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PS I am very very sorry I missed yesterday's blogmas as I was travelling all day and now currently on holiday, so because of the travelling and having no wifi I missed blogmas yesterday so apologies for that.

P P S also very sorry this week has pretty much been photography and nothing else, its been a busy week.

P P P S just a heads up blogmas will probably be photography alot for the rest as I am on holiday and want to spend time doing things and not at my laptop however I will try and still write a few blog
posts and things and I hope you enjoy the rest of blogmas!


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love you all my little geeks!

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Sorry blogmas is all photography this week mostly it will be actual posts etc soon but just very very busy!

also my best friend has just set up a just giving page which I will link here

She is trying to do a work placement/volunteer work in the summer in South Africa to work with Rhinos
please go donate anything you can, or if you can't donate money please just share it around and help her have this amazing opportunity that she deserves!!!


love you my little geeks!

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A list of favourites! BLOGMAS DAY 13 xx

Hello my little geeks!

Since I have done a lot of photography for blogmas so far and photography will probably be most of blogmas due to having no time, having a boy week and going on holiday etc, I was looking on pinterest earlier and I found this idea of a list of my favourite things so I thought I would do that for today's blogmas.

Here is a small list of some of my favourite things! (it will be a short and brief list as I mentioned earlier I am very busy and very ill and I don't have much time but I will try my best!)

Favourite blogs? 

I will admit my favourite blogs are all of my very good friends however I love them and I love their blogs and they are my favourites so I will tell you:

my best friend in the world, just set up a blog which I helped her with back in October and it's amazing, She is already a pro at blogging and she has been at it a lot less time then me, but seriously it's amazing please all go read it :)  GreenBee

Another one is by my good friend blogging friend and she is a the sweetest girl ever and her blog is amazing so please read that as well

my final favourite blog is by my good blogger friend Catriona Aitken

yeah I know they are my friends but I love them and I love their blogs :)

Favourite books?

This could be an entire blog post in itself! I will keep this list short:

-Girl Online by Zoe Sugg (all 3 books)
-All I know no and On the other side by Carrie hope Fletcher
-The christmasauraus by Tom Fletcher
Holy bourne (all her books she is my absorlute favourite author!!!)

I could go on but lets move on ay haha

Favourite Restaurants?

-Pizza Express
- a little Italian place in my local town but I can't remember the name because its a little independent place but it does pizza happy hour and it's cheap and amazing food!

a few other places but they are the main ones I just can't think the rest right now!

Favourite Vacation spot?

Florida, I love that place it's has disneyworld and harry potter world and it's just beautiful and we have a condo over there I love it! (going later this week for christmas break and I am too excited!!)

favourite dishes/meals?

pizza or pasta you just can't go wrong!!!

favourite quotes?

creativity is just intelligence having some fun!!

be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons!

fear of the name only increases fear of thing itself!

a few they're more but thats them for now I can't think much right now!

favourite movies? 

anything disney

any one of the harry potter films,

christmas films!

chitty chitty bang bang

old musicals like Oliver and Annie.

things your grateful for?

family they can be a little annoying but they are family and I love them no matter what!!

friends (specifically my internet best friend Ella and my best friend from horse riding, they have been more then amazing I love them so much!!)

blogging, seriously if it was my blog, my amazing blogging friends and my little gets I don't know how I would of survived!

my cameras and photography, and art as sometimes it just is the only way I can express my feelings though photography and art!

my dog- she has been quite ill this year its old age and I just love her so much,  she is he best little dog ever and she is my little princess!!

youtube- youtube can get my mind through the toughest times !

christmas! obviously I am grateful for this its my favourite day ever!!

thats all my favourites! tell me yours in the comments :)


See you tomorrow :)

love you all :Don't forget to leave any book recommendations in the comments as I am always looking for new books to read :) 

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed I love you!!

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Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself! BLOGMAS DAY 11

I have had a great day! I met Tom fletcher at his book signing and he is the nicest and cutest guy ever! Then me and very very best friend walked around christmas market all afternoon and had the best time! I love hanging out with her she is the best and the Christmas market was so pretty and so inspiring (lots of photography stalls ) I might run a photography stall next year? who knows haha 

Best day! Hope you have all had a good Sunday!! what you been up to tell me in the comments :)


See you tomorrow!!!

