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Hell Found Me Part 8 xx

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Hope your all having a good week! I know first week and after a week break is so hard, but power through- Summer is almost here!

Firstly I should do  massive apology to you little geeks! Let me apologize for not uploading anything in a few weeks, the reasons behind this is :

1. I am in a creators/writers block right now and I am struggling for content.
2. My anxiety is horrid. Lets leave that there.
3. I have been super super busy with college work.
Typically I try and use Wednesdays (where I am only in college for the morning so it gives me the whole afternoon to write stuff.) However this wednesday I went on a college trip to London where we went to a few art galleries, Camden Market (which I love) convent garden (again I love this place!) and saw WICKED for my second time :) so that has taken up a lot of writing time has been taken up with this trip and any other time I had has been sleeping (as I am very tired an exhausted from this trip) and catching up on coursework.

Generally I am sorry I haven't written in weeks, I will make it up to you!

Sorry for rambling, anyway this weeks blog post is Hell found Me part 8. This is a story I have been writing for about a year now, and I love it so much I am very proud of this. If you need to catch p on any other part to know the whole story or remind yourself any of it all links will be here: 








Don't worry they all open in different tabs/pages so you don't lose the link to this :) I will give you some time to catch up :)

(a few hours later..) yay your all caught up? yay here is part 8 then...


We walked into his room and it was very strange, not like the rest of the rooms in this place, his was very strange, clearly this is where he stayed and he rarely leaves as this room isn’t plain like the others, its customized. His walls are decorated with his amazing art work, I don’t think I can see a patch of plain wall left, clearly he has spent a lot of time working on the walls which means he spent a lot of time in this room in this place.  I try and not think about that as it makes me feel weird. As I walk in he closes the door but I hate having doors closed it makes me claustrophobic and trapped and he sees the look of panic on my face as he is closing the door and he leaves it and opens it again. I feel more relaxed, and especially since I didn’t have to explain about why I don’t like doors closed. 

He looks as if he managed to get a private room as well like me, maybe since he is here that often they just kept this as his own room. I sat awkwardly at the end of his bed, not knowing how to act as I was that anxious. He grabbed his laptop over and made himself comfy on his bed and he tells me I can relax and just watch the film, so I relax a little and shuffle and sit cross legged on one side of the bed while Nathan is more relaxed and slouching on the other with the laptop in-between us.  I grab my phone out my pocket and grab a pillow place that on my lap and put my phone on top so I can fidget with my phone while also having it handy if Isabella and Rebecca text me. He has put on Order of the Phoenix as he told me that is his favorite film and coincidently my favorite as well.

We watch the film and he makes me laugh as we both know all the words of by heart, so we have a abit of fun and do impressions and make each other laugh. As the credits start to roll I look at my phone and I have a couple of texts from Isabella and Rebecca, telling me it’s my favorite lunch at school, macaroni and cheese and cookies for desert, and that’s about the only school dinner that doesn’t taste revolting, and actually tastes nice, so they sent me text attached with a picture of it and then told me they asked the dinner ladies to pack some up and they are bringing that later along with the homework I missed. Which I am glad they are doing that for me, to help me not get behind in school, but I bet a science test is in there was meant to do today and I am not looking forward to that!

They also text me to say it’s almost the end of lunch and then a quick French test (which they said they would try and do it and try and be excused as fast as possible) and then they would be on the next bus here. I so grateful that they are whiling to risk getting in massive trouble for me. I text them back some love heart emjois. I had a look at the time on my phone and it was almost 1 o clock and I hadn’t had any food since I left the house this morning, I should probably eat something.
“Hey now that’s over would you mind showing me where to get some lunch in this place please? I forgot where it is and I am starving!”

“Yeah okay, I am starving also.” We get up and he leads me to the canteen, and he takes me up to the counter to order some food, we both go for the cheesy chips and some fruit on the side with a cloudy lemonade, looks like we have food in common as well as harry potter.
We eat our food in a lot of silence, He seems to be rushing his food slightly or he is a faster eater then me. As he finishes and I still have a lot of food left he says “right sorry to rush and leave you  but I have therapy at one, you put your empty stuff over there when you have eaten,” pointing to a rack f trays near the bin, “do you think you will be okay on your own and finding your way back to your room for abit?”
I am abit anxious as the corridors are a maze but I think I will be okay so  say “yeah thanks for your help and I think my best friends while be coming to visit me soon anyway so see you around I suppose. ”
“yeah see you around, you know where my room is if you need me.”
He leaves and rushes off and I grab my headphones and plug them into my phone to help me anxiety and click play on my favorite Spotify playlist.

I finish my lunch and take my plate to where he told me I should put them. The canteen was very small only a few tables so everything was very to find. I head back to my room as Isabella and Rebecca should be here within the hour so I go to my room, I almost get lost a few times in the maze of corridors but I eventually find it after taking a wrong turn own the school hallway and down the isolation units (which I walk through a lot faster because the Isolation unit makes the knot in my stomach tighten.)

