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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Hell found me PART 5 xx

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This week as I sure you can guess, I will be writing PART 5 to my short story called Hell found me, if you haven't read the other parts or want to re read any the links are here:
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Now that your all court up on the story so far, here is part 5 :)


I quickly got out my phone and sent an SOS text to Rebecca which read, "Quick help, parents and police discovered my hiding spot and are searching the house help!!! I am stuck in the den and so scared they might find me and send me back! Help Becca please!"  I hope she sees my text. I hear them searching downstairs, and I start to panic. I can't let them find or  they could take me back to the psych unit. I heard them come up stairs and search everywhere. I knew they wold have known I was here, I didn’t have time to hide all my stuff scatted about Rebecca's house. They would see my bag of things in Rebecca's room and my clothes and realise I am here. I was contemplating giving myself up, they would find me and drag me back to the unit sooner or later. It was only a matter of time. I heard Rebecca down stairs and decided to stay where I am for a few minutes., see if they would go away. I listened closely to the conversation. 
Rebecca's voice was clear as she was shouting at them "What are you doing? Get out, you have right to do this, this is my house. Please leave." 
One policeman spoke "I am the chief inspector, We have are carrying out a investigation into Anna Smith, Her parents confirmed she was missing and that she needs to be in psychiatric unit for treatment. Who might you be?"  
My mum spoke "This is Rebecca Benson, one of my daughter's best friends." 
"Yes and this is also my house and I want you all to leave immediately!" 
The chief spoke firmly "Where are your parents? 
"if you should know, my dad is a fireman and he is at work, doing a 24- hour shift. The Nanny and my little sister will be back any minute now, please just leave, Anna is not here." 
"We need to speak with your parents, is your mother not available for us to speak with?" 
"No, she isn't... my mum isn't here she passed away a few months ago in car accident," I hear her go quieter as she speaks.  
"Oh I am very sorry Miss Benson.." 
"Thank you but I am fed up of people saying they are sorry, I just want you to leave, my sister will freak out if she sees police here, she is upset enough still, honestly she isn't here, so please.." She got interrupted by a police officer who said "Sir, we found what we think is some of Anna's belonging upstairs." 
"Please, they are hers but I got them for her school locker yesterday and was going to bring them to her. Please you have done your search and she isn't here please go, I need to clean up your mess before my sister gets back from school." She directs my mum now "Mrs Smith I told you, she isn’t here, if I hear anything I will let you know, but I would just like you to go,." 
"Okay Rebecca ,we will go, but promise me if you hear anything, tell me"  
"I will, I promise!" 
"Okay well officer, she isn't here maybe we should call of the search?"  
"Okay.. Guys come on, search over"  
I hear them all leave. I hear Rebecca coming to find me to tell me now that the coast is clear . I walk out of my hiding spot. I run up and I hug her.  
"Becca, I am so sorry, you shouldn't have had to do that for me. I am sorry." 
"Hey stop crying, its not your fault, you know I would anything to help you."  
"I know but it's obviously serious if they got he police involved, maybe I should hand myself in, I can't fight it anymore, they will find me sooner or later." 
"No, stop, I can't, as much I hate to think about going back to the unit, I mean if I go there, do my time, deal with therapy, maybe I can be out and back to a normal life in just a few weeks. Thanks for letting me stay and risking everything but I should go." 
"Are you sure?" 
"I think so I mean I can't hide from this forever. I will help you tidy the house and then I will pack and leave." 
I did as I said. I helped her quickly tidy the house before Mandy and Jamie gets back so they suspect anything. I pack my things up and say goodbye.  
Jamie offered to give me a lift but it’s a short walk and I needed the fresh air. I walk home and I notice none is home yet. I wrote a note on Ella's bed and tell her and Aaron to see me in the attic. I thought I could at least see them before I talk to my parents. I hide the note under Ella's pillow where I know she will find it. It read "Ella, Don’t tell mum and dad, I am in the attic, I want to se you and Aaron before I talk to mum and dad, get Aaron and come to the attic as soon as you read this, I need to see you. Love you Anna xx "I head to the attic.  
I hear them all come home. I hear my mum say she is going to get dinner ready, surprisingly, I miss the awkward silences at family dinners.  I hear my dad, go and watch the football. I hear Ella and Aaron run up to their rooms . I couldn't wait for them to come up to the attic. I hear Ella go into Aaron's room and then before I knew it, they run to me and hugged me. 
"keep your voices down I don't want mum and dad knowing I am home just yet. I missed you both more then you can imagine, I am sorry for everything." I hug them both very tight and blink away my tears, I don't want them to see me cry. 
"Anna, what happened where were you? I thought you were in hospital? Could they not fix you?" Bless Aaron's innocent head. I hadn't even thought how I would explain it all to them yet.  
