Saturday, 28 November 2015

Happy 1st birthday GeekyGirlOnline! and a MASSIVE apology!!!! xxxx

Hi everyone!

I just want to say before anything else I am sorry but this week is going to have to make it super short as I have a lot on at the moment but I just need to tell you a few things.

1. I am really sorry that I have not written in one month. I am sorry I have a lot going off right now. life is busy. I have alot of assessments to do for college and my anxiety has gotten in the way of my writing a lot. also I am learning to drive and talking my theory exam next Tuesday (wish me luck super nervous I hope I pass!) I also have been working on this secret project that is very exciting that you will know about at some stage, and this week I told my friends that will be involved about the project and they are all very excited about it as well, and if any of my friends who are involved in it are reading then I love you , I appreciate all love and support and I am so excited about this and thank you for agreeing to help me with it I love you! for the rest of you I am not going to say anymore about this project as its exciting but also a secret for now. sorry but it will be worth the wait :)     so yeah very busy at the moment!!!

Second things is very exciting!!!!!!!!! Today, the 28th November I have been blogging and have been GeekyGirlOnline for exactly one year now! that's insane!  I started this of as a simple way of expressing my thoughts an feelings and sharing my experience with my anxiety to may be help someone who also suffers with anxiety.  I never thought I would have anyone read it. I have such an amazing group of loyal readers and I love each and everyone of you as you don't ever give up supporting me! I have made so many amazing friends through the blogging community who I love!!!!

Third thing is I am improving my blogging. I will be posting more regularly, so much so you will be fed up of me!! Basically I am planning on a new schedule which is not to different but basically every Saturday as normal you will get a blog post like normal (but better then the past ones) and I will  be writing and posting more short stories and things like that :) along with this, you know how I love photography I want to bring more photography onto this blog. As well as the normal blog post and video (on my youtube channel link is below please go subscribe :) but no video today videos will start next week) on Saturday. I will be posting a photograph or two on Sunday with an inspirational quote :) this is starting this week so let me know what you think about that ?

I think that is everything I wanted to say this week ...
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Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed I love you!!

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As always..
I love you all :)
GeekyGirlOnline  going offline xxxxxxxx