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Hell found me PART 4 xx

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This week as I sure you can guess, I will be writing PART 4 to my short story called Hell found me, if you haven't read the other parts or want to re read any the links are here:
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Now that your all court up on the story so far, here is part 4 :)
We are back in my room now, or at least the room where I am forced to stay for a while, we are sat on the bed. I feel so uncomfortable and scared and anxious in this place, I am glad they are here, they make me feel better, wish they could stay or I wish even more I could leave with them. I start crying again, as I explain about what happened and everything I remember from last night just after they left to right now.
“Izzy, Becca, I frightened I don’t know what to do, I don’t think I can handle being stuck in this place. What do I do?” I keep crying and trying to wipe my tears, but more tears keep coming.
Rebecca speaks first “Anna, don’t worry I think I may have a way of braking you out of here.”
“wait really? Like I can get out of this place?, but how I tried earlier and they sedated me.”
“don’t worry about that I have a plan.”
Isabel “this isn’t one of your insane plans that’s gets us into massive trouble is it?”
“No, no probably not!”
“probably not?”
“ohh ssshhh now here is the plan. You pack your things. We will all get changed into our PE kits to just look like school girls, I still have yours from when you stayed at mine last week and forgot your kit and I was going to drop it in your locker today at school but forgot. Then I just need to find a perfect distraction and then run and head to mine.”
“Are you sure this is going to work? I can’t get sedated again I am still feeling really queasy from last time.”
“yes it will work now lets get changed.”
A few minutes later we were all changed and we giggled at how bad we looked in our school PE kits but then I said “this might actually work you know.”
Told you my brilliant plan will work they always do, now you two pack and be ready to leave, I will go cause a distraction.
We did what she said and packed up my things, making sure I grabbed my laptop from the desk and my phone.
Within minutes she was back, and the fire alarm was being set off, “is this your distraction?
“Yes, great isn’t it, you ready to go we need to leave now, this is our chance.”
“Yes come on lets go to yours.”
We quickly walked out and ran towards Rebecca’s house, which was about a 10 minute walk from the hospital but since we ran it took us no time.
Rebecca’s house was the perfect place for hiding out. None would ever find me here. Her dad works full 24- hour shifts a lot of the time as he is a fire man and is hardly home. Rebecca’s mum past away a few months ago. Meaning her parents won’t be here. She only has one sister, Mandy who is four years old and is still at school. Their house is enormous, and they had a butler/Nanny called Jamie who only works from after school time to help Rebecca look after the house and Mandy. It meant this was the perfect place to hid, Jamie and Mandy won’t say anything. It was the best place to hid we could think of, as I certainly can’t hid at mine as I am hiding from my parents and Isabel’s house is big but she shares a room with one of her five sisters.
I checked my phone and my parents found out I wasn’t in hospital anymore. They wouldn’t stop ringing my phone, I had 15 missed calls already. I thought I should let them know I am okay.  I sent them a text which read “Mum, Dad, I am okay, I am fine but I don’t want to be in hospital, I am fine, please don’t come looking for me I am fine and don’t want to see you. I don’t trust either one of you very much right now, please don’t try and find me, I do love you but I just can’t be in that place. Give Ella and Aaron hugs from me, I hope they are okay, tell them I love them and not to worry. Please don’t search for me, I just need some time away from you right now, I need space please respect that.”
I thought that said everything I wanted to say in the best way without hurting their feelings. I then turned my phone off as I didn’t want to see or hear a response from them right now.
After dealing with that, we then got changed out of our stupid looking school PE kits. I got changed into my jeans and harry potter t-shirt. Rebecca was wearing one of her favourite floral dresses when she eventually found it from her over flowing wardrobe. Isabel wore her favourite ripped jeans and her band t-shirt from mayday parade.  I asked Rebecca to help me get the needle from the IV drip out my arm. She torn of the sticky plaster around it and slide the needle out, trying to be careful I could tell she didn’t want to hurt me. I did hurt a little bit but I am glad she go that out my arm, then she got a plaster and put that over it in case of bleeding. She apologises as she took the needle out but I didn’t mind, I just wanted the needle out my arm. She then placed the needle in Mandy’s sharps bin as Mandy had type one diabetes so she was used to dealing with needles.
We decided to take our minds off everything that was happening, we did what we always did when we had a lot on our minds. We bake. We heading into Rebecca’s massive kitchen, she had all the best equipment like powerful mixers. We got out our recipe book made, a scrapbook of all our favourite recipes. We choose to make our own pizzas and to make some Nutella brownies and strawberry lemonade. We set out making the lemonade first so we could chill it whilst we make the brownies and pizzas.
We started making the pizzas brownies and then Jamie and Mandy came through the door, she must just off finished school for the day. Ella and Aaron would be finishing school about now as well, I miss them. We told them that none else can know that I am here right now, and that I will be staying for a few days but don’t tell anyone especially my parents. Jamie agreed. Mandy easily agreed as long as we let her and Jamie help make pizza and brownies. We thought that was an easy compromise. We made the pizza and brownies. Then we all snuggled up in the private home cinema they had upstairs. Before we ate Rebecca took a prick of Mandy’s blood to test her blood sugar level, it was 100 which is perfectly normal. We ate our pizzas and brownies and lemonade, this was turning out to be a lovely evening, if it was for me worrying at any point we could be caught and I could be sent back to the psych unit.  As we finished up eating, Rebecca took Mandy off to give her the Insulin she needed. She then went and put Mandy to bed.  Me and Isabel helped Jamie clean up the kitchen. We heard a knock at the door, it was my parents, I asked them not to try and find me, they must off known I would be at Isabel or Rebeca’s house.
