaper version od drugstore like boots/superdrug but extremely cheap and affordable (especially for students who never have any money!) So I picked up some more nail varnish remover since I ran out and needed to get some more! while I was in there I got a Green Tea face mask as I really like using face masks especially when I feel like having a girly pamper night of lush and face masks etc. I also got some false nail glue as I know that primark nails come with glue but its not that great and its sort shows pink under your nails (back of nails) so I go and buy the clear nail glue from bodycare instead as its clear so it doesn't look as obvious from back of your nails and its easier to use as its like a nail varish that you paint on and its last like twice long as primark nail glue.

So finally I went into Waterstones as I can't go shopping and even go into waterstones as along with Lush its my favourite shop! I also couldn't go shopping and not buy a book (or two haha) so I bought The Pointless book 1 and 2 as Alfie Deyes is one of my favourite youtubers and I have been wanting to buy them for ages normally I wouldn't have had the money for both at the same time and I didn't want to have to buy one then wait and buy the other so I had to wait till I had the money for both.

And final thing(s) I bought was a new notebook and blue pen as I have been needing a new notebook and pen for while and only just got round to buying one! as you can see I have already starting using it from the title on the front as I have starting writing some blog and video scripts (ohhh hint hint  exciting stuff coming soon!) in there!

As I said earlier I did also buy a Mr Brightside bath bomb from lush but used it before I took a picture so I cant show you that and I did buy something else but cant share that as its a birthday present for a friend and I know she is properally gonna read this at some point and don't wanna spoil the surprise as I want to wait until its her birthday and she opens it and hopefully likes it!

This weeks shoutout goes to a youtuber called PrincessENoodle as I love her youtube channel and blog and she is awesome and feel she deserves a shoutout! so go check her out if you like links will properally be on her twitter @PrincessENoodle

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Thank you all for reading!
Love you all!!!!!!!
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Saturday, 9 May 2015

part 1.. to be continued .....x

Hi everyone!

Ok so this week I thought I would do something very very different as I found this on my old laptop and I am not sure if you will like it or not but I really hope you do like it! I should point out that I wrote this short story about a year ago when I was clueless to creative writing as now I have abit more practise! it is unfinished but that's because its very long so this is part 1 and if you like it then let me know and I will write part 2 and maybe a few more parts. I hope you all like this as its different but there is a first time for everything so were we goo hope you enjoy.

One sunny day, in autumn three best friends were hanging out like they always did, but little did they know everything they knew was about to change.
Even though these three best friends were completely different in everything; I mean everything from clothes, hair style, music taste, favourite school subject-they practically did pretty much everything together!

Hope was the girly-girl of the three; if it was pink she would have it! She loved boy-bands like Union J, The Vamps, and The Wanted. Her favourite school subject was textiles, as she loved creating her own fashion line and would always style every design she made when she was a school or out with her best friends or even horse riding. She would add sparkles to any piece of clothing even her jouphers for horse riding. She especially loved designing her own clothing line as one day her dream job would be to be a fashion designer and she loved writing about fashion as well as she was part of the school’s weekly newspaper and had a fashion advice column.

Sadie was the tom-boy of the three. She loved any sport especially football and horse riding. She would rather be running around on a muddy football pitch, with her girls-14 and under football team beating the boys-15 and over football team from there school. Her favourite school subject was gym as she loving knowing the fact she could beat anyone at any sport-even the boys and loved that feeling-(obviously as who wouldn’t!) Sadie loved bands like Green Day, Good Charlotte and The Killers.
Bella was the dork of the three; she would either be hanging out with her best friends Hope and Sadie or bonding with her horse; who was an American Quarter horse of 14hh3 called Lighting which she bought with the money her grandma left her when her passed away with cancer about 3 years ago. If she wasn’t hanging out with her best friends or bonding with her horse then she would either be in the school library or she would be at home reading her own massive library of books. She loved reading any book but her favourite type of book was fiction as she loved using her imagination that she would go on this adventure with the rest of the characters especially if it involved a horse or a dreamy vampire who skin sparkles in the sun. Bella also loved books as she had social anxiety, so talking to real people was really hard for her and she would always have an anxiety attack if she had to talk to anyone other, than her dad, best friends Sadie and Hope or her horse Lighting. Luckily Sadie and Hope were always there to help her out if she had to talk in class and Bella was always so grateful that she has such amazing best friends.

Hope, Sadie, and Bella would always hang out as much as possible at school, they were inseparable, but sometimes they couldn’t be together as they didn’t take exactly the same GCSE subjects. They all took English Literature and English Language, Maths and all sciences as they were compulsory. They all had to take one foreign language as that was compulsory so they all took French because they it was either French or Spanish and they all hated Spanish.  Then the options were Food Technology, Textiles, ICT, Art, Sport, History, Journalism, General Studies, and Music. Each student had to choose three options.

Hope choose textiles, journalism and art as she loved designing fashion and she loved writing her fashion advice column in the weekly school newspaper but she loved creating and drawing her fashion designs out first just as much as she loved making and writing about fashion.

Sadie choose sport, ICT and music as she loves sport and she loves music and she never goes anywhere without her laptop or phone as she loves computers.

Bella choose food technology, history and General Studies as she loved reading about history and really like cooking with her mum before her mum fell ill with cancer so she wanted totake food technology in memory of her mum and she had to choose three options so she choose general studies as she the teacher, Mrs Thorne as she was really nice and when Hope, Sadie and Bella had her last year for general studies and they would have to do a solo presentation then she would be really understanding of Bella’s anxiety and let her, Sadie and Hope be in group but Bella had a few panic attacks about taking different GCSE subjects to her best friends, especially general studies as she wouldn’t be able to do group presentations with Sadie and Hope as they would be in their own classes but Sadie and Hope promised that would always be there for her and if things get too much for Bella and she starts to have a panic attack then she could step out of class text Sadie and Hope and they would come running to help. Mrs Thorne even promised Bella that she never had to do a solo presentation in front of the entire class she said she could just do the presentation in front of Mrs Thorne.

