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Hell Found Me Part 9 xx

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A while ago you may remember I wrote a story called Hell Found Me, basically I wrote more to it and I have part 9 here. 

I will link all the other parts below incase you wish to read them or you haven't read it yet :) don't worry they all open in new tabs, so you won't lose the link to this!  

Hope your all caught up now :) here is Part 9, let me know what you think of it in the comments below :) enjoy!

Anxiously I followed Doctor Mayfield into the room, as I step in, I take minute to look around and as I do I notice the room is actually more colourful than I expected.  Maybe the walls needed a paint job but generally I was very impressed as I felt this room was brighter than the rest of this monochrome hospital. The walls were bright red and blue with art hung on the walls that were exploding with colour and life. In the corner there was a desk piled high with paperwork and files and a computer in the middle, and a comfortable looking desk chair. Behind the desk is a massive bookshelf with old, ancient books that I am guessing are all about different mental health illnesses that I won’t have heard of. At the back of the room in the corner they’re some bean bags and a child’s doll house with dolls. I thought the dolls were a bit random but I just ignored it. In the middle of the room there was a couple of black sofas with colourful cushions with fancy calligraphy writing with inspirational quotes. In the middle of the two sofas is a plain black coffee table with a box of tissues, a file (I am guessing it’s mine as it’s rather skinny compared to the others on the desk probably because I am new), a note pad on a clipboard and an expensive looking fountain pen.

Doctor Mayfield confidently walked out and made herself comfortable on the sofa nearest to the notepad and file. Her legs were crossed, back upright and she put the notepad and file on her knee and started writing something, looks like she was already analysing and judging me before I even sit down or say a word.
“Hello Anna, let me explain to you first how therapy works, you have therapy once a day after school, we talk and work through your problems or just chat about anything that is bothering you. Once a week we have a family therapy session where your parents and siblings come in and we talk through everything and talk through your problems with your family..”
I interrupt her and nervously say “do we have to have my brother and sister there? Just I don’t want to stress them out and keep them out as much as I can, especially Aaron he is only 7.”
“Anna I appreciate you trying to protect them but I think it would be good for having them there and it would give them a chance if anything is bothering them they can use that as a free open space for them to talk. “
“well okay but can we at least do it on a Sunday? They have school and Saturday Aaron has football practice and Ella goes to her best friends to do homework.”
“yes Sunday works fine. As I was saying one a month you, me and the other doctors and nurses have a special meeting called a progress meeting to discuss how well you are doing and if anything with your medication or therapy needs  and the possibility of you going home one day. It’s going to be a long road of lots of therapy and medication but hopefully with you it won’t be more than a few months but we can review it at your progress meeting.”