Love you
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Saturday, 10 December 2016

My 10 favourite things about Christmas! BLOGMAS DAY 10 xx

Hello my little geeks! 

One of my very good very sweet blogging friends Catriona Aitken she is also doing blogmas, and I have only just managed to read all her blogmas posts so far and her first one she wrote about all the things she loves about christmas and  thought I would use that for my blogmas.

I will link her blog here please go read it she is one my favourite blogging friends and her bog is amazing!

Here are 10 (because it's blogmas day 10 so 10 is the number I will write) of my favourite things about christmas and winter time!


Is it just just me that loves advent calendars! When I was younger my mum had this little advent game, and it was little drawers. Me and sister when we were very young would both share it (as well as probably having a chocolate calendar each as well) and in the draw would either be a chocolate coin or sonata for us both, or a pound coin (I use to get so excited over a pound !) or a little clue where then we have to hunt the house to find a little present. that was the game and miss that and now it's just me at home and I am more grown up and my mum doesn't want to do that anymore, (it was a lot of work for her and she is so busy!) now I just have a plain chocolate calendar, I normally have dairy milk ones as they amazing!

2. Being an introvert in winter is great :)

yeah this is a weird one, but its true, none questions why your saying inside all cozy in winter when the weather is lame and cold and raining, compared to summer when its nice and sunny and my parents say "why don'y you go outside and meet some friends are something instead of reading and being on your and your laptop all day?" they do say something like that in summer, as winter they don't question why I like my bed and books and laptop, it means I can read write and watch youtube as much as I like because the outdoors is cold, dark and rains a lot. I like the outside but I love my room and bed and books and laptop etc it makes me happy!

this one might just be me haha! Let me know if it's not just me?


I love seeing all the pretty christmas lights everywhere, it makes everywhere feel magical, I wish it could be like this all year!


I love giving presents to people. I love seeing their excited faces when they realise I bought or made them something and how happy they get! I especially like making things as I am very creative person so instead of buying things I like to make things, sometimes for my best friend I simply just bake her something as she loves my baking!

5. Spending time with friends and family

I love spending time with friends and family, anytime of the year, however christmas time just feels alot more special.

6.  Christmas Trees

We don't have one right now because we go on holiday next so we are getting on there and I am buying decorations for my parents christmas present,  and I cant wait :)

7. Cheesy christmas songs!

I mean lets face it christmas songs are cheesy but that what makes them loveable!

8. Christmas Films!!

some of my personal favourites- the grinch, elf, and home alone :)

9. Fun christmas adverts!!

espcially with the coco cola one and john lewis its officialy christmas !!!!

10. Boxing day/January Sales!

Obviously I hate thinking of a time when Christmas is over, but shopping sales and discount in January and Boxing day make the long days of waiting til next Christmas so much easier!!!!

that my top 10 favourite things about christmas what are yours? tell me some of your favourite things about this magical time of year!!


See you tomorrow :)

love you all :Don't forget to leave any book recommendations in the comments as I am always looking for new books to read :) 

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed I love you!!

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Thursday, 8 December 2016


PS I am so sorry this is another photography I am trying but blogmas is hard when your busy, I am going to do some fun stuff tomrrow and saturday though watch out for that :) 


see you tomorrow 

love you my little geeks :) 

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PS sorry this is really late today I am sorry it's been one of those crazy days! 

Love you all :) 

See you all tomorrow :) 


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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Hell Found Me part 7 BLOGMAS DAY 6 xx

Hello my little geeks! 

Hope your all enjoying my blogmas so far!

I don't know if any of my little geeks remember I wrote a story a long time ago called hell found me and I haven't written it in months but just started writing m of it more and here is part 7 :)

If you need to catch up on any other part or remind yourself here is the links to those, don't worry they all open in separate tabs so you don't lose the link to this :)







We drive in silence with the radio on in the background but none of us are listening we drive in silence and I stare out the window watching the miserable rain fall down the window which describes ,my feelings right now,  strangely as much as I normally hate rain, it’s calming my nerves and feels almost therapeutic today.
After what feels like the longest and dullest car ride ever, we arrived at Ella and Aaron’s school. Mum parked the car up near the school gate. Ella and Aaron got out, grabbing their bags. I heard mum shout to them “Have a lovely day you two, see you at three-twenty. Love you!” she then got out her phone to make a phone call to her Cafe, that she owns, to check everything is okay and to let her work friend, Jenny, who is my mum’s best friend and looks after the cafe when my mum isn’t there, that she would be late in as she had family stuff to deal with, in other words taking me to the psychiatric unit. At least my mum and Jenny can laugh and chat about it over coffee later on their lunch break, it’s not like she cares.  I get out of the car to help Aaron with his PE kit and say give them a goodbye hug, I whisper to my mum “Don’t worry mum, I will be back soon I am just helping Aaron with his PE kit and saying goodbye, I promise I won’t run away again.” I say in a sarcastic tone, as I firmly close the car door behind me.
I swiftly walked towards the back of the car and help Aaron find his PE kit that is buried in-between all my bags of all the stuff I will need while I am stuck in hospital, just looking at it all reminds me I still don’t know how long I will be stuck there for, I feel the knot in my stomach tighten.  I blink and come out of my own mind and focus on Aaron and Ella and how they must be feeling. I help Aaron lift his bags out and put it on the floor next to his others. Ella puts her bags on the floor and they both look up at me with the saddest expression on their faces and for the first time I almost cry in front of them. I blink my tears back, I can tell Ella feels like crying as well but is refusing to as best as she can as she doesn’t want to cry in front of her friends who are chatting away, waiting for her at the gate.  I couch down to Aaron’s level and pass him a fresh tissue out of my hoodie pocket. I use the tissue and carefully wipe his soft tears from his gentle eyes.
“Aaron try not worry okay, I will be okay, its only for a little while and you can come see me whenever you like, and I will ring you every night and tell you a story, and you can ring or video chat me whenever you like and I will be home before you know it!” I give the biggest and tightest hug I can, I hope it lasts forever unfortunately they have to get off or they will be late for class. I stand up as  I kiss his innocent little head and give him another hug. As I hug him I tell him “ Go on you need to get to class, you can come see me after school, and you can tell me all the things your learned today!” I break apart the hug, even though I wish I didn’t have to, and I pass him his bags off the floor, and he gives me one more quick hug and I tell him I love him and have a good day, I will see him later. He walks off towards his friends and they walk to class, as he got to his friends he seemed to brighten up slightly, I am glad he has good friends!

I then turn to Ella who has been stood there looking down at the ground, I tell if it wasn’t for the fact she doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of her friends she would cry.
I grab her and give her the tightest hug I can while saying “Don’t worry about me okay, just promise me you will look after Aaron and yourself. If the arguing gets too much you can always escape to the den with Aaron, it’s the one place mum and dad don’t go. If you need me for anything you can ring me anytime day or night, and I will answer I promise I will have my phone on me 24/7, you can ring me anytime and you will visit me so much it is like I was never gone, and then I will home real soon I promise.” She brightness up after this hug. I give her a kiss on the head and I feel her get a bit embarrassed as I think she realised her friends are watching. She then tries to rush off and act like the hug and kiss didn’t happen, bless her it’s cute when she gets embarrassed. She grabs her stuff and starts to walk off and then runs back to give me a quick hug and I hear her say “I love you, I am going to miss you!” I give her a hug back and I tell her I love her too, and to go her friends are waiting.
She runs off to her friends and she wipes her tears and seems to cheer up as they walk down the  path to school all giggling about some random thing.
I stand there watching her walk away and I try and not cry. I wish I could do the same, go to school, walk away and pretend everything is normal. I remember I can’t and walk towards the car where my mum is waiting.
I reluctantly get in and my mum gets off the phone and tells me not to slam the door like that. I sit slouched and don’t make eye contact with her I just stare out the window dreading what’s to come. We drive in silence.

