Thursday, 30 November 2017

Will I be doing Blogmas this year?

Hello my little geeks! 

Just a little update-

Recently I have been thinking about BLOGMAS (if you don't know what it is, every day of advent in the run up till christmas I would post something on my blog, whether it would be a blog post or a piece of photography.) 
 I did Blogmas last year and thoroughly enjoyed it but it took a lot of time. I don't think I have much time this year, I have a holiday coming up for most of December and will not be taking my laptop, as well because of my holiday I am messing a lot of college, so I have to keep up with my studies and make sure I don't fall behind and all update before I go away.  I don't think I will be able to do blogmas like last year, I have to keep up with my studies, and a lot of things happening in December. Sorry.

However I will still be doing a version of BLOGMAS! YAYAYAYAY!
Instead of posting on my blog every day I will be posting on my Instagram. INSTAMAS? No I like BLOGMAS. I will post a piece of photography, a picture from that day or a little video clip, and write a little about what I have been doing that day every day from tomorrow until the 24th December. 
How fun will that be? so make sure to follow me on Instagram @geekygirlonlineofficial

Will be back to normal schedule now :) 
Lots of love
GeekyGirlOnline going offline xxxx

Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable xx

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Happy 3rd Birthday GeekyGirl! x

This exact day 3 years ago, 18.11.14 I created my blog and uploaded my first blog post called Anxiety Advice. 

It's crazy to think I have been on the internet and sharing my life with you all for three years, it feels like I have always been blogging and sharing my life on my little corner of the internet, but I should remember I haven't always, but I wouldn't change sharing my life and my creativity on my blog.

Over the years has had a few different designs and styles but I think I have one that works with my blog and my ideas. 

I love my blog and I love writing and sharing my life and creativity in my corner of the internet with my fellow geeks, we have a very small community and ideally yes I would like a bit of a larger community as sometimes I feel my ideas and my story and my writing I work so hard on and put my heart and soul into so I would like more people to read and comment but out little community of geeks is a lovely one. 

What where some of your favourite and most memorable blog posts over the years and what would you like me to write next? Any ideas you have write them in the comments and I will get writing.

Happy third birthday my blog and my little geeks, :) 

Love you all

GeekyGirlOnline going offline xxxx

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Life Update: Where have I been?

Help my little geeks! 

Hope your all well :)

I need to apologise for being absent from my blog for most of 2017 , I have horribly bad at blogging. A few reasons, I have been very busy this year, I am not sure where 2017 vanished to,  I blinked and it went from January to almost christmas.  I am so sorry at how terrible at updating my blog this year I have been I promise from now on I will do my very very best to upload every week I don't think I will stick to a specific day just I will upload photography on Sunday and upload something else at some point in the week whenever I have written it, but I will update and upload every week.

Since I have been so bad at updating my blog for so long, I figured why don't I do a life update for the year and go through what I have been up to each month up until now.


January was a busy month, I don't think any big happened just I was busy with college and seeing family. The only thing I specifically remember about January is I landed off my holiday New Years Day and I ended up being really ill, as I was ill on holiday for about the last week, I think I caught a virus but on the flight home it got worse, my throat was so painful I couldn't talk, I lost my voice, and  my ears were painful and felt blocked so I ended up spending the evening of New years Day, ,in urgent care in my local hospital, and luckily I was okay and it was just a ear nose and throat viral infection and they sent me home with some pain killers and steroids to help my throat ears open up and it worked and I was fine.  what a great start to the New Year though, ending up in urgent care, what a brilliant start to 2017.


February was better. I wasn't ill anymore, (YAY) I had gotten over the weird virus I caught on holiday. It wasn't a very special month, nothing big happened it came and went pretty fast, I remember spending time with family, and my dog's 12th birthday which we missed due to being busy  but we celebrated a week later and she got  a new bed for her birthday.  I was emotional over her birthday as I can't believe my little baby is 12 now, she is getting very old and this past year we have noticed a decline in her health, with atherics, liver issues, bladder issues, lumps all over, but don't worry she is fine and we have her on medication for all her issues, but I just love my little baby so much it got me emotional as she is old and I don't want her to keep getting old, I want her to stay the same way forever so I don't ever lose her, but she is old. She is okay though her is a picture of my little dog below she is very cute.

 I was going to write about each month separately but what I was planning to write for March, April, May and June are all pretty much the same so I put them into one as no point writing the same things more than once. March to June were plain months I don't remember anything significant about them I just remember spending a lot of the time in this months studying, doing coursework and spending time with family.


The summer holidays finally came around which I had been waiting for a long time to come around as I really needed a break from college. Summer was really nice to just have time to so whatever I wanted. July was my birthday (11th July) and I got some really nice gifts, spent lots of time with my family. July was a very relaxing month, which is just what I needed after the college year.