"well Aaron it's a little bit more complicated then that I just felt trapped and needed to escape so I stayed at Rebecca's house for a while and now I feel okay and just want to be at home with you and Ella." 
"Are you sure your okay?" Ella asked anxiously.  
"Yes I am fine, for now, I think I may have to go back into hospital for a while though so they can fix me probably but not to worry I am fine. Don't you two worry about me."  
We sat and talked in the attic for as long as we could. I decided it was time to own up to my mistakes. 
"Come on munchkins we should go down stairs. It's almost dinner time." They followed me out the attic and then I said "Aaron, Ella go play in your room for a while, I need to speak with mum and dad on my own, I will call you down for dinner." Without questions, they went and did as I asked.  
I walked down stairs feeling more and more nervous and anxious. I walked into the kitchen where I saw mum cooking dinner and on the phone.  
"Mum..." I spoke gently, I paused and took a deep breath, trying to calm my anxiety. "Mum...It's me Anna..."  
She told the person on the phone she would call them back and then ran up to me hugging me as she cried. "Oh Anna, Are you okay? You had us so worried. Where have you been?"  
"I am okay, and I am really sorry for everything. Are you angry?"  
"No hunny, I could never be mad at you I was just really worried about you! I am just glad your okay. Where have you been?"  
"Well, I was at Rebecca's which I know you came looking for me twice but please don't be angry at Rebecca and Isabel they were only trying to help me. I just needed some time to think that’s all. I realised you and dad were doing what you thought was best and your right I need help. My anxiety is too much, I can't deal with it on my own. I need your help." 
"Oh Anna, that's very brave and grown up of you to admit. I am sorry for they way you found out. We can get you help, are you ready to go back to the psychiatric unit?" 
"Yes, I am, I will go to the unit, and get the help and treatment I need, but do you think I could stay here tonight? Like do you think we could have a proper family dinner like we use to and then I stay here in my room. Then first thing in the morning I go back to the unit? Would that be okay?" 
"Yes I think we can do that, dinner is almost ready." 
"...and one more request, when I go back to the unit... can Isabel and Rebecca visit me whenever I need them and as long as we want, like no stupid rules about visiting hours only? Then I promise I won’t fight, I won’t argue, I will do whatever you and dad think I need to so I can get better." 
"That sounds reasonable I am sure we can sort that. Do you want to go get Ella and Aaron down, and help set the table?"  
"I can do that." That went better than expected.  
I went and did what she asked. I went to set the table, didn’t take long, it’s always set for family dinners, I just had to get cutlery. I walked upstairs and walked into Ella’s room where I saw her and Aaron trying to help each other with homework. I had to stop a minute and stop myself from crying with joy, for the first time in a long time. I couldn’t believe I was at home, with my family, and I was with my two amazing siblings and we were going to have a proper family dinner like we use to, maybe for the last time but I tried not to think about that part. 
“Hey munchkins! Come on dinner is ready,” Aaron gets up and puts his school stuff on his desk. Ella stays where she is, she looks upset, “Hey Aaron, go down, we will be down in a minute I just need to speak with Ella,” He does as I ask and walks down stairs.  
“I can see something is bothering you, what’s the matter little sis?” 
“Well, you have just got back, which I am so happy about but mum and dad said last night you should be in hospital because you’re very sick.”  
“Well yes, I do have to go back to hospital tomorrow morning, I am going to be in the car with you and Aaron then dad will drop you both at school and he will take me to the hospital…” 
“So you’re definitely going back then?” 
“I have to, you see it’s not like Aaron’s broken arm where they put a cast on and set him straight home, see it’s my head that’s ill and I have to go for some treatment, it takes longer then a broken arm to fix, but after a few weeks in hospital, I should be back and everything will be okay., don’t worry okay? You can visit me whenever you like and its only a few weeks, and I will have my phone on me at all times for whenever you think you need to talk, and if you or Aaron, need anything outside of hospital, I sure mum and dad can help and I will get Isabel and Rebecca to help you. Try not to worry okay sis?” 
“Okay,” She brightens up.  
“Come let’s go get dinner, them after I will help you with the rest of your homework, and then we can watch any Disney film you want, then I will tuck you Aaron in and tell you one of my stories! Doesn’t that sound fun?”  
She brightens up and we walk down stairs to go get dinner. My dad is already sat at the table, I think my mum would off said I was back while I was upstairs. He looked at me, and looked like a rabbit caught in head lights.  
“Hi dad,” I said in my shy anxious voice. I got no response. Clearly he is mad at me, but to be honest it feels like nothing has changed, he is always made at me feel as if I was guilty when I did nothing wrong. He always make me feel as everything I did was mistake and it was my fault, it never was, but this time well, technically it was Rebecca’s plan to brake me out of hospital.  
