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PS Sorry, no blog post tonight as I am physically and mentally not feeling great. Sorry love you all 

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Harry Potter Tag! xx

Hi everyone! 

First, let me apologise for my absence last week, I was really busy with  family, and I wasn't feeling very well mentally and physically, I think I caught something at college  and my anxiety wasn't dealing well last Sunday, but I am okay now.  I am sorry I hope you understand. 

Anyway, this week, I have been feeling quite stuck with writers block or as I call it, Creators block, so that has made it tricky for me to come up with fun creative blog posts to write. In this time where I was stuck, I decided to look on the wonderful internet for inspiration, on what o write and I found the Harry Potter Question Tag. This made me think two things
1. This would be fun as I haven't written a questions tag in a very long time.

2. I checked my past blog posts, and I have never wrote the Harry Potter tag? I know I couldn't believe it either.

Since I am such a harry potter fan (more like a wizard, who is waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter!!) I couldn't understand why I haven't already written this, so I must!


1. Favourite Movie?

Prisoner of Azkaban. Mainly because I have seen this the most . also because I love the scene where Herminone hits Malfoy! WOOPWOOP #GirlPower

2. Least Favourite movie?

This is so hard, I don't know if I have a least favourite movie. I love them all but if I had to choose one it would have to be the half blood prince as I have seen this none alot and every time I watch it I just don't get it, and it frustrated me because from a creative person's point of view it just makes no sense and it isn't as well made as the others.  I mean don't get me wrong, I love every film and I appreciate all the hard work put in to them but I didn't enjoy the half blood prince as much as the rest.

3. Most Favourite Book?

To be 100% completely honest with you guys, I haven't actually read the books! I know, I am a terrible fan but I still completely love Harry Potter and I am still a massive book worm and i love reading and I am sure I would love to read the harry potter books and J.K. Rowling is an amazing author but I don't actually own the books as I use to try and borrow them for my sister but I got half way through Chamber of secrets and she stole them back off me! To add to not having the books themselves making it hard for me to read I also struggle with reading with my stupid dyslexia it makes it so hard me to read and pretty much impossible to read most books but yeah I still love reading. Basically I haven't read them but I will, if I can and for now I can't say my favourite or least favourite,
Sorry for the ramble..moving on...

4. Least Favourite Book?

(read answer to question 3)

5. Favourite Quote?
I have a few:
"Happiness can be found even in the darkest places if only one remembers to turn on the light!"
"You are just as insane as I am!"
"Fear of the name increases the fear of the thing itself!"
"Dobby never meant to kill, only to maim or seriously injure!"
"What a beautiful place to be with friends, Dobby is happy to be with his friends...harry potter!"

6. Favourite Weasley?

Ron. I mean we all know I have a massive crush on him!

7. Favourite Female Character?

Herminone Granger. Obviously. I mean I am basically her as I am such a bookworm!

8. Favourite Male Character?

Dobby. I mean he is cute and hilarious! everyone needs a house elf in their life!

9. Favourite Villain?

Bellatrix, I mean come on she is fierce and |I would not like to fight her but she is fierce and pretty awesome!

10. Favourite Professor?

Dumbledoor I mean he would be the most awesome but confusing and kind and mysterious professor to have which I would love!

11. Would you rather wash Snape's hair or listen to Lockhart ranting about himself all day day?

HAHAHAH this question made me laugh so hard!
Probably wash Snape's hair as that takes like ten minutes but listening to Lockhart rant about himself all day may just kill me and i don't have all to waste!

12. Would you rather duel an elated Bellatrix or an angry Molly? 

Neither thanks. If I had to choose probably battle Bellatrix because have you seen Molly angry? don't want to mess with her!

13) Would you rather travel to Hogwarts via the Hogwarts Express or a flying car?

Obviously go on the Hogwarts express to Hogwarts! I mean that a no brainer!!

14. Would you rather kiss Voldemort or give Umbridge a bubble bath?

Ew to both!!! If I had to choose probably kiss Voldemort as I might be able to recover with a few sessions of therapy! However, giving my Umbridge a bubble bath, I don't think I could ever recover from that no matter how much therapy I have so I'd rather kiss Voldemort.

15. Would you rather ride a Hippogriff or a Firebolt?

HIPPOGRIFF! Imagine I would never have to get a bus or train again! That would be the COOLEST way to get to and from college everyday! (although I don't know where I could park it lol)

16. What house are you actually sorted to on Pottermore?

HUFFLEPUFF! My true house! #housepride

17. What is your Patronous on Pottermore?

Dapple Grey Mare. I always guessed my patronous was a horse!

18. Which class do you think would be your favourite?

Charms or potions as I think I would love to learn different potions and spells.

19. What spell do you think would be the most useful for you to learn?

Probably ACCIO as I mean then I would never have to go downstairs in the middle of writing for tea I could just go "ACCIO TEA" and it would appear and I would never have to pause writing sessions :)

20. Which character do you think you could instantly make friends with?

Herminone Granger. Obviosuly. I mean we are basically the same person anyway but it would be so fun to hang out with her and talk about books for hours and hours!!!!

21. If you could own on of the three hallows which would it be and why?

Invisibility cloak as I mean  think I sort of have this power anyway but it would be so fun t be able to read without people looking at me weird because my glasses are tinted. Seriously I wish I was invisible most the time.

22. If you could bring three characters back to life who would they be and why?

Fred Weasley

I don't I need to explain any of these.

23.  The books or the movies?

Don't make me choose between the book or the movie version of anything. I will always choose books but in this case since I haven't read the books (see answer to question 3) I'd have to pick the movies for this.

24. If you could re make one of the movies again which one and why?

Half blood prince. I feel like this wasn't as well made as the rest of them. Don't get me wrong as a fellow creator/art and photography student I highly appreciate all the work gone into all the films as they are all amazing but I feel like the half blood prince isn't quite there and just needs maybe 2 or 3 scenes to be edited and changed slightly and then it will be amazing!

25. hallows or horcruxes?

I can't choose this! This hard don't make me choose!!!


1. My best friend from horse riding who is finally creating a blog and youtube channel! (I know I have been wanting her to do this FOREVER! also today when you read this, I am actually with her helping her set her blog and youtube up, its not up right now but keep a eye on my twitter over the next day or two and I will post links on there so when its up PLEASE PLEASE go give her your support and follow her and give her positvity, as she is awesome and she has is the best and has helped me so much over the time I have known her so please support her as she deserves your lovely support! as I said's not up now but watch twitter over the next few links as I will share it on there.) I figured since she is starting out and she is the BIGGEST HARRY POTTER fan then this would be the perfect fun blog post to start off with!

2. I also tag as she is a really good blogger friend of mine and she is a really good writer but she hardly writes so maybe this could give her a nudge to write more, as she is a very good writer and I miss her blog.

3. anyone else who wants to answer these questions, please comment them below if you like or write them on your own blog if you have one and tag me in it and let me know on twitter so I can read it :)

Hope you enjoyed it, I did :)

Thank you so much for reading!

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