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Disney Tag x

Hello internet!
So it came to my attention this week that I have never done 'The Disney Tag' so I thought I would do that or you today as a little bit of fun. I want to point out wasn't actually tagged by anyone I just thought it would bee fun and I am massive Disney fan and ant believe I haven't done this tag yet!!!! Also I have shorten this down and taken quite a few questions out of this as it was very long and it didn't want to write too much and bore you all!!! Hope you like! So lets do this!!! :D
1. What's your favourite Disney movie?
Hardest. Question. EVER! If I had to choice then I would narrow it down to my top three which are:
-The Little Mermaid
-Beauty and the Beast
2. Disney world or Disney land? 
Well if I was in either I would be completely over the moon with happiness  so I don't think I would even notice let alone care if I was in Disney Land or Disney World! haha!!!
3. Favourite Disney Character?
I have no idea there are too many to choose from so my top three are:
4. Which Disney movie do you remember seeing first in theatres?
Depends which type of theatre you mean. west end shows theatre type I think my first Disney film and first ever time seeing a live west end show was seeing the The Lion King at the age of 4, which I would say is a pretty good first trip to the theatres.  If you mean cinema theatre then first Disney Film might of been Beauty and the Beast but I am not sure as I cant remember first cinema trip that well. but I would say that's pretty good for first Disney films!!
5. What is something I collect from Disneyworld/Land?
I think I use to collect pins but I cant remember if I kept them or not?! or something I collect from Disney which is going to be a cheesy answer but yolo, is um memories with my family. 
6. Favourite ride at Disney?
I don't like rides and roller coasters!!! I can only go on water rides like log flumes and rapids and things like that and I just go them or walk round the park meeting characters and princesses and people and shopping in the little shops and watching performances etc I don't like rides!!!
7. What's your Disney Dream Job?
Disney Princess. I didn't even need to think this question through!!!
If I was to pick which princess then either Rapunzel or Belle as I am most like them but I am happy if I get to live my dream of being a Disney princess!!!!!
8. Which Disney Princess has the best sidekick?
Rapunzel who has Pascal he is just adorable! OR OLAF omg how could I nearly forget about him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean he is so cute and he is a snowman that doesn't melt!!!!
9. A scene from a Disney movie you wish you could experience?
I don't know that's a really hard one! give me a minute to think about it! maybe I See the Light from Tangled as that is just so magical!
10. Which Disney princesses would you choose to be your BFFs?
-Belle as we are such book geeks that we would instantly get on and chat about books forever!

-Rapunzel as we both love art and drawing and would cover the town in pretty drawings!
-Anna as we both are so goofy and clumsy and fall in love way to easy and both would just have so much building snowmen with Olaf! and she is the most realstic princess ever btw! 
That is all the questions in this tag, its shorter then most Disney tags as I took a lot of questions out as it would of been too long so I shortened it and made it my own (kinda of!)
since its a tag I should propably tag a few people!....I tag:
-my friend from horse riding who loves Disney and would be fun to see what she says for these questions, she doesn't have a blog but can comment... as she is a massive Disney fan so she would have fun answering these questions!!!!!
-any one else I don't mid who you can comment below and answer if you like!

This weeks shoutout goes to my awesome friend at horse riding who is going to return to university this week and I miss her so much!!!!

In the comments tell me what is your favourite Disney movie ever?

Don't forget to leave any book recommendations in the comments as I am always looking for new books to read :)
Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed I love you!!

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