“PLEASE, NO, don’t let them know I am here I can’t go back, please make them go away.” I whispered to Isabel and Jamie. I was desperate I could not go back I started crying as I spoke.
“No don’t worry Anna we will protect you won’t we Jamie?” she looked at Jamie and she nodded “don’t worry, now go hide upstairs lock yourself upstairs we will make them go away.”
I ran upstairs still crying. I bumped into Rebecca on the way I quickly said “my parents found me, please don’t let me take me back, please I can’t go back to the unit.” I kept crying.
Rebecca hugged me “don’t worry Anna we will make them go away, quick go hide in my room and lock the door. This is my house and they will not come in.”
I hugged her back and did as she said and ran into her room locking the door firmly behind me. I locked the windows pushed Rebecca’s bed against the door just in case. I sat and listened downstairs anxiously. I wiped my tears so I could focus on the conversation better.
“Where is she? Where is Anna? Girls don’t hide her from me! She is ill! She needs help."
Isabel spoke “ she isn’t here Mrs Wilson, honest, I am just helping put Mandy to bed, she hasn’t been sleeping very well since her mum’s car accident a few months ago.”
Rebecca “Yeah Anna isn’t here Mrs Wilson, honest and Izzy is right she was helping me put Mandy to sleep she hasn’t slept well since my mum’s accident, she keeps crying and can’t sleep. Now please we only just got her to sleep and I don’t want you to wake her. Please Anna is not here, She did ring us and tell us she is okay and that she just needs space. She said she didn’t want to see you two right now. Please she isn’t here."
"Okay, if you insist I will leave but if she is here and you girls are lying I am not pleased, this is really serious girls she needs to be in hospital. If you see her tell her to come home."
They left.  I was too anxious to leave. I heard Isabel and Rebecca come upstairs and I moved the bed back and unlocked the door for them. They ran up to me hugging me and trying to comfort me.
"You two are the best you know that, you skipped school risking getting court and getting detention just because I needed you, helping me brake me out of the hospital risking everything and letting me stay here and hideout risking everything and getting into so much trouble for me, you shouldn't have to..." They stop me there.
"Anna, we are your best friends and we would risk anything and everything to help you, now lets try and not think about it and get ready for bed I am so tired. Why don't we get ready and then watch some harry potter too cheer you up."
"brilliant idea."  After Isabel rang home to let her parents know she will be staying the night and  going to school with Rebecca tomorrow and she will home tomorrow night. They know and understand about Rebecca's mum and things are hard and they told her that was being a really good friend and not to worry. We all got a shower and got changed and snuggled up in front of her massive 42 inch TV in her room.  As we sat down, she heard her little sister wake up in the night and she wondered into our room all sleepy eyed clinging onto her favourite teddy.
Rebecca got up and said "what's up my little sleepy angel?"
"Beckie, I dreamt of mummy and I couldn't stop imagining the crash. And I just kept thinking of mummy and  think I wet the bed."
"oh come her little chicken, we can sort you out." Rebecca walks off into her room and helps Mandy out. She swaps the sheets and bedding over into some spare bedding, She helps Mandy get changed into some clean PJs and then shouts Jamie up :
"Jamie come here please!" Jamie rushes up the stairs "Jamie would mind putting this bedding in the wash please, Mandy wet the bed," She hands the bedding to Jamie, Jamie responds with "No problem I will have this washed and dried and ready to be reused very soon." She wonders back down stairs.
I could hear Rebecca trying to put Mandy to sleep but she struggled. I decided to try and help.
I walked  into Mandy's room to try and help get her to sleep. Isabel followed me in. They had a little lamp on next to them and some fairy lights but other then that the room was dark, I tried not to fall over or bump into anything. As we entered I could see Rebecca was snuggled under Mandy bed with Mandy read her a story to try and make her sleep, it wasn’t working. Rebecca nudged us and gave us a signal to come in and help.
Me and Isabel came in and sat either side of Mandy's bed. I spoke first:
"Hey Mandy, you not feeling very sleepy?"
"No me and Mr bear can't stop thinking of mummy and then I think of the accident. "
"Well I know whenever my brother and sister Aaron and Ella are having trouble sleeping I tell them one of my bedtime stories would you like to hear one? Maybe your sister and Isabel can help me out with the voices?"
She nods her head and shuffles to get in an even comfier position. I tell her a story about a fairy land and a fairy called Mandy who has magical powers.  She soon drifts off into a dream filled sleep. 
Me and Isabel get up to leave and Rebecca whispers to us "Izzy, Anna  think I should stay here she really needs me, I am sorry harry potter will have to wait, see you guys in the morning though okay?"
I whisper back "Don't worry we get it, you’re a brilliant sister, she needs you stay with her, we will  be in your room and see you in the morning."
