Sunday, 31 July 2016

Life Update-Where have I been?

Hi everyone!
How have you all been? Hope your happy and healthy!
Okay I know I have abandoned my blog for over a month now however I have been very busy and a lot has been happening and I haven't had much time to write. I am very sorry! I did not mean for this to happen!

I am sorry but I am back now and I promise you will be getting content every week and it will be very well thought out, planned and entertaining.
Firstly let me explain the change in schedule. As you may know it's currently Sunday 6 pm UK time. I know I use to upload blog posts on Saturday 6pm UK time. However Saturdays are very hard for to upload on these days so I thought I would change it so I upload on just a Sunday.  It won't be too different but it will just be I upload a day later then normal. Sunday Photography will still be 11 AM  UK time ad then 6 PM UK time. I hope this explains it.

Anyway back to the actual blog post. I thought since I obviously haven't uploaded any blog posts in months then I thought I should explain what I have been up to anyway from the internet so I am going to write a Life Update or Blog of the Month.
I will try and separate it into sections.

Anxiety and mental health.

Normally I say lets get this one out the way as normally its the hardest thing to talk about but not this time. weirdly my anxiety has been really good. I will be honest as I have had a few days of bad anxiety and set backs however overall its been rally good and hasn't really bothered me.

Learning to drive.

In June I PASSED MY THEORY TEST. In case you don't know, in the UK we have pass a theory test before we can take our practical driving text. the theory text consists of getting 43 out of 50 questions right. then a hazard perception test of 14 clips that last about 1 minute and there is on hazard you get scored on out of 5 marks. Basically it is impossibly hard to pass and I DID IT after a lot of tries! I am coming up to the date of my practical test and very close and confident I will pass. Also My parents bought me a very amazing car for my 18th birthday which I can't drive it right now but the day is nearly there and I can't wait to able to drive it and go anywhere I like whenever I want !!!!!

Moving House 
 Me and my family will be moving house within a few weeks (moving day is very close right now!)
Basically my life right now is packing everything I own into boxes. other then the fact I hate packing I am very excited to move as our new house which is beautiful. I have lived I the same house all my life so I am ready for a change however feeling nostalgic over leaving the house where I grew up.

I AM AN ADULT NOW (shocked face emjoi)

Yes early this month I turned 18, I am now officially, legally an adult however I don't feel like one and I live by the quote "Growing old is mandatory up growing up isn't!"

I am happy I turned 18 but I still not growing up as I still love Disney and kid things and I don't drink alcohol. I probably won't be going on any wild nights out even though I am legal to as I don't like drinking and the idea of a night out as it makes me feel extremely anxious! However I am sure my best friend from horse riding will say something about that an drag me with her one night, which may be triggering anxiety wise but we have fun and I will face it one day and even if I hate it and decide its not for me then at least I will be able to write about my experience (got to loom at the bright side :) hhaha)

I think that's all I have to update you on right now.

Thank you for reading!!!!

reminder of the changes to the schedule

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Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed I love you!!

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I love you so so much!

As always

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The problem is not the problem; The problem is your attitude aboout the problem, (Captian Jack Sparrow,) xx

PS I am very sorry I am rubbish at uploading at the minute my life is very busy right now.

P P S I am very sorry I promised to upload this week (yesterday) however that is because I am changing my day from Saturday 6 pm to Sunday 6pm, just to make my week very busy so this way I am still able to upload but just 24 hours later then my old schedule.

I will explain everything about schedule changing later, in a blog post 6pm today, I hope this explains it and that your okay with it.

Lots of Love

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

When your curious you find lots of interesting things to do! xx

PS I am really really sorry that I haven't posted anything lately and been away from the internet, Life has just been very very busy, however I am back to blogging and while be back posting blog posts and videos etc from next week as I have really missed it. Basically I am sorry for being away but I will be back to posting bog posts etc from next week :) thank you for understanding!  love you!
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