Saturday, 25 July 2015

An apology or two and an American haul of stuff x

Hi everyone!

Ok so first I should get the two apologies out of the way first. My first apology to make is that I am very sorry I left you guys hanging, and didn't have anything for you guys up last week to read, as before I went away I only pre wrote two blog posts before I went away (for the 4th and 11th July) and I ran out of time to write a third blog post. y second apology is a lot bigger and deeper then the first one, I am sorry my writing has been pretty crap for last couple of weeks and missing out a week every now and then, and writing and not getting a blog post up until late on a Saturday night, (like I am doing today damn it) I am sorry I can. so for a while now I been suffering with my anxiety (I know I hate using my anxiety as an excuse! please keep reading...) and this means that it gets in the way and for example I will be feeling so happy and have nothing to worry about but yet my anxiety always gets in the way and makes me feel crap. latterly I have noticed I have been getting a lot more bad mental health days then I use to (especially this week) and I don't know why as I am very happy I love my life, I have like barley anything to worry about as my life is great but it is like my brain isn't agreeing. I am sorry about rambling on and I will go into more detail and  talk about more in separate blog post in a few weeks.. lets  get back on with the blog post shall we...

This week I thought I would show you what I bought while I was on holiday. I bought a lot. maybe too much oops!! so here we go...
SO first off me and my parents and my sister and her boyfriend went into a shopping mall and went to explore there. I went in search of a new phone case, so I went to claires and found this one which was about $8 (US) which is like £5 which the same phone case in England is about double that price! I loved the pattern it and loved how it was still clear and see through so that you could have a pattern and protect your phone but still see the blue phone (iphone 5c if you were thinking about what iPhone and you wanted to know) and it  looks like this...

 Then I went and explored in Bath and Body works which I have never been in before so it was a very fun adventure its kinda of like England's Lush shop but they also do Candles and other stuff. Since America is so much cheaper then English prices anyway  and there was a massive sale on so I bought a lot in here...
I first bought a watermelon lemonade candle, which smells amazing and looks so pretty, and it was only like $12. and then I found a little bit where the was a sale on. so I bought 5 little antibacterial hand gels but I lost my favourite one which was watermelon picnic and I have no idea where it was I think I left it in America somewhere :( but these are the ones I have  as there were $1.75or 5 for $6 and here are the ones I have found..  (from left to right in picture..)
1. Strawberry Lemon
2. Pink GrapeFruit
3. Pinapple sorbet
4. cool cocnut colada
Then I went into converse and technically I didn't actually but these things from converse as my parents were awesome and said they would buy me them as a holiday treat ( love my parents! I was willing to use my money but they are too nice!) So I found these converse which I love ( we were in here forever as its so hard finding shoes in my size I have big feet ! so annoying!) and I love these as they are so comfty and so pretty! and while I was in there I noticed a sale on t-shirts and found these :D
On my birthday, (11th July incase it was obvious from my blog post on my birthday haha!) I went to IHOP for breakfast and across was a Barnes and Noble bookstore and I bought this really cute notebook that I use a journal and I love it and while was in ther I spotted this book called The Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz and its based on the new movie The Descendants which is a Disney villan twist, and I am so far into and its incredible! I cant wait to watch the movie!-saying that books are ALWAYS better then the movie hehe!
The final shop I went to was Target as I was in America and couldn't not go into target! I basically spent all my time looking at notebooks, and I bought these really cute ones, and I needed some cheap colouring pencils so I found these ones and then went to find a candle and found this really cute one!
Ok so that is all I bought, I really hope you enjoyed reading it and I will be back next week for a super cool exciting blog post that I have been wanting to write for ages!
Tell me in the comments, what  are some of your favourite things from this haul and what are some things you recently bought and do have any recommendations that I or anyone else should try?
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This weeks shoutout goes to a twitter follower of mine called @HOPEFULSUGG who is awesome!
I love you all lots and lots! I want to hug you all! xxxx
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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Happy birthday to me! x

Hi everyone!!

This week blog post will be very short indeed!

As you are reading its the 11th July (This weeks,last weeks, and next weeks blog posts are pre wrote as I went on holiday on the 2nd july and don't get back til the 20th july so I didn't want o write when I was on holiday as I love it but just wanted to enjoy my family holiday without worrying about writing so before I went away I wrote some in advance so you could still read stuff every week while I was away) , which is my birthday and I turn 17 today! YAY!