As we head out the door we turn off the fairy lights but leave her night light on, we gently crept out the room closing the door halfway behind us and we headed into Rebecca's room and got comfy in her bed. We were so tireed, I felt like such a long day, it seemed like it was a different day since I woke up in the psych unit. It wasn't even that late but we felt so tired. I quickly go out my phone and sent a good night text to Ella's ipad through imessage. It read "hey Ella, hope your okay, don't worry about me, sorry about everything. Don't tell mum and dad about this message. I do love you. I will be home as soon as I can.  Give Aaron a hug and kiss from me, tell him I love him. I love you, I am sorry, goodnight, love you little munchkin! Missing you! Sending love and hugs xxxxxxxx" I miss them a lot. I feel so bad for putting them through this they are caught in the middle of me and my parents. Nothing will ever be the way it was a week ago ever again.
Before my tiredness takes over, I ask Isabel "Izzy.. What do you thinks going to happen? Surely, I can't hide out in Becca's house forever someone will find me. Izzy? "
I noticed she wasn't going to reply as she just fallen asleep. I decided to join her, it had ben a long emotional day. I tried to put the question to the back of my mind and worry about what would happen, save the worry for tomorrow. I was so tired I instantly fell asleep.
As I woke up, I noticed Isabel wasn't in bed any more. I looked at my phone and I have a text from Rebecca which read " Good morning! Sorry, we didn't want to wake you, you looked like you needed a lie in! We had to get to school and we will be back as soon as we can! Jamie is in the house, help yourself to any food or anything you need, Jamie can help you with anything you might need, have a nice day! See you after school!!! Xx" aww they are so sweet. I notice I have more missed calls of my parents as well. I then see a reply from Ella it reads "Hey Anna, You don't have to apologize to me for anything! I miss you so much! Please come home, I am sure mum and dad are just trying to do what’s best. At least tell me where you are so  can see you? I need to see you I promise I will keep it a secret from mum and dad! I misss you love you xxx" I decided I should respond I said " I need to see you as well but I can’t say, I just can't risk it, I can't go back, I can't go home mum and dad will be tooo angry at me. I do love you sis, I am sorry for everything! Xx " I decide to take my mind off everything and go get some breakfast down stairs. Looks like it’s going to be a long lonely day its not like I can go out and do anything in case my parents find me. I decide to make the most of it and have the laziest day. I jump out of bed, not even looking in a mirror chances are my hair is frizzy and my skin just always has a break out. I don't even consider getting changed as I want to be lazy. I head down stairs where I see Jamie in the kitchen. She askes what I would like for breakfast I just ask for some eggs and toast. I make myself a cup of tea to help wake me up and sit at the kitchen counter. As I drink my tea, Jamie starts asking about what happened,  decided I should explain.
Jamie is just sorting my eggs out, and she asks " So if you don't mind me asking, how come you’re here and how come your parents were looking for you and why you not at school? You can tell me I am the best at keeping secrets!"
I decided I should probably tell Jamie. "Well okay, but you don't tell a soul. I was in the hospital. See on Tuesday night my parents told me and my siblings that they are getting a divorce. Well after my brother and sister went to bed, Isabel and Rebecca came over, I needed them. Then it all built up an I had something called a panic attack. I collapsed and ended up in A+E. Then, Wednesday night they doctor gives me a sedative which knocks me out. Little did I know this was so they could admit me to the psych ward. I woke up and my parents had signed me to be admitted as they think I have anxiety and a mild form of Border Line personality disorder. I freaked out tried to leave they sedated me again. Isabel and Rebecca came and helped me escape that horrid place and well you know the rest..." I trailed off and stared eating my eggs and toast. ".. and now you know.. But you can't tell anyone!"
"Oh Anna, I am sorry, and don't worry I won't, and you can stay here as long as you need."
"Thanks I really appreciate that."
"No problem, I am just about to head out and run errands, do you want to come run errands with me?"
"I would but I don't think that's wise, what if my parents find me?  can't go back to that place! Thanks for the offer, I better just lie low here for the day. Thanks for the offer."
"Yeah I didn't think, you want anything bringing back?"
"No I should be okay thanks. What time you back later?"
"I think about 3:30 after I pick Mandy and Rebecca from school. You going to be okay till then ?"
"Okay and yeah suppose, well at least Rebecca's house is massive, I probably won't be too bored!" She giggles and walks out the door. I hear her drive off. As I finish my breakfast, I tidy up and head upstairs. I decided to grab my laptop and head to Rebecca's book room, it was the perfect place to be ale to read, write and think, plus she had this super comfy reading chair in the middle which hung from the ceiling and was cover in pillows. I sat down for a while and decided to write a blog post to update my blog readers about what happened. It took me about an hour to write I uploaded it straight away. I checked the time and it was only 11:30 am, I had four hours to kill until Jamie, Mandy and Rebecca got back. I decided to catch up o some YouTube. I grabbed a blanket from a cupboard as I was very cold all of a sudden. I snuggled up and started watching some youtube videos. Before I know it, it was 2 pm so luckily it wasn't too long before they got back. I put my laptop down and got a book out to read. Not harry potter this time, I went for How hard can love be?-by Holly Bourne, I love a good romance! I was so tired still, even though I sleep for at least 14 hours. I found myself fall off into a light sleep.
Before I knew it the time was 3 o clock, Rebecca, Mandy and Jamie won't be back for a another thirty minutes yet. I heard a terribly loud knock at the door, followed by what sounded like the door being knocked down. It was the police they must be here because of my parents. They are here to take me back to the psych unit. I had to hide. I quickly ran and pulled on of the books to go to our secret den room, I locked the door firmly behind me.