I manged to make it back to my room in one piece. I decide to make myself feel better by grabbing my laptop out of my bag, taking my headphones out of my ears, I set my laptop up on my bed and go to my favourite place Youtube, I decide to put on one of my favourite vloggers latest videos, Zoella’s latest daily vlog where she goes to the seaside, while I un pack my things, I figured I am not going anywhere for a while so I might as well make myself at home.  When all my things are unpacked and put away in the right places, clothes in wardrobe, art supplies and school stuff on my desk, lush and products in the ensuite bathroom, (I am surprised at this I thought I would have to have a shared bathroom but maybe since my parents paid extra for private I get my own bathroom.- either way I am very glad of the privacy I would hated sharing a room or a bathroom with everyone else here. )  Since I still have 20 minutes before Isabella and Rebecca are meant to arrive as they text me to say they were on the bus.  I walk over to my bed and make myself comfy and grab my laptop, open my blog and start typing a quick blog post, updating my readers about what has happened over the past few days, just as I hit publish and close my laptop, leaving it at one side of my bed, as soon as I do, I see my favourite two people come through the door and un up to me and give me the biggest hug ever, and the sandwich me nicely in the middle of them both. We sit there sandwiched on my bed for a while and I don’t dare let go and I try and hold my tears back.

After a few minutes, we break the sandwich hug apart as Rebecca says “I can’t believe it was only 48 hours ago that we were breaking you out of here so much has happened that feels forever ago!”
“I know and I wish you could break me out again but we can’t I have to be here, but it might not be so bad… there was a guy I was just with, called Nathan and he is massive harry potter geek like me. We just watched the half-blood prince just now, he is in a therapy session right now. “
“seriously you have been here two minutes and you have already found another harry potter geek.”
“I bet he is well cute as well,” we all giggle. The nurse walks to the door and says, “Checks, and Anna you have appointment with the therapist in five minutes so I am sorry girls but you will have to go soon.” Looking over at Rebecca and Isabella’s visitor passes.
“could we not stay and wait for her to finish therapy?”
“maybe tomorrow but today since it’s her first day it will be long and then she has to take her medication and I have to talk to her through school here, then your parents are coming later, so you girls need to go home,”
“but we just got her!” they say in unison looking quite sad and disappointed.
“No sorry you have to leave now, say your goodbyes and you can come back tomorrow, then Anna I will walk you to therapy.” The nurse says with a strict look on her face and she looks and marks a few things on her clip board.
Isabella and Rebecca give me the tightest hug, and they tell me to text them if I need anything and they will be back first things tomorrow as tomorrow is Saturday and they don’t have school on the weekends. They hug and squeeze me and the nurse looks over at them and then looking at her watch. They get the hint it’s time to leave so they give me one last hug and walk out the door.
The nurse looks at me and she walks out the door, and then I quickly wipe my tear from my eye and dash after her to catch up as this nurse is not slowing down and I don’t know where I need to be so I need to keep up with her.

I walk twice as fast as normal trying not lose the nurse as she is walking so quick but I have to keep up as I don’t know where to go. We walk down various different corridors that all look the same to me. We pass the isolation unit and that sends a chill down my spine, I hope I don’t end up here at all. Luckily we are walking so fast I don’t have time to think about it. We pass the living room, and I notice all the other patients are very spaced out. I don’t see Nathan he must still be in therapy. We walk up some stairs and arrive at enclosed hallway with a chair in the corner, next to room with a door that has the words “Doctor Mayfield, PHD, Therapist” underneath there is a sign that reads “do not disturb and please wait quietly.” The nurse points to the chair by the door and tells me to wait here when I am done and she will come find me. Before I can say anything against that she runs bac down the stairs.

I do as she commanded and sat quietly on the chair by the door. I nervous sit forward with my hands under my legs, trying to warm my hands up and stop the anxiously shaking. I watch the clock in the corner hoping watching time go with make me focus on something and stop my anxiety however it makes it worse not better so I grab my phone from my hoodie pocket and try and see if going on my phone distracts me from thinking about therapy and my anxiety and why I am here. It helps but it doesn’t work completely. I receive a text from Isabella saying “sorry we had to leave but we will be back first thing tomorrow with a special visitor! Good luck in therapy you will be okay we promise! We love you!! “ followed by a few love heart emjois. I feel so grateful to have them. I text them back “thanks and it wasn’t your fault don’t worry, yes please come back tomorrow and who is this special visitor ? tell me please haha”
She replies with “not telling but you already know her that’s all I am saying! Hehe I am mean! “
I text back “no fair” followed by a emjoi of someone sticking there tongue out and then the door opens and I text “therapy time g2g” with a nervous faced emjoi.

Nathan walks out door looking upset like something happened in therapy. He spots me on chair, and he wipe a single tear from the corner of his eye. He pretends everything is fine but I can tell it’s not okay. We finally talk and say something but quietly.
“hey, you okay?”
“yep.” He pauses.
“it’s my first therapy session in a minute got any tips, my anxiety is all over the place”
he pauses and thinks, I guess he is thinking whether to be helpful and honest or make a joke and be funny.  He looks like he is deciding to be honest and helpful and not funny.
“well if you keep talking they will send you out soon, talk about anything that bothering you and don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it seems,” he gets interrupted.
The door opens and someone in a suite with barely any colour, who looks to be mid 50s walks out, looks at me, looks at her clipboard, and back at me again, and says “You must be Anna, come in.” in a strict but friendly voice.