We all sat down and served dinner Mum made macaroni cheese, with garlic bread, my favourite, so much better than the hospital food from the day. My mum and dad were sat either end of the table and then me and Ella one side and Aaron on the other. We all start eating and my mum speaks "This is so lovely, we are all having a family dinner all together." I felt like she might say "probably for the last time" but she didn't.   
My mum continued "this is lovely us all being together. Ella tell us about your day at school? How was your science test you had?"  
"oh easy mum, I got 95%!" 
"well done sweetie!" I heard my dad mumble "what happened to the other 5%?" I ignored him, he was being moody and he always expected perfect so I ignored him as I always did, and responded "well done, that’s my genius little sis!" She giggled and we high fived each other.  
"Aaron, what about you, I believe you had a spelling test today? How did that go?"  
I saw him go shy, Aaron is never shy. "Umm.. I don’t think I did that well, it was quite hard, I only got 4/10 sorry mum."  
"don't apologize Aaron, its okay, I struggled with spelling when I was your age." 
My dad interrupted her "and with everything that’s been going recently, you wouldn't have had much time to practice spellings." He looked at me again, saying this is my fault.  
We chatted around the dinner table until dinner was finished. Me and Ella helped mum clear the plates away. We went back I the dining room and mum brought dessert out. Cookies, strawberries and ice cream with chocolate syrup, otherwise known as the best dessert ever made. We all ate up, and sat there in a comfortable silence, it was probably the best dinner we have had in a long time and not just because of the food. As soon as diner was over we just all sat there for a few minutes enjoying each other's company. After, Ella and Aaron asked to be excused as they had homework to do. I stay behind as it looks like my parents want to talk to me privately.  
"Go on Ella, Help Aaron with his homework, I will be up soon to help you both like I promised I just need to speak with mum and dad. Go on..." I wait for her to go upstairs so I know she isn't listening, she gets so worried about me.  
"What is it? I thought I apologized? I thought everything was okay and we would spend the night here as a family and then first thing in the morning I will go back to the unit and do any treatment and therapy you think I need? Wasn't that what we agreed mum?" 
"Yes we did, but your father and I are concerned that your not well, you need help." 
"I know I am not well, I accepted that, I agreed I would get help, as long as we spend tonight as a family then in the morning I would go back and get treatment and therapy no argument. I was fine at dinner wasn't I?" 
"yes you were, but that was dinner, what will you like tonight?" 
"I will be fine tonight, I am really tired and I am going to help Ella and Aaron with their homework, I promised me and Ella could watch any film she picks, then I will put them to bed just like I used to before all this kicked off. Now please I said I was sorry for everything, I am really tired can I go upstairs and help Aaron and Ella?" My mum follows me, “Mum it’s okay, I won’t hurt them if that what’s worrying you, I could never hurt them, and please I just want to spend time with them alone. You can trust me.”  She backs off and walks back down stairs, I carry on walking, I think to myself “It’s like she doesn’t trust me anymore.” I try not to think about that. 
I walk into Ella’s room where I see them both doing homework. I go in and help them out. We spend about half an hour finishing their homework, I help out with English as she is a genius when it comes to science and maths but English she struggles. I help Aaron out with his reading and spelling.  It doesn’t take long. We pack up our homework. I help me organise their bags for school the next day, so they have all the right books they need. I help them get clean uniform laid out for the next day. I get them out some PJs and they go get changed. I decide to take this as a good point to ring Isabel and Rebecca to let them know I am okay, they must be worried. I tell them that I am okay and that we have had dinner and I will be staying at home tonight and going back to the hospital in the morning for a few weeks of treatment. They are glad that I am okay and they promise they will visit me all the time, so much that they might as well stay there with me.  That makes me feel better knowing they will come and see me all the time. It might not be so bad after all.  
I go back into the bedroom where I see they are already dressed and ready for bed. Since, it's almost past Aaron's bedtime of 8pm and its 7:55, I suggest to Ella, I put him to bed and then we go watch a movie of her choice like I promised as she doesn't have to go to bed for another hour yet. She agrees and while I tuck Aaron into bed, she goes to play in her room for a few minutes. I tell Aaron one of my bedtime stories, this one involves a dragon and a wizard. He soon looks like he is drifting off into  dream filled sleep. As he drifts off, I get up to leave the room, before I leave I heard his sleepy voice mumble "Anna, I really wish you didn't have to go into hospital again, who will tell me bedtime stories?"  
I respond, "I know, I wish I didn't have to either but in a few weeks I will be home and all better. I can ring you and tell you a bedtime story every night before you fall asleep, try not to worry and get some rest my sleepy little wizard. I love you!" I kiss his forehead and he mutter back I love you. As he falls asleep I walk out the room, trying to not to fall over anything in the dark, I turn his reading light off and switch on his night light. I walk out the room and think about how much I am going to miss tucking Ella and Aaron into bed every night  


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