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Hell found me short story PART 3 xx

Hello everyone !!
Hope your all happy and healthy!!

If you can't tell I am going to be writing part 3 to my short story called Hell Found Me. If you haven't read part 1 read it here. If you haven't read part two read it here.

Now your all court up here is PART 3

Hope you enjoy :)

The doctor walks in the room.

He says “Anna we need to run a few more tests and give you another round of medication. Visiting hours are over you girls can come back in the morning she needs to rest.”

“Rebecca, we only just got here, but I suppose we should head off, we have lots of homework to do, speaking of, we picked up some of your homework and books so you don’t fall behind.” She then put down a massive pile of books on my table and I reply “why thanks you so considerate! Don’t I just I love homework” I say with a sarcastic tone.

Rebecca “your very welcome haha! Anyway we should be off, my mum is waiting down stairs to take us home,”

They come and hug me. “Don’t worry you can always message us anytime you need us or even ring we will have our phones on us at all times, ring us if you need us, we are here for you!”

“You two are the best, missing you already!” They hug me again and walk out the door.

The doctor said “I am just taking a blood sample.” He took some blood through the needle that is already in my arm from the IV, then he said “ I am now just giving you some medication which will probably make you very tired as your body isn’t use to it but don’t worry that’s normal, it will help with your anxiety.” He said this as he attached an IV drip back up to the needle in my arm. He then asked “would you like any food or drink bringing?”

To be honest I don’t think I could eat I feel too anxious about being in a hospital but I know I should eat and keep my energy up. I replied “Yes please.” And he said the nurse would be bringing the food trolley around, in a few minutes. He then left the room.  

 He was right the new medication was making me feel really tired. I tired to stay awake for the food trolley at least as even though I was too anxious to eat, I had barely eaten anything since school lunch yesterday, as I didn’t eat my dinner due to the divorce thing, I had a piece of toast earlier but it was very burnt, I should eat, I needed to keep my energy up. Saying that after the doctor left I did feel a little bit hungry. 

I decided to go on my laptop to distract me from thinking about being here and thinking of food. . I got out of bed, trying not to get all tangled in the IV drip and the pulse monitor cables. I pulled the table over the end of my bed and got as comfy as I could, even though I was stuck here and I so desperately wanted to be home, even though my parents were probably arguing still, I needed to be home, Aaron and Ella must be so scared and upset. I looked at the clock on my laptop and it was dinner time, they must be feeling so scared, they need me there.

I turned on my music, but only just so I could hear it, I didn’t want to disturb any patients in the other rooms near me. I then decided to look at the homework Isabella and Rebecca had brought me from school, I might as well try and keep up with my school work as best as I can. About half and hour later, I finished most of my homework they brought me, so I put my school books in my bag just as the nurse came in the room with the food trolley. She gave my tray and put down a drink of orange juice and left the room. I looked at my tray and the food actually looked nice, for hospital food that is. It was a bowl of macaroni cheese with a piece of garlic bread and then a piece of cheesecake for desert. I was pretty pleased with this as this is my favourite meal. It won’t taste as good as what my mum makes but that is as it is hospital food. I switched my music off, and turned to YouTube to catch up for the day. I turned on pointless blog’s latest vlog which I need would cheer me up. I got out my knife and fork from the napkin and started eating my food. Just as the vlog finished I finished eating.  

I then tidied up my dinner tray and got comfy under the covers.

After I caught up on YouTube videos for the day, I switched over to Netflix to watch my favourite show Once Upon a Time. I felt so tired from the medication. 

I was feeling vey homesick at this point, I got my phone, paused my laptop and rang home. They might just be finishing dinner and I might be able to speak Aaron and Ella before they got to sleep. It rang, and rang eventually my mum answered. 

I started tearing up I was getting very home sick at this point,

The conversation went like: “hello mum it’s me Anna,”

“Oh Anna, How are you? You ok? “

“Yes I am ok just feeling very homesick,”

“oh sweetie, don’t worry its only for a few days, you will be home soon,” I felt from her vice she was hiding something. She continued “Are they treating you ok? Have you eaten anything?”

“yes they okay here they seem to be really nice and yes I just had some food it was macaroni cheese, garlic bread and some cheesecake. Are Aaron and Ella still awake? Can I speak with them please?”

“Yes they are and of course you can speak with them if you like they are in the kitchen helping your dad tidy up from dinner I will call them.” I hear her shout them to the phone, She then said “they are here now, I will put them on in a second, and Anna don’t worry okay, its just or a few day and we all love you very much, good night sweeties I love you,”

“love you too mum,” she went off the phone and put Aaron and Ella on the phone.

 Aaron spoke first “ Anna...Anna..” I could tell he was very excited to talk to me but also very sleepy as its almost his bedtime.  

He got interrupted by Ella “Anna please hurry up and get better, mum and dad haven’t stopped arguing since we left you earlier.”  