“good luck! Breathe!” Nathan whispers to me as I get up from the chair and anxiously walk into the therapy room. Here goes nothing.


Sorry to leave it there, I will try and put part 9 up soon as I know thats a bit of a cliff hanger, but it keeps you reading :) 

what do you think of the story? any criticism or comments about it would be good  just positive only:) 

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How to bake strawberry banana bread! xx

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Yesterday, I was very ill, both physically from a head cold/dizziness/ sickness bug, and also mentally just not having a good day, so I ended up staying off college, as my body needed a day to rest and my head needed a day at home to do nothing very much at all, so I was bored and feeling abit rubbish so to cheer myself up I decided to do some baking. One of my favourite things to bake is banana bread as it's very simple and easy.

Heres is how I made banana bread my way :)

STEP 1 Get out the stuff you need:

(ingredients picture)

 3 Ripe bananas (to be mashed)
half a lime
1 Medium egg
1 tea spoon of baking powder
a pinch of salt 
strawberries (5 to be finely chopped later)
1 cup of almond milk ( I added it in quarters) it doesn't have to be almond can be any milk but this is my preferred milk as it doesn't hurt cows and is animal friendly and tastes really nice but you can use this or whichever you like
2 cups of flour
1 and 1/2 cups of brown sugar
1/2 of caster sugar

You will also need :

a wooden spoon 
cup measuring utensils (I found these handy cute ones from Tesco, they have cup, tea and table spoons and ml on  handy!)
a greased medium sized loaf tin (if you want a tip to get you greasing paper to stick to the tin to make it easier when pouring the mix in, put a bit of butter around the edge first to help make your greasing paper stick)
a chopping board and a knife for chopping strawberries and lime (not in this picture I forgot I needed them till later ) also please be safe when using knives, ask an adult to help if needed
a small bowl (cereal sized) and a fork or potato masher to mash bananas ( I also forgot to put these in the image)

STEP 2 Mix your Ingredients

Mix all your ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

I started by mixing all my dry ingredients in my large bowl (2 cups of flour, 1 and 1/2 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of caster sugar, 1 tea spoon of baking powder and a pinch of salt ) and in a smaller bowl I mashed my bananas up and then added my other wet ingredients (1 egg, and 1 cup of almond milk)

Combine your wet and dry ingredients.

 chop up 5 strawberries very finely. (as small as you can purely as when people eat it they don't want massive chunks of strawberry in the loaf) and put them in the mixture. I also chopped and squeezed half a lime into the mixture, (remove any pips from the lime) and the stirred well

STEP 3 Pour mix into greased loaf tin and bake :)

Pour into your loaf tin, shake or smooth out to be equally spread and bake..

Bake at 180 degrees C for 50-60 minutes (or until golden and cooked through- mine took 55 minutes to cook but depends on your oven)

STEP 4 Leave to cool

Get out the oven and leave it to come to room temperature so when you go to the next step you don't burn your mouth!

Or if your impatient like me skip this step and move on to the next step aka the best bit!

STEP 5 Serve and enjoy! 

Get out of your tin, remove greasing paper, cut and serve a potion you like on plate and enjoy!

Don't forget you will probably have to clean and tidy any mess you made!

I think I made it too moist, I prefer a spongy, more bread like banana bread so next time I would not use as much almond milk and one less banana and let it cook a little longer but if you like a gooey chewy banana bread that tastes amazing even if it may be a little too moist then this is perfect :)

Don't forget to let your family and friends try some! I know my parents and especially my best friend love my baking! She was gutted she couldn't try some of this as I am not seeing her for a week or so, and its almost all eaten but don't worry now she can make it herself to try :) and I already promised her to bake her a few more things when I see her for future blog posts :) she loves my baking!

 Well that's it! That's how I made strawberry banana bread!

If you do happen to make this please tag me on instagram @geekygirlonlineofficial or twitter @geekygirlonline with the #GeekyGirlBakes so I can see the creations you make :)

Comment below one thing you have tried or seen that you would like to try and bake :)

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You are far too smart to be the only things standing in your way! xx

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Sorry this is up late, I do't where the time goes these days! 

My best friend just uploaded her first blog post in while and it feel it's important I share it on here as it has an important message about animal cruelty and it should be shared to spread a little awareness and because her blog is incredible and will change the world one day, plus she is my best friend and I want to support her and her blog :) 
If i could ask one thing of my little geeks it would be to simply share my best friends blog around, even if it's just telling your friend about it you don't have to be if you do me a massive favor it would be to share my best friends blog post and spread awareness in anyway you can and then you will be the most awesome little geeks ever!!!

the link to her actual blog is here :

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speak to you soon 

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