Monday, 24 August 2015

This or that tag x

Hi everyone!

So this week I thought I would try something very different that I found on and although I wasn't tagged by anyone to do this I thought I would try and do this my blog as it looked fun. so here we go shall I.... 
The rules; 
1. Answer the questions given to you
2. Give the people you nominate the same questions
3. Nominate three people 
4. Let the amazing three know that they've been tagged 
5. have fun writing this and enjoy reading it as its just abit of fun! (this last one is not one of the official rules made this one up myself hehe )
1. Hair up or down?
Normally I have my hair down when I am out of the house as I think my hair looks sort of better down then up however when I am at home and I don't have be conscious and worry about how I look and what people think (not that anyone should worry about this sort of thing as you shouldn't care what people think and you wear what you want dress how you like and don't worry coz peoples opinions don't matter its your opnion that counts- wow this might be an entire blog post within itself sorry for rambling haha felt I needed to say this!) So as I was saying when I am at home I normally prefer having my hair up as it gets in the way ad annoys me when its down especially if I have to be concentrating on something like writing etc so I tie it up in a low pony tail. It also depends what mood I am in or if I don't really care about having my hair up or down or if its a bad hair da or like for horse riding I have my hair tied up as I don't really care about what I look like as its riding and we all are in our scruffy riding clothes no make up hair tied up and normally covered in muck and horse muck we don't care we all just have a laugh!
2. Dessert or fruit?
I already hate this question. I love fruit like strawberries and grapes and kiwi and apples and I especially love making smoothies out of some of my favourite fruits however when it comes to the honest truth I have a massive sweet tooth (which saying that isn't actually good for actual teeth as I eat too much sweet stuff and sugar which means I have to visit the dentist for fillings, no joke I have two fillings already and may need a least two more! oops) yes so love desserts and actually desserts are the only thing I can bake especially brownies as I have bakes brownies a lot in the past and taken them with me to horse riding as I wont each an entire batch of brownies to my self and everyone at riding always loves my chocolate chip brownies! and especially love any sweet thing that cake or involves chocolate in some way! yum need to stop its making me crave sweet desserts now and I cant I a trying to be healthy!!! moving on to next question..
3. Dresses and high heels or hoodies,t-shirt,jeans and converse?
Easy question and I think some of you who have read my blog for a while can guess the answer. I am a massive tomboy! so obviously I would always go with the hoodies, jeans t-shirts and especially converse! I hate dresses and high heels, never tried high heels as I am clumsy enough as it is haha! and I hate dresses they are far too girly, lets put it this way, one of my two best friends from high school, she has known me like six years or so now and has only seen me in a dress twice and once was for Prom where lets face it unless your a guy you cant wear trousers! (and even then as my dress was maxi style dress and long and you couldn't see my legs I even considered trying to sneak and wear my jeans and converse under dress, I don't think anyone would of noticed but I didn't I suck with tights and flat shoes, but I considered as at Prom with disco lights as the only lighting so I don't think people might of noticed!)

One Direction or Jonas Brothers?

 I hate both but if I had to chose then maybe I could bare to listen to the Jonas Brothers as they use to be on Camp rock and when I was younger that was a really good film (but now I think different now as they are just annoying and criney) but to be honest I really hate both Jonas Brothers and ONE direction ewww!!

Ipod or Radio?

Definitely IPod as then I can choose my music and I don't know how I would survive with my writing playlist!  Plus I hate the stupid radio adverts which are so annoyinggggg!!!!

Sleepover at your house or sleepover at a friends house?

Definitely sleepover at a friends house, then you don't have to worry about making sure your house is clean and making sure you keep your friends happy, entertained and making sure your being a good host. you then also don't have to worry about your parents or you big sister embarrassing you some how or getting the old picture albums out to show your friend  and make you cringe so at least if your at a friends house there is no risk of your parents and siblings embarrassing you plus if your parents friends embarrass your friend slightly which I know is very mean but it can be very funny even if your friend looks a cross between embarrassed/cringing and then slightly mad if you laugh at them which is mean! but I always love sleepovers whether at your house or a friends house as its lovely to get to snuggle up with films and pizza and popcorn and snacks with your friend. which actually I haven't had a sleepover in such a long time...I need to fix that! haha!!

Cookies or apples?

Really is this a question?! haha!! obviously cookies, I mean come on who wouldn't choose cookies over an apple any day! and yes I have a massive sweet tooth, plus I cant actually eat apples due a retainer wire behind my teeth that snaps very easily!