“I know, I sorry, but try not to think about that okay? I tell you what take the phone upstairs with you and get comfy in Aarons bed and I will tell you a story to help you get to sleep. 

I could hear them walking up stairs to Aaron's room,  

"we are ready" I hear Aaron scream down the phone since it was on speakerphone.  

I told them  story that involved a wizard, some fairies,   and a magical land called Arendalle. As I finished up, I could hear Ella tucking Aaron in and I told her to give him a goodnight cuddle and kiss from me. "Good night Aaron, I said as I hear Ella walking out of his room to go to bed herself. I told her "Goodnight you little munchkin , I love you, don’t worry okay, everything will be fine." I wished her good night and told I love her and as she went to bed I hung up the phone.   

I then started feeling extremely tired. I text Isabel and Rebecca to see what they were doing but there was no reply I presumed they were having dinner at this time and their parents are strict on no phones at the dinner table.  

I turned my laptop off and closed the screen as I felt really tired, must be the new medication, it was only just gone 7pm, I normally don’t got to sleep until 10 pm. I didn’t even feel like I had enough energy to go get changed into my PJs, so I fell asleep in my clothes I was already wearing. 

When I woke up and every part of me ached especially my head. I looked around the room and this wasn’t the room I remember falling asleep in. My room I fell asleep in was very bright and white and had double doors and I wasn’t in that room anymore. Something didn’t fell right. I was so confused why did I fall asleep in one room and wake up in a complete different one?  

I tried to get up but I felt really dizzy, must be another side affect from the medication. I walked around my room, luckily I could see they brought my things with me. I rummaged in my bag and found my laptop and phone. I quickly got out my phone and rang Isabel and Rebecca, I needed to speak to them. I rang and they didn’t pick up, but then I checked the time and it was 9:30 am they must be in school no wonder they didn’t answer. I put my phone in my pocket and walked around, me head was starting to panic. What do I do? 

 Before I knew it, a nurse came the room. 

I asked her "excuse me, I just woke up and I am really confused, how come I went to sleep in one room and now I am here? Where am I? "  

"Hi Anna, well, you parents agreed that it was best if you stay here for a while, this is the psychiatric unit." 

"wooooahh! The psych unit? But why?" 

"I think that’s a conversation you need to have with your parents. I think they are just speaking doctor and then they are coming to see you." She got my chart off my bed and wrote something down and put my chart back on the end of my bed. She then left the room. 

I then was freaking out. Why would my parents ever think I needed to stay in a psych unit? 

Before I knew it my parents walked in my room.

I was now frustrated and angry.

“mum what the hell why did I wake up in a psych unit?

 “Anna calm down please. Me and your dad consulted your doctor and he thinks as well as your anxiety he thinks you have something called Border Line Personality disorder and he suggested we admit you here.  

“WHAT? Borderline personality disorder? I don’t have whatever that is! I am just a teenager who is upset because you’re getting a stupid divorce and me, Ella and Aaron are upset and you don’t care and i stuck here and none understands or is listening to me! I don’t need to be here! I am fine! At this point I start throwing my stuff in my bag so I can try and get out of here.  

“Anna..Calm down.. listen to me I am your Mother and I say you have to stay here you can’t leave without a parents signing you out.”
“No that not fair and no I will not calm down! You can’t do this! You can’t keep me here against my will!!!" 

“Anna, I can I am your mother, You have to be here and you can’t leave without me or your dad letting you. You need help. “

“NO, I don’t need help I just need to get out of here!” I start walking down the hallway trying to leave m parents follow me. “It’s all your fault anyway for getting a stupid divorce and breaking our family apart.” 

“Anna. Calm down. This is nothing to do with me and your dad. You have anxiety and a border line personality disorder. They are mental health conditions and you need help. We are your parents and you have to listen to us!”
 “I will not calm down and you can’t keep me here!!!”

 They then called the nurse over. I was held down and injects with some drug.

 Two hours later I woke up on my bed. They sedated me. They can't keep me here against my will.

 I got out my phone and tried ringing Isabel and Rebecca I needed to speak with them. It was an emergency. They didn’t answer-they must still be in school. I needed to speak with them. I rang the school and asked if I could speak with them. Mr Smith answered luckily he was nice and said he would go and fetch them from lessons. He put me on hold and it was a few minutes before Isabel and Rebecca were there.

 “Izzy, Becca I need you!”
 “what’s up Anna?”
“I woke up this morning in the psych unit. They think I have Border Line Personality disorder as well as my anxiety and I tried leaving about two hours ago and they sedated. I need you guys. I feel so upset and frustrated I don’t know what to do. “

“Aww Anna. You need us we are on our way we can skip school, we will just explain to our tutor that it’s an emergency and you need us and then we are coming right there. We are coming just hold on we will be there as fast as we can!”
“Aww you guys are the best!”
They hung up. I am really glad they are willing to skip school and risk getting into trouble just for me.
While I waited for them I decided I am going to be stuck here for a while I should probably walk around and discover where to go for food and where the bathrooms are and maybe meet a few other people here. I walked around, and it insistently felt like a horror story. 
I walked around and found where the canteen and where the school room was and where we needed to go for medication and the therapy room. I already didn’t like this place.
I headed back to my room or the room where my things were held. I got my laptop out and decided to watch some YouTube to pass the time.
Before I know it I hear Isabel and Rebecca, asking the receptionist for visitors and asking what room. I run out my room and race up to them hugging them, instantly crying into their arms. They suggest we go into my room where it’s more private as we were stood in the middle of the common room/living room with all the other patients and nurses.