The way today is going to work is we are going to talk about some goals and ideas you have. These will be realistic goals that we can set and write down with a little time scale of when we think we can achieve that by and we can work on how to achieve those each week until they can be crossed off the list. How does that sound?”
“Yeaah, okay I guess..” I spoke just a little bit louder then when I originally came in the room.
“That’s good, so Anna do you have any goals? Thinking of the top of your head as we can come up with more in tomorrow’s session.”
As I was getting more comfortable, I fidgeted and moved my legs so my left foot was under my right leg and my hands were now on my lap and I was fiddling with my thumbs, and I looked up and around the room a little more. “I would like to get out of here...” I mumbled
“I promise you one day you will but you only just got here so it might take some time.”
For the rest of the season we sat and talked about what had happened over the past few days and what I believed set it all off, which I explained how earlier in the week my parents told me about the divorce, how I was put in hospital, how I was transferred to here and how Isabel and Rebecca broke me out and I hid at Rebecca’s place and how after the police came searching for me I realised I couldn’t hid forever and Rebecca and Isabel could get in serious trouble for that I should do the right thing and hand myself in and accept my fate, and get help, and so Isabella and Rebecca don’t get into trouble as they protected me and I had to protect them.  She then told me how that was the right thing and very brave. Which made me feel abit better about being here. She then looked at the time and said “Thank you Anna, that was a very good first season but our time is up, it was nice to meet to me and she looks forward to working with me.” She got up and walked over to the piles of files on her desk and I figured that was my cue to leave.
I quietly got up, trying not to knock or bump into anything as I walked out the room as I am such a clutz and closed the door without making a sound. I then looked around and I was alone, I tried to remember how to get back to my room. I went down stairs and couldn’t remember which way but after a few wrong turns I found my room or at least room 39 which would be where I am staying while I am here.I got my key out, all the rooms have doors that only you and the nurses have a key to, and before got my key in the door flung open and I knew exactly who would be behind it, Isabel and Rebecca of course. Without saying a word to each other we hugged each other and collapsed onto my bed.  I am lucky it’s a Friday and they only have a half day at school as we are all girls boarding so they’re lots of boarders who have to go home for the weekends so half day gives them time to travel to their homes but since me, Becca and Izzy live within Leeds we live so close we don’t need to as we just travel and stay at home.
After a few minutes of giggling we got up and made ourselves up and got comfy.
“Don’t worry, Jamie has Mandy so I don’t have to be back until Mandy’s bedtime.”
“Yeah and I don’t have to be back anytime soon as James has a football practice and Tyler is at his friends for dinner tonight so I can stay out until whenever.”
“exactly so we are here for you for the day”
“you guys are the best! How is school going? Anyone noticed or questioned why I am not there?”
“not really, we told them you had a kidney infection and you were suck in hospital for a while.”
“Thanks at least that’s half true, that don’t have to know the real reason, have the school questioned it?”
“Well the school do know the real reason as your parents came in and explained it to the principal and I think a few of the teachers know but they haven’t said anything. Miss Nelson had word with us after class and she definitely knows she sends her best wishes and has promised to keep up the kidney infection story.” Miss Nelson is the art teacher and she is probably my favourite teacher she lets me and Becca and Izzy use her art room at lunch times if we don’t want to go outside or eat in the canteen and even lets us listen to music in her classes.
“Miss Nelson is awesome, and at least the school know and they are willing to not let the secret slip.”
“Oh yeah we brought your homework so you don’t fall behind with your studies,” Becca says pointing to a big pile of textbooks on my desk.
“Aww thanks guys your so thoughtful,” I say with a sarcastic tone in my voice and giggle.
“We can help you with it don’t worry, we can go through it with you and help you with anything you missed in class.”
I grab the books from my desk and as we get set up organising them we grab the maths books first might as well get the worst over with first.  I grab my laptop, so I can use the online revision website for school and Izzy and Becca get there laptops out. Even though we all have the same laptop we all have personalized them, I have youtube and harry potter stickers and Becca has a family photo, of her mum, dad and her and Mandy, that was taken just before the accident, along with pictures of me and Izzy and her even from when we were really young, and Izzy has flowers and clothes all collaged onto hers.  All very different but we all blend .Just as we are about to start there is a knock at the door anxious to see who it is I go over and open it.  I calmed down as I soon as I saw it was just Nathan.
“Hey I came to see how your first therapy session went?”
“it was actually thanks, Doctor Mayfield is quite scary though”
“She can be like that at first, don’t worry she gets less scary, I see you have company?” he said curiously looking at Izzy and Becca on the bed who were acting like they were studying and looking at their laptops but they were watching Nathan.
“Yes these are my two best friends Isabel, (Isabel looked up and chimed “Hey”) and Rebecca (Rebecca looked up and chimed “hey”), they are helping me with my homework catching me up on classes and making sure I don’t fall behind in school.”
“Hey, well judging by the amount of books on your bed I better leave you girls to your studies, I will come find you for dinner it’s served 5-7pm you girls are welcome to join, good luck with your homework.” He wondered off down the halls and I closed the door, and Izzy and Becca started to giggle.
“What are you two giggling at?”
“Who was that cute guy?” the giggled some more.
“That’s Nathan he is my friend also stuck in this crazy place, he is helping me find my way around, he gave me a tour and we watched some harry potter when I got super anxious as he loves harry potter too, and he is nice.” I said that while blushing slightly.
“oooooo sounds just your type and I think he likes you!” Becca teased.
“What?! Now that’s crazy, he is just being nice as I am new and he is helping me find my way around..”
“Sounds like you like him a little too?” Izzy teased.
“oh ssh” was that true I thought to myself. “ Now come on time for maths. What did I miss in class?” I said changing the subject.
“Quadratic equations.”
“What on earth are quadratic equations?” I said very confused.
“It took us a little while to get our heads around too, but it’s easy here let me show you” Becca said grabbing a textbook. Becca is the maths genius, my best subject is art and Izzy is the best at textiles, but when it comes to maths I definitely need Beccas help she is the top of the year in maths.
After a few hours of us studying I closed the text book and slammed my head the wall I still don’t understand?”
“Don’t worry you will get there I can help you.”
“of course you can maths is easy for you.”
“ well don’t worry you will get there. You wanna work on something else for abit?”
“yes please,” I looked at the books, “look art homework there is something I can actually do, It says  need to do a family tree, but where am I am going to find art supplies?  I had to leave most my stuff at home I only have a sketch book.”
“Don’t you have a school room here? Surely they have craft supplies in there?” Izzy suggested.
“Yeah I didn’t think about that, lets go find it.” We walked down the hallway towards Nathan’s room to ask him.
“Room 29 this is it,” I knocked on the door, he opened it “Hey Nathan, do you know where the school room is? I need to use some craft supplies for piece of art homework.”
“yeah let me show you,” he grabbed his key and closed his door behind him, “how did the homework go?” he asked curiously,
“Turns out I still suck at maths, and I still have no clue what quadratic equations are, you have a clue?”
“Nope sorry I suck at maths, my favourite subject is art.”
“Quadractic equations are easy,” Becca churrped in, “That’s crazy Nathan as Anna loves art too, right Anna?”
“yeah.” I mutter as I give Becca a jap in her side with my elbow as I can see what’s doing.

She takes the jab as a hint to change the subject from me and Nathan as he is just a friend and I have only known him a day.
Lucky for me Nathan seems to have got his phone out and has zoned out, texting someone.
“oh Anna I didn’t tell you there is gonna be Winter Formal. The theme is Under the stars, generic theme but still sounds fun! It’s December 14th, you think you will be out by then and want to come?
“definitely! And of course I am going to out by then I hope.”
“brilliant and maybe one weekend you can get a day pass out of here and come dress shopping with us?”
“I would love to Izzy but I don’t know how easy that will be. Especially after the great escape I don’t know if I will be allowed out.” I trail off.
“Don’t we will figure something out. We should totally go just us no dates! It will be so fun for a school dance.”
We all giggle. Nathan looks up from his phone and says “what you all laughing about? