Saturday, 19 March 2016

My favourite authors and a massive apology!!!!! xxxxxx

Hi everyone!!!
Ok I should probably apologize for not uploading any blog post or youtube video in weeks!!! I am sorry!!! Let me explain- I just been feeling really bad with my anxiety (will explain about what's been going on with my anxiety a little bit more in a blog post in a few weeks so click follow button if you want to read that hehe)  and needed some time off from the internet, I am sorry hope you guys understand!!1 Have you missed me? I missed you guys and I missed writing!! Really I missed not writing every week and missed creating blog post and videos!!
anyway back to the blog post!!! This week I thought I would write about my favourite authors!! This is probably going to be a really short blog post and I might just list the authors and books along with photography, as I don't want to go into all detail now however if you guys would like me to re write this and tell you details on why they are my favourite authors then let me know and I can do that!!!
So here is a quick list of my favourite authors at the minute!! (can change!)

 1. Holly Bourne
 2. Zoe Sugg

3. Rainbow Rowell
4. Sarah Mlynowski

5. Leila Sales
Well those of the main of who my favourite authors are right now, obviously let me know if you want me to re write this and I can, I am sorry it was short I hope you found it interesting and enjoyed it!!!
Hope you enjoyed it !!!  

Thank you for reading!!!!

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Don't forget to leave any book recommendations in the comments as I am always looking for new books to read :) 

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed I love you!!

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As always..

I love you all :) 

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

The expert in something was once the beginner xx

PS I am so sorry for not uploading a blog post yesterday, I was super busy with college work and my anxiety was very bad, I am sorry and I am hoping to get a youtube video up tomorrow as normal, and back to normal blog posts and videos next week.
 Sorry again.
love you!!
GeekyGirlOnline  going offline xxxxxx