Playing cards or painting?

Emm I love both as I love playing cards as in my family you get taught how to play cards when you turn 10 (not gambling or anything just simple card game called Rummy.) however I love painting even more as I am such a creative person and I love being able to be creative and express who I am!!

In a board game would you rather be the white or the green piece?

Original and very specific question..kudos who ever came up with this!

probably the white not for much of a reason then white is one of my favourite colours and I am not really to keen on green as its abit of gross colour!

well that is all the questions...

Thank you all for reading I love you all! I hope you all enjoyed reading this!

As this is a tag I suppose I should tag a few people so I tag all of you reading this and you comment your answers below :)

This weeks shoutout goes out to a website (I know I normally give the shoutout to people but I can give shoutouts to websites/youtube channels and whatever else I made this and its my blog haha) which is called and if you are a stationary lover like me then you will love this website as its has notebooks,penicl cases, organisation notepads (to do lists etc) and mugs (not technically stationary I know) and omfg all there stuff is adorable and I love it!!

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

Shopping haul! x

Hi everyone!!
The other day I went shopping for a few bits for when I go back to college in a few weeks and I bought more I thought I I thought I would share with you what I bought as I thought it would be a nice little fun blog post! I hope you enjoy!!
Ok so one of the main things I went shopping for was a new bag for college as my old bag was so used and worn and torn so I was in desperate need of a new bag and I struggled to find one as I am very fussy with bags. I don't like hand bags as there very girly, and I don't really like simple shoulder bags as a day bag or college bag as I have to carry a lot of stuff especially since I am art student I have to have a sketch pad and sketch pencils with a few other bits and bobs so my bag for college is normally pretty full and if I have a shoulder bag it can normally be pretty heavy as a back pack not so much. I found trying a simple back pack but that's so hard as they are either really girly and have stupid straps and more like a hang bag and stupid designs or just plan black that's are so boring. long story short I searched for ages and then eventually went to Sports direct since I was actually needing new jouphurs for horse riding but in the end they didn't have my size or the jodhpurs  wanted so I wondered round and looked at bags and found this one and instantly fell in love with its the perfect bag I was looking for! its so cute!
Next, I went in search of college clothes and it would tragic if I wore the same clothes to college this ear that I wore last year-plus what I wore last year is all abit scruffy and worn and needs to replaced anyway and its always good to buy new clothes (how ever find clothes shopping so stressful with crowds and worrying about if it fit and not wanting to try it own in the changing rooms and I find changing rooms awkward and the worrying the cashier will judge the clothes you bought etc - see its stressful hahah!) but I figured since I had a gift voucher for Primark from my best friend for my birthday that I still haven't spent I would go into my local Primark (which by the way is massive it has like3 floors and I always get lost in there!) but I figured that would be a good place to start and it was as I pretty much got almost every thing I needed from Primark.
-There was a sale for £3 a t-shirt so I found these 4 that I really liked.
-Then I needed some black jeans so I headed over there and found these super cute jeggings which were only £7 and are adorable but I tried them on and there are really tight so I might have to save them for another day when I can comfortably fit in them when I am a bit thinner (hopefully hahah)
-andd while I was in there I wondered around the home ware part as I knew I just had to have a wonder to see if they had any cheap candles or some more fairy lights which they did but I didn't like the fairy lights as they were bird shaped and the candles I didn't like the smell of any of the scents but while I was there I found this really cure little pot that I thought I could use to store my coloured pencils in (as at the minute I am using a glass haha and its in copper which I love and has the funniest quote on it which says "Teenager post #4466 S.T.U.D.Y=  Singing, Tumbling, Unlimited texting, Dreaming and Yawning " which is so cute and was only £1.50 so I had to get all that haha! I couldn't resist!!
Next I wondered into my local Waterstones as I was in town and just couldn't resist and I found this book called "Am I Normal Yet by Holly Bourne" which I haven't started reading yet as I am going to finish reading another book first! but I am so excited to read this as its about a girl going through mental health issues who is going for a fresh start at a new school and I am so excited about this book! while I was in Waterstones I found this cute and very little set of colouring pencils which I only picked out just because the case of it is red with white dots which just made me thing of the Hopefuls (youtube fandom) which is sort of our colour scheme for the fandom so I had to get this haha!