As we approach the hospital I consider jumping and running out the car however I could get injured and my mum would easily catch me, so I don’t try that and I don’t see any other way out. I have to do this though, have to get better for Ella and Aaron, they need me this divorce we tear the family apart they need me.
The car stops right outside and I read a sign that says “Leeds Hospital Psychiatric unit” I instantly feel the knot in my stomach become a lot tighter.  We get out the car, my mum being very close and not taking her eyes off me, in case I try and escape but I don’t see the point, I ran before and now I am back. We walk around and grab my bags from the car, we carry them towards the building, all the time my mum watching me making sure I don’t run away, she doesn’t trust me anymore. As we walk into the building, my feet drag, as if they are protesting with me. I walk as slow as I can, not that makes much difference, my mum tells me to walk normally. I breathe in and the area stinks of hospital air, and it makes it feel like I can’t breathe, like the hospital air sticks to my lungs. I try and ignore it and figured my lungs will adjust.

As we walk towards the reception desk to check in, I look at the living room and I watch the patients. I hear my mum checking me in talking to a nurse and signing papers, my eyes move around I see various different patients rocking in silence. I can’t be like them surely! I see a few others that are just sat there watching TV and they all look just plain and a few of them have a feeding tube presumably as they suffer with an eating disorder. All the patients look from about my age to roughly mid 20s.
I am drawn to watching one guy who looks completely ordinary like me. He doesn’t look crazy at all we both look like we shouldn’t be here but we are.  He is sat there reading some harry potter, as unlike everyone else who is sat there spaced out he is actually reading  and the fact he is reading harry potter as well is making me want to stay here more as at least I might have made one friend her in the crazy place. He could make this crazy place easier for me to bare. He looks up from his book and his eyes meet mine and it feels like was a spark in the room. I don’t know how long we have been staring at each other but my mum drags me away as we follow the nurse to put my stuff in my room. We walk fast to keep up with the nurse and she takes us down a maze of hall ways and leads us to one room, its a private room (as my mum and dad paid extra so I could have a private and not shared room) we place my stuff on my bed and the nurses tells she will give me a minute to say goodbye to my mum and that she will then get me started and take me on tour of the place.
My mum simply looked at me and said “Your dad will back later with Ella and Aaron to let them visit and see how you’re getting on. I know you think we are horrible and sending you here and the divorce however you need help and me and your dad only want to help you.”
I interrupt her.. “ well if you want to help you won’t get a divorce and tear our family apart.”
“Anna you know we have to and I know your angry and frustrated now but it will be for the best. Me and my dad love you okay? We all love you and Ella and Aaron and the divorce may be hard but it will work out and you will get better soon and everything will be fine. Any issues you have about being here and the divorce you can work out in therapy. We do love you Anna.”
She leaves without saying another word. I am so angry at her for everything. I focus on just getting through the day. I check my phone and see Izzy and Becca have text me asking if I am okay and if I need them. They so sweet I love them! I text them back quickly, and say I am here I am okay for now and it would help if they came as soon as school is done. They respond quick and say they will miss last period as its PE, pull a sicky and come see me.  I love how they are willing to get in trouble just because I need them. I send them lots of kisses back.
I remember the nurse is waiting for me. I walk outside just taking a deep breath. I might as well face what the day has to come.She explains her name is Nurse Whitehead and she is charge around here. She starts the tour, She walks very fast so I try and keep up. She takes me to the room I would have therapy in, the place to go for my meds, the canteen, were the bathrooms and showers are. We walk down one corridor that is dark and creepy, its also very bright and white. There are very big steel doors with only a small window. She explains this is the isolation ward where you go if you need some time to cool down. She reassures me only reoccurring patients end up here and since I am new I won’t end up here. That brings a sign of relief to me, this ward looks like things I have seen in horror films with the big white rooms of foam. I speed up and caught up with the nurse who takes me down another few corridors and then she shows me some schoolrooms where I will come for class once a day 9-12 to do school work and that the school have worked out a scheme with the hospital so I don’t fall behind in school while I am here.  She then takes me throw some room hallways and outside into a playground like area, she explains we come here when we feel like we need some air and to cool down, and if you come out here you will be one to one with a nurse.  She then takes me to the living room area and explains about this is place people go on free time or if you prefer you can be in your rooms. She then explains about checks and as I am new I will have regular 15 minute checks day and night just to check where I am on my free time and as I get use to being here the checks go from 15 minutes to 3 hour checks as long as I behave well.  She then notices someone kicking off the other side of the room, she tells me she has to go and make myself comfy she will be back soon.
I nod along and sit down near the guy reading.
“Hi I am Anna I am 14 and I just got here. Who are you?”
“I am Nathan, I am 14 been here a while now.”
“grool.” Grool what? How are you so awkward? Speak like a normal human. “Sorry I meant to say cool but I said grool.”
“Grool.” He laughs at that. I blush.
I try and distract the conversation and point to his book “Goblet of Fire good choice, for me my favourite book is The half blood prince as I love the detail about the horcuxes that isn’t in the film.”
“I totally agree, that film didn’t give very much detail about each horcux but the books just made them feel you so real you know!”
The nurse came back after dealing with a patient and said “I am sorry Anna I have to go sort this out...oh I see you found a friend there, Nathan do you mind giving Anna the rest of the tour please, show her around, introduce her to everyone, make her feel comfortable, help her finding her way around and help her out for a few days?”
“No problem Nurse Whitehead I would love to, me and Anna are getting on great.”
“thanks Nathan,” She then rushes off down a hallway.