I CAN NOW LEARN TO DRIVE! I am so exited for this1 finally I can (soon) stop having to go on trains and buses haha!!!
Yeah so happy I finally turned 17 as since I am in july its abit annoying as like I have to wait and watch all my friends turn 17, learn to drive, seen a few of them on facebook say they passed there theory test or even there final driving test already and now finally its my turn!
Ok so I don't really know what else to say today so I am going to end it here  (told you it was going to be short-sorry really sorry about buts its my blog and I can choose how much to write!)
Hope you enjoyed reading it anyway!
this weeks shoutout goes to my super awesome friend whos birthday was the 10 (yesterday for you lot reading this) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE YOU!
feel free to say happy birthday to me and my friend in the comment haha! that would make me happy lol
Thanks for reading! Sorry it was short but stay tuned for next weeks blog post, which is going to be long and different to normal!
Love you all lots and lots!
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Saturday, 4 July 2015

My Life in Letters.....

Hi there everybody!

ok so since I am on holiday at the moment i pre worte this and thought it went up as I scheduled it yesterday but it didnt work so I hope you dont mid its up a day late I am very sorry!

This week I thought I would do something a little bit light hearted so I thought I would do "life in letters tag" as I have seen this done on youtube and thought it would be fun and I have no idea how this completely improvised as normally I write notes out then type it up but I haven't noted this week so lets see how this goes lols...

A-Art as this is the only subject I love and that I can actually do as academic subjects I am terrible at and I enjoy art.
B-Best friends I have the most amazing three best friends I could ask for! two of them I have known since high school-known them for six years now and I just love them so much but I go to a different college to them and havent seen them in forever but miss them and love them so much! m other best friend is from college is just awesome we are so different but so similar is alot like a sister to me! I love my best friends!
C-Carrie Hope Fletcher who is one of my favourite youtubers and one of biggest inspirations.
D-Dog-I have a black labrador  who has just recently turned ten years old a few months ago and is just the cutest little dog ever! I love her so much!
E-Elephants are one of the coolest animals ever! I even rode and elephant before a few years ago in Thailand and it was so cool!
F-Florida is one of my favourite places in the world!
G-Geek- if you didn't already know i am the biggest geek ever especially if it comes to things like reading, creative writing/blog posts/fan fictions and short stories I write, youtube, (not like my name GeekyGirlOnline gives it away!)
H-Horse riding- I go every Sunday, I love it so much as the horse I ride is so adorable and amazing! and I also love my friends at the stables, as are amazing and always know how to make me laugh when I don't feel like laughing or even smiling!
I-Isabelle I love this name its so cute!.
J-Jaffa Cakes- these use to be my favourite snack when I was youngers and me and my sister would always share a snack packet of them and bit bits of each pretending its different stages of the moon and stuff (I don't know we were really young and really weird haha! but this is of my funniest memorys with my sister.)
K-Kangeroo/koalas are one of my favourite animals and one day soon I hope I get to meet and koala and a kangaroo.
L-Lemonade is of my favourite cool drinks ever!
M-Mum- my mum (and my dad as well) are so supportive of everything I do and I am so grateful for that and they have helped me so much and done so much to help me out everyway then can especially with my dyslexia I don't know where I would be with out my parents.
N-Natalie, this is y friend who we have pretty much known each other our entire lives and we use to be really close when we were little but eventually we grew apart as we live quite far away from one another, but I feel over this last year we have become pretty close again.
O-Olivia- this is my middle name and I think its really pretty name, its the only part of my name I like (my real name I mean not blog name, and no I am not telling you the rest of my name, as I really ike being GeekyGirlOnline)
P-Panic attacks, as you  probably all know I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks and panic attacks are awful!
R-Riding as I mentioned earlier I love going horse riding.
S-Summer is one of my favourite times of year!
T-Tea is one of my favourite drinks ever, herbal tea and iced tead ummmmmm nomnomnomnom hah!
U-Usula is one my favourite Disney villians of al  time!
V-Violet-When I was younger I was obsessed with the colour, and scent and name of violet its just so pretty!
Z-Zoella is my one of my biggest inspirations ever!

OK I know I missed a few out but sorry I just couldn't think of any for the ones I missed! I know most of them were quite random but hope you enjoyed reading anyway!
These weeks shoutout goes to my bestest friend in the entire world whos birthday was the 2nd (Thursday of this week) Happy birthday love you lots! see you when I get back!

Thanks for reading!
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Love you all way to much! there will be a proper blog post as soon as I get back of my holiday!
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