Next I went into Lush as I needed to get a few new bath bombs and I remembered they have recently added a few new bath bombs to their collection so I was excited to see them! The first one I picked up is one that was only released a couple of days ago called Intergalactic which I used I used last night and omg it was amazing it smelt very fresh scent like the sea and when I put it in the bath water it turned the water really deep blue and was all sparkly which was very exciting! the other one I got was an older one that I got which is RoseJam which is all pink and sparkley and looks kinda like a pink sparkley macroon which I am very excited to use! and while I was there I picked up a free brochue which tells you all about the products!

 Finally I went into boots to go get my trusty old natural collection conclear and as boots is right next door to superdrug in my town I went and got some Zoella Beauty so I got Soak Opera Bath crème/Shower crème and then from her new tutti frutti range I got her new fizz bar and I am very excited to use them!

OK so I think is everything I bought!

Tell me in the comments what are some of the things you recently bought?

And in the comments tell me if you have any book recommendations as I am always looking for new books to read!

Thank you all for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

this weeks shoutout goes to @OnlineNoo as she works so hard on her youtube channel and deserves to shoutout :)

I love you all and as always...
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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Fictional life tag! x

Hi everyone!

The other day I was scrolling through some of my favourite blogs, as I when I am bored and not sure what to write I find ideas and inspiration so I went on to one of my favourite blogs (you can tell I really love this blog as I mentioned her and wrote a tag from it last week haha ) and I was reading a slightly old blog post called Fictional life tag and  even though none tagged me in it I figured I need to complete this as you all show know by ow how much I love reading fiction and watching movies and how much I would love to live in a fictional world! I can dream right?! So I thought this might be some fun so I hope you enjoy and lets see how this goes shall we? and if you would like to join in just comment your answers below, I would love reading and replying to them!

1. What fictional world would you love to live in?
Tricky question there are so many! I seriously just wish I could live in them all! But I am gonna have to  narrow so here are my top 3:
-Hogwarts I mean seriously if you don't have Hogwarts then what is wrong with you! If you don't want to be a wizard and be able to fly a Hippogriff and cast spells and make potions then what is wrong with your life you muggle!! ! haha only kidding about that last bit! but how cool would that be to be a wizard ! I am still waiting my letter for Hogwarts!....
-Narnia as if you don't want to live here then why? like seriously this would be so cool!

-Neverland this would be pretty ideal really as I would never have to grow up! haha

2. What fictional being would you be?

I don't know you might have to give me some time to think about this one?
I have a lot to choose from but I will only pick three so I don't ramble on!

1. Penny from Girl Online by Zoe Sugg, as I am Penny as I suffer with anxiety (like you all know) I love photography! and so would love to be her! please!

2. Hermione Granger as I am her since I am such a bookworm and a geek but I just want to be the wizard part of her!

3. Belle from beauty and the beast as I am pretty much her anyway since I am such a book worm I just wish I was a Disney princess!

3. What fictional creature/animal would you keep as a pet?

Unicorn, that would be such way to get to college every day!

4. who would your fictional mum and dad be?

I really don't know the answer to this one? I cant think of anyone right now so I might come back to this question?

5. Who would be you fictional brother and sister?

Penny from Girl Online as I think we just be great sisters and then Ron Weasley as I would love him as my brother!

6. What Fictional character would you have as your best friend?

Penny from Girl Online. Or Hermione Granger as we could just talk about books for hours!

7. Who would be your close girl friends?

Hermione granger, Luna Lovegood, Penny from Girl Online, every single Disney Princess. I don't need to explain but basically we would all be the most awesome friends ever!

8. Who would you chose to be your close guy friends?

Harry potter, Ron Weasley, Gale (from the Hunger games) Dobby (harry potter) and Noah from Girl Online and yeah that would be cool if they were real and actually my friends!

9. Who would be your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Noah from Girl Online, I mean come on he is so cute!

10. What author would write your story?

I don't know, J.K Rowling, Jacqueline Wilson or rainbow rowell would be cool if they could write my story!

I now tag.... she is a good friend of mine and I love her writing and it might fun to read her answers... go over to her blog and follow it so you can her read her answers.

my friend from horse riding, as she like fiction and that would be fun to chat about what we both have answered? she doesn't have a blog but she can comment...

and all of you reading this now.. go comment your answers I would love to read them and reply to my favourites!

The shoutout of the week goes to my friend on twitter @OnlineNoo link to her blog and youtube  on on there so go check her out! she is awesome at what she does so don't forget to follow and subscribe to her!

I love you all very much!

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Thank you all for reading- hope you enjoyed!
I love you all!