It was just a normal school day, after school, Hope went to either textiles club or school newspaper, depending on the day of the week. Sadie would go to football every day so that the girls’ team of under 14s could beat any team especially the boys’ team. Bella would spend the time in the school library as even though there were extra-curricular after school clubs like reading club or homework club that she did want to go to but she knew that would involve talking to people without her best friends there to help her, and she didn’t think she could handle any more anxiety then what was necessary. This way she could just read in peace without worrying with less chance of her having a panic attack as the school library was a peaceful place where it was deserted part from Bella and the librarian. After Hope finished textiles or the school’s newspaper club she would come and find Bella in the library then they would head over to the football pitch and will they wait for Sadie to get changed. They would all then get the bus together and head over to the stables, then they would changed out of their school uniform and into their riding clothes; of jouphers, a t-shirt and hoodie and riding boots. They would then all head out and check on their horses, do some chores like feeding, and mucking out then they would tack up and head out on a nice long hack bringing with them some of Mrs Smith's (owner of the stables but her son is the new owner s so helps out and makes delicious snacks for her favourite riders to enjoy on their hack.) blt sandwiches, bottled homemade lemonade and a few slices of Mrs Smiths chocolate cake!(and a few apples for the horses as a treat!) as soon as the snack we were ready and all chores were done they went out on there nice long hack to their favourite spot by the waterfall as in summer they would normally bring their swim wear with them and go swimming.

After a few hours of chores they were ready to head out on what they thought was a just another normal hack on a normal day but it wasn't and soon everything they know was about to change in one massive extra ordinary adventure...

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<TO BE CONTINUED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
aww sorry to leave it there but it was getting very long and I thought that was a good place to stop for now.  I hope you all ready enjoyed this as its very different (please tell me if you want me to do more like this and if you want to find out what happens in this story as I will finish it if you like!)  and I was very unsure whether to put this up or not but thanks to my best friend, I showed it her at college and she encouraged me to put it up! (and if she is reading this then THANK YOU <3)
Thank you all for reading so so so so much its means so so much to me that every week you all take the time to read my blog!
hope you all exams are going great! good luck I am sure you will all do fabulously! don't worry in few weeks it will all be over! xx
Love you all way to much haha! <3
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Saturday, 2 May 2015

just another rambling blog post x

Hi everyone!

I apologise for not writing last week I have been busy with college assessments and work and very bad with anxiety lately so I am so sorry about not writing!

I should warn you before you read any further that this blog post is probably going to be sad and depressing and full of me rambling about the things that are making me feel crappy at the minute as this is just going to be one of those blog posts where I write how I feel and lately I feel crappy. Sorry about the depressing ness but hope you all enjoy reading it anyway.

first thing is that yesterday (1st may) it had been exactly a year since my prom (which if your American or you don't know what a Prom is then it like a school leavers party where you all get dressed up in suits and sparkly dresses) and this made me think how its been a year since school. ONE WHOLE YEAR! This then got me thinking how even though at school when your leaving everyone your all like "oh yeah we will meet up as much as we can and we won't ever lose contact and we will be friends forever (sorry, just cringey at the "friends forever bit" sorry that cringey bit haha!). and the reality and what really happens is you will meet up a few times in summer with a load of your year group then college hits. They make a new group of friend and you make a new group of friends. (or if your me then you hang out at college on your own and read books.. I am different from people at college, this is another blog post in itself, maybe write about this soon hehe I tease lol!)  I understand that's its not just the fact we went to college and time slipped away from us but I have this thing (that I think my big sister told me about and I go it from her), where if someone never makes the effort to message me then why should I message them as its like if they never give me the time of day then why should I make the effort back and give them the time of day to message them?! so like I think out of all the 20 people (I know I went to a private school and year group was extremely small) I think my two best friends like ever in the universe who I went to school with (which if you two are reading this now I love you two so much and miss you both!) and they are only ones from school who have make the effort and keep in touch but even then we haven't spoken an awful lot since college and I think since September we have only meet up a bunch of time (and again if you two are reading this then the minute college and exams are over for summer then we need to meet up!) so that's one of the most rambly reasons I have been feeling sad lately. 

another reason is a little bit complicated. so have you ever felt like your competing for a friends/best friends time and friendship? yeah told you its sort of complicated. Let me explain. so my best friend at college since about January has made a new group of best friends who are on the same course as us but she is becoming very close to them and I feel like I competing against them for her time. for example the other day her and one of her new best friend spent the day together (that's fine that's not a problem go enjoy yourselves) but then I see pictures of the hanging out on social media and then it hits me and I just see how close they are. not gonna lie I then had a really bad panic attack. anyway you get what I mean? enough of me rambling about this.

Another thing that's not great is my anxiety is at an all time low and really terrible and had a lot more panic attacks then a normal bad anxiety time. panic attacks suck!

anyway enough of me rambling about sad new! something good that happened today was Will and Kate (our prince and princess in our royal family if you are American and didn't know who they were) had a little baby princess today!  congratulations Will and Kate!
this weeks shout out goes to everyone who has exams coming up this week whether those exams are GCSE/A Level/University exams. Good luck don't worry I am sure you will all ass and everything will be ok! 
Thanks for reading sorry abit depressing but hope you enjoyed reading it anyways and if you have any ideas or tips on how to deal with above then comment below and I will read and reply!
love you all!
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