Sunday, 11 September 2016

Life Update/Blog of the Month!-Summer is over :(

Hello everyone!

Hope your all happy and healthy!

I need to apologise! I am so sorry I haven't posted a blog post in  few weeks! I will explain, two reasons for this absence online really. One is that my anxiety hasn't been good recently,  which I will explain more about my anxiety in a minute, in the blog post. Second reason, I have been very busy with preparing for college and moving house so this meant I haven't had much time to write.

Right, apologies over, I thought I would write a Life Update/Blog of the Month for Summer as I think it has been too long since I wrote a blog of the month and I figure there as been a lot happening these past few months that I should update you on.
As always I will try and separate things to make it clear and easy to read.

Anxiety and General Mental health

Let's get the hard one out the way first! My anxiety has been okay all summer, it's been doing pretty well  for most of the summer but recently its gone not that great to quite bad. They're a few reasons for why my anxiety had declined recently. Family things have been going off that have made me worry. I am not going to say what those family things were, as somethings are too personal for the internet, sorry and don't worry we are all fine!

Another reason for anxiety not being well, is I am freaking out about going to a different college! (by the time I upload this and you are reading this I will have already done two days of my new college), At this different college I know NONE. okay maybe that's a slight exaggeration and I have my best friend, well sort of things between me and her haven't been great lately. However I know her and I have meet about 4 of her friend already at her birthday party back in June. So I know them, however as I said things between me and her haven't been good between me and her (hopefully just a blip and things will get better) and her 4 friends I don't think will remember me. I also have about 5 friends I went to school with but I haven't spoken to them in years.

Overall, still very scared about not knowing anyone and this anxiety thing makes it even harder but I will get there. I am going to the freshers fair next week and I am going to join the college magazine which I am sure I will like and it may mean I have spend a little less time on youtube and netflix and I will have to figure my time out but it doesn't not mean I am stopping my blog! Don't worry, I am not planning on stopping writing my blog EVER!

In other news...WE MOVED HOUSE! you remember at the start of the summer when  I said we were moving within a few weeks? yeah a few weeks turned into a few months.. many things happened but we are moved and its finally done and I will be able to unpack and decorate my new room! its going to be beautiful and pretty and full of fairy lights and pictures! I can't wait and don't worry when I have it all sorted i will be doing a room tour on my blog so you can see how pretty my new room is or will be when I decorated it.

I have a new cartilage piercing. On the side of my right ear. I already had my lobes and my top left ear pierced and me and my awesome friend were spontaneous. We were out shopping earlier this week as she was helping me get clothes for college since she loves shopping and I find it hard with anxiety but it was so fun! We were having a great little time and we walked into claires and she decided to get one done to replace one that she had to let heal up ( she has double lobes and about 2 cartilage piercings already) and she knew I wanted to get another cartilage piercing done so she got hers done and she persuaded me to join her and get another one. so I got this done...

How do you like it! I love it! Its a little bit swore and red still but it will go down. Its pretty! I like it and my parents weren't keen but accepted I am 18 and I paid with it with my money I earned in my part time job and it's not on my face so if i need to for interviews etc I can hide it with my hair so they are fine with it now. Anyway I love it!

I am not sure if there is anything else to update you about right now, I  think that is everything...I hope.

Thank you so much for reading!

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PS I want to make this a tribute to the fact it is 15 years ago today 9/11 happened. I am sorry and RIP to all those friends and family who lost their innocent lives and my thoughts are with them today. I want you all to join me and just take a minute to think about them and send them happy thoughts. 

Love you all,
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