Monday, 23 January 2017

I am sorry, I left you and life update! xx

Hello my little geeks!

Okay, Okay I know long time not blog right? I know I have lots of apologies to make so here we go:

First, I am sorry I failed the rest of blogmas, I didn't upload easy 18-24, I have been on holiday and my laptop charger broke so I couldn't use my laptop and not only did I not have a lot of time to write because I was doing family things and just wanted to enjoy being on holiday without the internet and social media.  Basically I am so sorry I didn't finish blogmas. 
Another apology is I am sorry, I jut left you and haven't uploaded anything in ages! I would have uploaded sooner but we only got back off holiday on New Year's Day (landed that morning) and then I was super ill from travelling, and I ended up in urgent care that evening, I am fine, just on lots of antibiotics and steroids etc right now. I am okay just needing to take time to look after myself both mentally an physically.

Apologies over, lets move on to  the actual blog post.

Since I have been away from my blog and my little geeks , so why don't I update you on what I have been up to while  I have been absent from my blog...
mental and physical health

lets get the ticker one done first shall we?
physical isn't good but that okay I am getting physical sorted and going back to the doctors this week so hopefully I should be able to get some help with my asthma.
mental health thats a little more complicated but to put it simply its been mixed time with anxiety mostly good but some also not great times!
my anxiety is still complicated...moving on...
I am making changes to my blog...

yes, New year=new me and change is happening!

okay okay don't worry I am not giving up my blog or anything like that just making a few little changes to the way I do things ..

No more set schedule remember how I had a schedule of uploading a blog post and Sunday photography ? yeah I am changing that! Don't worry you will still get regular content as much as possible and I will still be uploading a Sunday photography every week but I will not be uploading a blog post every week, I will just upload when I feel I have something to upload. Let me explain.. I feel like alot of blog posts, I have rushed to get them up every week and lacking in quality and I don't want that. Instead the way my new system will work is I will upload a Sunday photography every week and just upload blog posts when I have written them to a standard I am proud of and as regular as I can.
This is the way my blog will now work and we will see how it goes but just letting you know that I am back from a blogging break, and I will still upload as often as I can but if you don't get a proper blog post every week and you think I am disappeared off the internet and abandoned my blog I haven't dont worry!

no set times or days just uploading when I have good quality stuff to upload.
You will still get a Sunday photography every week still that won't change!

I have started doing YOUNOW Broadcasts ...

Yes for a few weeks I have been doing a you now live broadcasts on there pretty much every day but I will keep ding it probably more like every 3-4 days though so if you want to get to know me a little better instead of just reading blog posts and talk to me a little ask me questions etc then fan me on and that way whenever I go live you can be notified and come on and talk and to make an account is FREE so come hang out and get to know me better if you like :)

I think that might be everything I have to update you on right now...


Who else is super happy I am back to blogging? I know I am I have missed writing to my little geeks and missed my blog but I AM BACK :)

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Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed I love you!!

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Love you all my little geeks!!!!!

GeekyGirlOnline going offline xxxxxx

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Ohana means family and family means none gets left behind xx

Hello my little geeks! 

Sorry I have been absent from my blog for a while-I will explain in tomorrow's blog post, usual place usual time, to cut the explanation short, I basically took a little break from blogging and the internet over christmas and the new year and now I am back :) 

Fun little thing :) me and my best friend Ella Spriggs are going to do You Now broadcasts every single Saturday-havent decided the time yet but check out our Younow links below and you can join and come chat to use for a little while :)

anyway I am back to blogging :) 

hope you all had a lovely christmas and new year :)

see you all tomorrow of a fun little blog post :)

lots of love 

GeekyGirlOnline going offline xxxxxx