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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Hell Found Me Short story PART 2 xx

Hello everyone!
Hope your all happy and well.
I hope you all enjoyed  last weeks blog post of the Hell Found me short story part 1. If you can't tell I am going to write PART 2 to this story and if you haven't already read part 1 please read that here and come back and read part 2. I hope you enjoy here is PART 2:
The nurse came back with my toast and water and I eat that while I waited for them to come back. I asked the nurse to bring in four chairs for them all, as they would be here a while and they might as well sit down, she went off and brought back four chairs.
Four chairs later and my parents came in the room and sat down. My parents on my left side and Isabel and Rebecca on my right side. As my parents came in I could see they were still wearing yesterday’s clothes, they must of came with me in the ambulance and been here all night unlike Isabel and Rebecca who were wearing clean school uniform, they must need to leave for school soon. I hope they stay with me, I hate hospitals and I need them to distract me from thinking about being in here. My mum came up to hug me, I could tell from her smudged mascara and puffy red eyes she has been crying a lot. My dad looked at me with the same strict blank look as he always did, but I felt so guilty even though it’s not my fault I ended up in this hospital, it’s their fault for dropping the divorce on me!

My mum is the first to speak, “Anna I so glad you’re ok, and you had us so worried.” She then looks at my dad as if to say he was worried as well but I doubt that.

I respond with “Yeah, sorry, but I am ok. When did the doctor say I can get out of here? I really just want to go home and see Ella and Aaron, they must be worried.”

My mum takes a minute to think before she responds, “Well apparently they need to run a few more tests and then we can sign you up for therapy, apparently they have an amazing therapist here, and then when we get your prescription then you can leave.”

“Wait…So you think I will be home by the time Aaron and Ella get back from school? And wait Therapy? I don’t need therapy or drugs I just need you and dad to not get a stupid divorce and we can be a family again!” I am started to get very frustrated as I speak.

My mum picks up my frustration, and then she looks over at Rebecca and Isabel, and says “girls I think it’s time you should get to school, Rebecca your mum is down stairs ready to give you both a lift, say goodbye you might be able to see her after school.”
Isabel and Rebecca come and give me a hug and I whisper “please stay” but then Isabel says I think you just need your parents right now, we have to get to school, I am sorry!” I tell her “It’s okay, I wish you could stay, come by mine after school? And we can hang out in the den! I need you guys! I love you!” They walk out the door.
There is an awkward silence until my mum speaks “Anna you need therapy, and medication. And as for me and your father, we have to get a divorce, you know that, but you could help by not being so frustrated at us and help us by looking after Ella and Aaron they need you. They need you to get better.” 

I don’t see any point in arguing anymore. I will always be frustrated at them for what they are doing. She is right, Aaron and Ella need me. I need to get better for them.


The doctor comes in and says “ We need to run a couple of routine tests, why don’t you two go get some food from the canteen.”  My parents leave without saying a word.

The doctor started taking a blood sample and asked me “what did I think caused the panic attack?”

I didn’t really want to answer, My head was already freaked out as I hate hospitals, they creep me out, always have ever since I was little.

I thought should give him a response, “well my parents, they are.. they are getting a divorce, and I saw how upset it made Ella and Aaron, I couldn’t be upset I have to be strong for them, but when my best friend came to visit me I knew it was ok for them to see me upset and I just exploded. I felt so horrible, I couldn’t control it. “

There was a moment of silence as I wiped away a couple of tears from eye.

I then asked him “do you think I can stop this happening again? The panic attacks I mean, I don’t think I can stop the divorce.”

He responded with “Well, with therapy and medication I think they will stop eventually. You can’t rush these things. As for the divorce, that’s your parents’ choice and if they think that is best for your family. I don’t think you can do anything about that.”

“I have to try,” I said in my determined but polite voice. I decided I didn’t want to talk about the divorce any more, as the doctor finished taking a blood sample I asked “when do you think I can get out of here? I really wanna get home and see my little brother and sister”

“I think you will be out by the end of the day, we just need to get this blood sent to the lab, and when that come back clear in a few hours, you parents can sign the discharge papers and you can be sent home.”

“Really!?” that great thanks Doctor,” I said as he walked out the room.
I got out my laptop which Isabel and Rebecca …brought down for me with some of my things like some clean clothes, I couldn’t wait to get changed later into my own clothes instead the itchy hospital gown. I put my laptop on the table and pulled it towards my bed and got comfy. I opened it up and turned some itunes music on, and went on social media, luckily the hospital had free internet. I saw on my Facebook that Isabel and Rebecca were messaging me from school, they would be in French now and must be bored and snuck there phones in,  it read “ Hey Anna, hope you ok, don’t worry school is wayyyy boring without you, we miss you, we will come meet you after school at yours. How is everything there? We miss you, sending love!!” I feel blessed to have them, they will never know how much I appreciate them. I respond with “everything is wayyyy boring here too, the doctor says I can go home soon, I can’t wait this hospital clothes and sheet are really itchy, haha! I can’t wait to see you two later and Ella and Aaron! My parents are down stairs getting coffee, I still so frustrated at them for dropping the d word, just dying of boredom send help haha wish you were here, miss you guys xx” I noticed they went offline, Mrs Kate must of caught them on their phones, they won’t get it back till end of lesson. I turn of my music and head to YouTube were I know I can waste a few hours just catching up with videos from my favourite vloggers, so I can pass the time and relax and take my mind off being in hospital as much as I can.
My mum comes in my room and I realised I asleep while watching Joe Sugg’s latest video of him pranking his roommate Casper. The doctors warned me the new medication could make me very tired for a few days until my body gets use to it. I close my laptop screen. My first thought when I woke up was nope this isn’t a bad dream this is real.