August for me was the biggest month of the year with some of my biggest achieved and happiest moments. August was the most fun month of the year and the month I really want to talk about. Two really big things happened in August:

Summer In The City 2017  If you don't know what SITC is, let me explain. Summer in the city of the UKs biggest youtube convention held in the Excel centre in London for one weekend every August, full of panels, meet and greets with you tubers, merch stands and lots and lots of amazing people. I got to meet some amazing friends at SITC and got to meet so many of my favourite you tubers. This was the best weekend ever and I am so glad I went and I cannot wait for it next year.

Here are some pictures from some of my highlights from SITC below. 


Some amazing Hopefuls I meet that I think are now lifelong friends. I had so much fun hanging out and meeting all these awesome people.

A Meet and Greet where I meet Jamie Jo and Tom Burns. Jamie is one of my favourite artists on youtube and Tom is her husband and is awesome, he has a channel as well and helps run SITC.

Beckie Jane Brown, who I meet at her Merch stand and she is so lovely and is probably my biggest inspiration as artist and a creator and is one of loveliest people I meet she took the time to meet me, and  was so genuine and she could tell I struggled with anxiety and she keep asking if I was okay. She is one of my favourites and it meant the world to me to be able to meet her.

Evan Edinger who I meet at his Merch stand, he was lovely.

Hannah Witton who is so lovely and just as she is on youtube very hyper, bit crazy but so sweet and very small. 

PeteJams who I meet and saw wondering around on Creator day. he chatted to me and my friend for a long time was so lovely. I also chatted to GaryC for a while with pete but I didn't get a picture with Gary, both lovely people who I am very grateful I got to meet and so thankful they took the time to meet and talk to me.

Jamie Jo panel where she did a live painting and a Q+A \(question and answer where sh takes questions from the audience. I asked a few and she was so sweet and nice and bless her she took longer and ran over and was so determined to finish the painting.

Daniel J Layton with Baking with layton live. this was such a funny panel. He had Hazel Hayes, Sammy Paul, and Chloe Dungate and manger Josh. This was the funniest panel I went to. I will insert a clip below of an example of how funny these guys are.

"What is Cress?"
*Video warning it has some swearing, and don't wear headphones as it's bad audio.*

The second biggest achievement I did. I cut my hair off. You may have seen on my Instagram if you follow me on there (@geekygirlonlienofficial go follow me if you want to know what I get up to when I am not blogging.) I cut 10 inches off my hair and donated it too the Little Princess Trust (the make wigs for children with cancer if you don't know them) and with this I had a JustGiving page for people to sponsor me and with that I managed to raise £161.20 for The Dyslexia Organisation. Dyslexia is a big cause for my heart, as you may know I am dyslexic myself, and I know I have been incredibly luckily as I have amazing supportive parents who have helped me anyway they can over the years and that they have been financially able to help me with all the support. I know I am lucky but I also know may people are not as lucky and can't even afford to be tested to know if they have dyslexia and I know that feeling, for years I thought I was just stupid "why was I trying so hard and getting bad grades? I thought to myself for years, but I am not stupid I am just dyslexic there is a big difference.  I am so happy and proud I could raise money for dyslexia and hopefully help someone.

Here are some pictures from me cutting my hair. I love it and I am so proud I did this.

My JusGiving page is still open even a few months after the big cut, if anyone still wishes to donate to the Dyslexia Organisation please do, any amount of money you can give will help someone.
link here


September was a fun month as well. I got to meet Carrie Hope Fletcher at her book signing. She is incredible  I have meet her 3 times now and every time she is the sweetest human in the world. She was so ill bless her, but she still put on a smile.

The same week I went to see her play Wednesday Adams in the Adams Family musical with my best friend thanks to my amazing parents who got me some tickets for my birthday. This was an amazing night and even more amazing show, Carrie's solo of Pulled was my favourite part. MY best friend had no idea who Carrie was before the show, but as it finished she said to me "she is incredibly talented I need to watch her videos" and now she loves Carrie. What a Result-slowly my best friend who isn't into youtube will be converted into a youtube geek like me.
September was a very fun month and I love Carrie and she was incredible as Wednesday Adams.


October was a quick month, I was so busy with coursework and seeing friends, I blinked it was gone. I had a week off college for half term which I definitely needed to rest college can be exhausting, early mornings, long days. October came and went and it wasn't a big month .

I think we are pretty much update on what I have been up to this year.

I am sorry for being bad at blogging but it's changing now I am back for good I am not going anywhere.

Thanks for reading
hope you all happy as me that I am back to blogging :)
leave any book recommendations in the comments below :)
tell me what have you been doing this year?
Love you all lots
GeekyGirlOnline going offline xxxx