As always...
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Saturday, 1 August 2015

just more questions..

hey everyone!

since I am so busy with college and  I thought I would tag so I found this questions on a blog called and I thought I would do this as its kinda like a get to know me questions tag thing. not like you haven't had any tags in while (jokes since I have done one every week for a while! sorry lol) lets go..

1. What is your Birthday? (you don't have to write the year)
11t July (all the awesome people are born in july ! hehe lol)

2. Three Favourite Colours?
blue , sliver and white

3. Three Favourite Quotes?
creativity is only intelligence having fun (albert Einstein)
stars cant shine without darkness
The monsters from under my bead and inside my closet as I grew older moved into my head

4. Are you addicted to youtube?
um... *pausings writing and closes youtube app on my phone* I have a problem hahaa!

5. Three Favourite TV Shows?
I don't really watch a lot of Tv as I watch youtube instead  but I love The big bang theory, Hollyoaks and a series that is not longer on TV called Heartland.

6. Three qualities you look for in a best friend?
Trust- can I tell them anything and trust that they wont tell a single soul?
Support- when I am upset or have bad panic attack can I talk to them about it and will they listen and understand and cheer me up?
do we have stuff in comman (like youtube) that we can laugh an have fun about?

7.Do you like your name?
No. I hate my real name it's awful! I much prefer GeekyGirlOnline (I know its abit cringey name but I like it!)

8.  If you could change your name what would you change it too?
Maybe something like Isabella or Jane or Elizabeth or Zoe as they are really pretty names and I like traditional names like that.

9. Fantasy Dream?
to be a Disney princess I mean seriously if this isn't a dream of your then why? whats the matter with you hahah jokes !
10. Do you wear make up?
Not really. I only wear make up on occasion or if I feel partially insecure about my skin but for normal days like college or horse riding or work (which for work I am not allowed to wear make up due to hygiene rules) but sometime if I feel insecure about my skin then I were abit of conclear. On occasions when I bother with make up I just were concelar and abit of glittery eye shadow and mascara and lipgloss.   I am not girly. lol.

11.If you were to write a book what would it be about?
Um maybe I would write book about my life but make it so I write it with different characters and stuff like a fiction book.

12. What makes you cry?
 seeing friends and family upset,when my dog gets ill or starts showing signs of becoming old as she is getting old and that makes me sad!! Or panic attacks as they always make me really sad!

13. What makes you Angry?
Jealousy. Or arguing with friends and family.

14. What makes you happy?
a lot of things! Hanging out with my best and closest friends, seeing friends and family happy, going horse riding, writing my blog and reading and replying to the lovely comments you write back to me, going to the movies or nandoes or pizza express with my boyfriend or closest and best friends, reading books, or taking my dog for walks or just having cuddles with her ass she is so cute and always makes me smile!

15. what is your definition of fangirling?
um tricky question as I am such a fan girl! to me its when you get very excited about the tough of meeting your idol or actually getting to meet your idol or just simply getting excited over them replying to a comment etc. I fan girl all the time over the smallest of things!

16. Three favourite snacks?
Nutella is one of the definitely ! YUM!
Strawberries with sugar sprinkled on top!
or cake  especially chocolate cake yummy!!
17. Three favourite foods?
18. Three favourite drinks?  
Iced Tea, seriously I am obsessed!
Lemonade, as in cloudy lemonade not fizzy I hate fizzy drinks haha
Smoothies yum! (as long as they don't have banana or mango I, but I do love berry smoothies!!!)
19. Can you tell us something about yourself?
ok so my real name is............ sorry haha I still wanna be anynmous and love being GeekyGrlOnline if anything I prefer GeekyGirlOnline to me, (I know I am the same person!)
OK but seriously I should answer this question, I am addicted to youtube, I m a massive geek and fan girl and I love writing especially blog posts, short stories about made up characters and advenurres, writing fan fiction.
20. What are ten random facts about yourself?

-I am the biggest fangirl alive.
-I am a massive fan of the shaytards on youtube, (they are daily vloggers)
-Pancakes are one of my favourite foods
-I only like herbal tea not regular tea
-I don't like any fizzy drinks
-I love cloudy lemonade especially minute maid lemonade
-I love photography
-I am a very creative person with a massive imagination
-my room is decorated in photos and candles and my massive bookshelf!
-I cant think of a final fact...

Ok so that is the question tag over. since it is a tag... I tag:

I love all these three blogs, and go check out there blogs and wait for them to do this question tag..

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Ok so I love you all and talk to you all next week!

Love you all way to much!

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