Saturday, 27 June 2015

Dear Summer x

Dear Summer,

So this is something new I thought I would try writing a diary entry to you summer. I cant believe you have come around to visit already summer, it doesn't feel that long ago your siblings Winter, Autumn and Spring were visiting.

While your sibling, Spring visited I was the busiest I have been in a long while, don't get me wrong I like being very busy but while your Spring visited I was over busy and it was like my brain hit overload. College was crazy busy with assessments. For the month of April I had a job and was working every hour I could as I am trying to save up and have enough money to move out into a place of my own one day or university. I was busy I even struggled to write as life just gets crazy. I also felt very bad with my anxiety and panic attacks while Spring was here.

While spring visited I also felt my creative side of my brain was blocked and although I feel like it still is blocked slightly I feel as have visited Summer that my creative side of my brain is slowly becoming unblocked and for the past few days I feel the creative ideas have been coming in my head too fast so I cant think through them about whether the idea would actually work or even get then recorded in some sort of way.  so overall Spring's visit this year was pretty awful and I didn't enjoy it that well but I very happy you decided to visit Summer as now I can be creative and have time to be creative as well and I feel my anxiety improving as you visit ad I am looking forward to the rest of your visit and want you to stay forever but I do know that your visit will end one day other sibling Autumn has visit in your place which I am not looking forward to but I will just enjoy your visit and not think about the day when you have to say Goodbye for this year and for Autumn to appear.

This is very different to my typical blog post style of writing, and it was inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher's Dear Autumn videos that she did every day in October and she sort of wrote to Autumn as if Autumn and the other seasons were real people and I was inspired by that so I decided to write a letter/blog post to Summer as if she was a person and I might write to the other seasons when its time (maybe if I remember, I will probably forget, no promises,)

Thank you all for reading I hope you enjoyed I know it was very different to my typical writing but hope you enjoyed reading!

Question for you all to answer in the comments if you were to write to summer if summer was a real person what would you say? And whats your favourite season? Tell me in the comments and I will read and reply :)

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This weeks shoutout goes to The Hopeful song (not a person I know but keep reading,) which was written by very talented friend of mine, Louisa so go check that out which is the perfect song to describe the Hopefuls (fandom) link to that is here and Lousia's blog is so go check her out and follow her coz I really love her blog !
Love you all way to much!
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Saturday, 20 June 2015

party get ready with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x

Hi everyone!

Since today later tonight I am going to my best friend’s birthday party as it’s her birthday today (and if she is reading- happy birthday! Love you lots see you soon!!!) and I thought why not make her a blog post out of it! No I am not going to tell you about the awesome birthday I got her as she might read this before she opens it and I don’t want to spoil the surprised look of amazement when she opens it haha! I thought I would show you how I get ready when I actually go out for like partys and meals with friends and stuff! (that’s very very rare I know hahaha! I am actually gonna go out the house today though hahaha!) so lets go shall we!.....
Ok so first decide what I am going to wear and eventually after ripping my wardrobe to pieces and ending with clothes all over my bedroom floor, I choice my black sparkley sandals and black jeans and my grey top with sliver studded love heart on it and then later just before I need to leave I will get my black with white spots satchel/shoulder bag (I love this bag but its not massive so I can only fit like a small book my glasses and phone and my purse which is what I usually take with me in this bag but today I will put my best friends present and card in, my phone and my purse.)  (bag not in this picture as I haven't got them yet but I grab will later)
Ok now I am gonna get changed into my outfit,
 Ok now its time for to do something with my hair so I am going to straighten my hair and then plait my fringe clip my plaits back.
First i am going to use my tangles teezer (purple brush in pic ) to get rid of any knots in my hair since i tidied it up all day its its just gross, spray abit of dry shampoo as it needs it, and brush again if hair needs it,  then I turn my hair straighteners  on, and spate my hair using a hair tie in to sections so I can straighten my hair layer by layer (my hair is very thick so it takes forever!) and then sort my fringe out into two plaits and clip back and hair is done!

make up time this is what I am using...

and make up is done!

Crap I have to leave soon in like 10 mintues! ending it here ok thanks for reading hope you enjoyed see you next week! this weeks shootout goes to my best friend as she is 17 today so happy birthday see you soon love you lots!!!!!!!
ok love you all lots and lots and now i am off to my best friends birthday meal! love you lots !!!!!!!!!
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Saturday, 6 June 2015

My morning rountie/ Get ready with me tutorial x

Hello everyone!!!!
so today I thought I would do something a little bit different... I thought I would try and do a morning routine or as more well known a Get Ready With Me Tutorial. I have no idea how bad this going to go and I super nervous and anxious about publishing this but I really hope you like it.
I  should point that as I am writing this it is a Saturday and I wrote this in context for a typical Sunday so normally I go horse riding so I will be showing you how I normally get ready for horse riding...
  So lets goo..
So at the moment its just gone 10 am on a Sunday morning and I have just waken up and should probably get  out of bed. (please excuse the mess on my walls as I am redecorating soon and  my walls are a mess, and they are purple and hate them so bad but soon will be painting them blue as you can see from the testers! I apologise my walls are gross right now and my bedding is purple and gross! sorry!...moving on..)

So first I turn of my alarm and check my facebook messages to see if anyone sent me a message or if I was messaging someone the night before and fell asleep mid conversation so I then check and reply to any messages. then scroll through twitter and my facebook news feed and check youtube for any new videos and watch any new videos. Then scroll through twitter...
then I eventually drag myself out of my comfy bed and go over to my laptop and get a music playlist loaded on youtube so that I have some music while I get ready.
I then  go over to my wardrobe and pick out what clothes to wear. since its a sunday today and going horse riding I chose my black jouphers/breeches (riding trousers) and my maroon Zoella T shirt, and my grey hoodie. (grey hoodie not in the picture-sorry)

Then I go grab a quick shower using my Ocean sea salt face/body scrub.

Then I do my morning beauty and skincare routine and use my deodorant, and use my clean and clear morning energy face wash and use my clean and clear dual action moisturizer. Then I take my hair out of pony tail that I left in overnight, and brush through my hair and separate it into my usual hair down at either side. Then  use abit of my natural collection fair conclear.

then I get changed into my clothes I chose earlier...


its now only about 11 o clock so I then go down stair and make myself some breakfast (sorry forgot to take pictures of breakfast sorry) but today I made myself some scramble eggs and toast with orange juice . Then I go upstair and brush my teeth.
then I go into my bedroom and since I have about an hour to spare I go on my laptop and go on youtube or Netflix and do some writing.

its now about 12.15 and I have about 10 minutes before so I go gather all my riding gear that I need like my riding hat, body protector, chaps and riding boots and then maybe give my riding boots and chaps a quick clean if they need it.

and then I grab a drink to take with me as after riding I always need a drink and its best to stay hydrated especially in heat/summer!  and then I get my phone and my book and glasses as the car journey to my stables is about half an hour away and its always nice to do abit of reading whilst taking to my mum who is driving.
and there is my normal morning routine and how I get ready for typical Sunday of horse riding.
Hope you enjoyed this let me know if you would like any more morning routine/get ready with me for like a normal day at college or a special day hanging with friends or something?
This weeks shoutout goes to my best friend from college who is more like a sister to me if anything she is like twin as she is so similar to me and she is  massive part of me , and she deserves a shoutout as a few things have been happening that made me realise how valuable our friendship really is (already knew this anyway but just the stuff that has been happening this week made me feel really nostalgic and made me really think about how valuable our friendship is!) so if she is reading (probably is she reads every week :) love her for that!) this then love you lots! xxxx
Thank you all for reading!
I love you all way to much!
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