My mum is the first to speak “Hey Anna, turns out the doctor wants to keep you in for a few days now, it turns out your blood test came back and they found it very abnormal and they want to run some more tests to find out why, so you will have to stay here for a few days and since your 14 and you’re not an adult ,they are letting my stay as well the nurse will bring another bed in this room later. Dad is going to collect Aaron and Ella from school and bring some more things down so you can some toiletries and clothes and things do you want any things specific bringing?”

I have only just woken up and this must be a bad dream “I thought I was able to go home, I don’t need to stay I am fine, I just want to go home and see Aaron and Ella!” I am frustrated and my mum can tell this from my voice.

“Anna if the doctors think you need to stay here for a few days then you have to, I am your mum and you have to as I say.” As for Aaron and Ella dad is about to get them from school and he will go get some things from home for you and some things for me as well, then he is bringing Ella and Aaron here to see you for a while. I will ask again, do you want anything specific from home?”

I can hear my mum is irritated by me right now, I don’t see much point in arguing. “Fine, and I don’t think so just could he bring my laptop charger and my books from my bedside table and my glasses please.”

“that’s fine I will get him to bring those things I will ring him in a minute. I am going to speak to the doctor, I will back when your dad is back with Aaron and Ella. Ok?”

She is expecting me to be ok but I hate hospitals I don’t know how I will serve days in this place. I just respond with “fine whatever.”
My mum leaves.
The nurse comes in and tells me she is detaching my IV drip however I have to keep the need in my arm in case the doctors need to put drugs in my system.

The nurse quickly does her job, writes it on my chart on the end of my bed and leaves the room.

I need to ring Rebecca and Isabella to let them know I am staying here for a few days, I check the time and its 3:40 they will only just be walking down to the school gates.

I ring them and they answer straight away, I hear they are with some of our class mates. I tell them that I still suck here and I need to see them so they tell me that they are heading straight here. They then put my on speakerphone with some of my class mates in the background and they all shout “we miss you Anna get well soon” I glad they care, I miss them, I would rather be at school then this place! That brings a smile to my face knowing they miss me, I miss them, I even miss boring school assemblies!

They hang up and they text me that they are on their way, while I wait for them and Aaron and Ella, I open my laptop and turn on my music just loud enough so I can hear it but quiet I am careful as it’s a hospital and their might be people sleeping. I log on to my blog and start writing, it’s only a quick blog post to let them know I am in hospital, I will explain everything soon, I am okay and I am not sure if I will be able to upload much this week, but I will keep them updated on my twitter. I upload that, and put the link on twitter. I scroll through twitter and retweet some funny tweets from Tom Fletcher. I turn of my music and close my laptop as it has low charge.

I then go into the bathroom and get changed into some clothes that Isabella and Rebecca brought me in the bag this morning. I look through it and find they packed my favourite clothes. I put on my comfiest jeans, and my favourite harry potter t-shirt. I take out yesterday’s plait and brush through my mane of a hair. I put it back in a neater plait. I head back to my room, feeling a little bit more like a human. I tidy up and make myself look presentable, as much as I can ill in a hospital. I tidy my clothes and things away.
Before I know it, I see my dad arriving. I get up and walk out my door and see Aaron and Ella and run up and hug them. While my parents are still talking to the doctor, we head into my room and get comfy as we can on my bed. Aaron shows me a painting he did in school, it was a get well soon card and he got all his class to sign it, as best as they could at aged 7 which I find even more adorable.  I hug him as tight as could and kiss his head and say “thanks little bro, I will put it right here on my bedside table and think of you every time I see it.”  He asks me why I am in hospital in the first place, I reply with “ well last night when you and Ella were in bed I become unwell and I have to stay here for a few days while the doctors can fix me.”

I try and make it sound simple and not scary.

Aaron says “but why a few days, when I was here when I fell of the trampoline and I broke my arm they just out it in a cast and I was home in a few hours. Can’t they do that with you?”

Well with you it was easy as you broke your arm but as it’s not arm that is broken, it’s my head. They have to try and fix inside my head.

Aaron says “but how are they going to fix inside your head, they bandage that up?”

Bless his innocent young brain! I love the way he thinks about things! I giggle and reply with “well no suppose not, but they are fixing it with medicines, but don’t worry I will be fine and home in just a few days, don’t worry!” I kiss his innocent head.
I look towards Ella who seems very quiet which isn’t like her, I can tell she has thing on her mind. “Aaron why don’t you go get mum and dad to show you where the vending machine is and get some snacks I think I need to speak to Ella a minute as sisters. I hug him and he heads out, he won’t be long as the vending machine is only round the corner.