“So let’s take you on the grand tour shall we my lady?”
My lady how fancy that makes me feel special and I blush and follow him around.
“The living room where everybody comes to be bored out their minds if they still have a mind that is.” I love his humour he is so cute! He carried on “The nurse over there is where we go to get drugs, don’t argue just take what they give you, bring it up in therapy. Speaking of here we go the therapy room where we all go for them to look at our brains, even if you have nothing to say, talk, it’s the best way out of here, talk about everything and anything then they think your cured and off you go!”
“if you know that can I ask why you haven’t mange to get out of here yet?” I asked cautiously in case I asked him something he wasn’t comfortable talking about.
“oh I did they couldn’t cope round here without me so I came back,” I can tell that he doesn’t want to say the real reason he is still here, however I get anxious and we carry on the tour.

“down this hallway, we have the isolation unit, where you go if you have tried to hurt yourself or something. You end up here for a while and I have been here a few times, it's my favourite room”. We look through a small window on the door and it’s a white padded room like I have read about in books and it gives me a creepy feeling; I hope I don't end up here. He has doodled some amazing art work on a few walls - he must have had a lot of time in this room. “yeah I typically spend my time either in there or in my own room reading and watching harry potter!” he says.
“yeah I love harry potter too! When I am not spending time with my best friends or my brother and sister I am usually reading or watching harry potter, or at least I did before this happened…” I trail off and he can tell I don’t feel very good.
“You have a brother and sister? tell me about them." he asks, distracting me from the tour and it is working because talking about my siblings to other people makes me happy.
“Aaron is 7 and bless him, he loves pirates and wizards and his imagination is endless. Ella - she is abit older she is 12 and she thinks she is so grown up and wants to wear make up and has crushes on guys in her class but at the same time I see she loves Frozen and anything Disney and still gets scared in storms and sleeps with a teddy. She wants to be grown up but she also loves being a child and me and her are extremely close like better than just a sister bond, she is my best friend as well as my two best friends Isabella and Rebecca. I miss them both a lot already. Saying goodbye this morning was so hard!”
“I know what you mean I hate saying goodbye to my little brother, Peter. He is also 7. Him and Aaron could get along really well, just as well as us. Let's carry on the tour shall we or do you want to take a small harry potter break? We could go watch some in my room if you like where there isn’t as much craziness around?” He says the word craziness like it’s a joke, as here it is reality.
I agree as I am already feeling too tired from my anxiety; I am hoping it passes the time until last period when Rebecca and Isabella are going to come. They said they would skip last period which is PE for me to come and see me. They would have skipped the whole afternoon and come from lunch but they had a French test which they couldn’t miss. I am grateful how they are willing to risk everything for me. I need them. I wish they were here now.


Hope you enjoyed it let me know what you think of the story in the comment :) all opinions allowed as long as positive :)


See you tomorrow :)

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