 I turn to Ella “What the matter? You never this quiet. You thinking about what mum and dad said last night? Remember you can talk to me about anything!” She finally speaks, “Yeah and you’re in hospital, and all they have done on the way to see you was argue.”
“Oh you finally speak, thought our cat got your tongue!” I joke with her and she giggles I say “ and nice to see your little giggle, and as for mum and dad try not to worry to much, okay? They are just going through a hard time right now, it probably doesn't help me ending up here, but not matter what happens, me and Aaron will always be here for you, and we will always be okay we will look after each other. I will always be looking out for and Aaron as I am your big sister, and as long as we have each other we will be okay. Okay?" I notice her face bighting up a little bit. "yeah I suppose, I just wish you could be at home instead of here, I tried asking mum and dad about why your here but they won't tell me. they just keep saying your ill and in hospital."

"well they are very stressed and me being here is adding to that. but I am ill. last night when you and Aaron were in bed, Isabel and Rebecca came, we went up to the den as I needed them, as the divorce got me upset, and then when I was telling them about it, I had something called a panic attack, do you know what that is?" I looked at her she looked confused and I carried on explaining " well it just meant my head got a bit messy and I couldn't stop crying, I found it hard to breath and then that and the fact I hadn't eaten my dinner meant I feel dizzy and fainted. I blacked out and woke up her this morning. but they say I am okay and it's nothing to worry about. Then they said I could go home today but then my blood test came back with abnormal results so I have to stay here a few more days until they figured out why. I am sure it's nothing to worry about. I feel fine."
Ella looked worried "so because something wrong with your blood you have to stay here a few days? and that panic attack things sounds horrid!" she looks upset and hugs me. I tell her "it was but I am okay now, and you shouldn't worry I will be home in a few days, and I promise we can just stay in the den eating junk food and watching whatever Disney films you like. until then you have to promise me you will look after Aaron for me okay? and look after yourself, I worry lots about you two!!!" I hug her and kiss her forehead. 

She brightens up and says "okay I can do that don't worry!!"
At this point Aaron comes back with some snacks, and we sit and eat the snacks while we talk about how their school day went. Aaron told me about how at break he and some of his friends pretended they were pirates which made me giggle. Ella told me how she spent most the day in lessons as she also goes to my school she just joined the high school. She told me there was a explosion of tomatoes in the science lab, because of an experiment. I laughed so hard at that. Just as we finished eating out snacks, our parents came in the room.
My dad spoke first, "come on Aaron and Ella time to go home you still have homework to do before dinner time."
"No dad please! I begged, "they only just got here, can't they stay just a little longer? They could do their homework here with me ? I can help them with it , then you and mum can grab some coffee."
"No Anna,say goodbye, you will see them tomorrow, we have to get home."
"okay fine," I hug Aaron, and kiss him on the head and tell him I love him. I hug dad. I ask if I can have a minute with Ella alone, sister to sister. My parents and Aaron leave the room.
I tell her "Don't worry okay? I am only a phone call away, I will see you tomorrow, and remember what I said okay?-I am always here for you, you can talk to me about anything, and watch out and look after Aaron okay. I will be home in just a few days!!" I hug her tight.

she replies with "I just wish you could be home tonight. and yes I will look after Aaron, I wish I could stay here tonight and keep you company, I wish you could tell me one of your stories! I missed hearing them!"

Ella we know we can't know we don't have time you have to go home, but I promise when I get home in a few days I will tell you all the stories I can think of, I have plenty of time here to think of stories! I love you!!" I hug her tight and kiss her forehead .

"I love you too, more then anything, get well soon okay!" she says as she walks out the room.

I miss my little munchkins already!. Before I know it Rebecca and Isabella come bursting through the door screaming my name. The run up to me and hug me so tight I can barely breathe! I can tell they came straight from school as they are still wearing their uniforms, and they haven't even taken their tie or blazers of yet. 


Before I know it Rebecca and Isabella come bursting through the door screaming my name. The run up to me and hug me so tight I can barely breathe! I can tell they came straight from school as they are still wearing their uniforms, and they haven't even taken their tie or blazers of yet.  

Rebecca is first to start speaking “OMG school was a bore without you!”

Isabella “I know, but you will never guess what?”

“What? What? I can’t guess, I am too excited!”

“In art class this morning, Mrs Bisby let us make you this” They pulled out a massive A3 card from their bag that read “GET WELL SOON!”

“Awww guys I love you so much!” I open it up and it has hundreds of signatures and nice messages from everyone in school.

“we got everyone to sign it, we went round school all day and made sure everyone signed it, we even got the lunch ladies to write something.”

“Aww you two are the best!” I start getting emotional and have to hug them. “But wait do people know why I ended up in hospital?”

Isabella reassured me “No.No don’t worry only me and Rebecca know what happened everyone else just thinks your very ill with an kidney infection. They don’t know real reason.  They won’t it will be our secret, they don’t have to know if you don’t want them to.”                                   “you two are honestly the best most amazing friends I could ever ask for! What would I ever have done without you both!” I hug them again feeling very blessed and emotional.

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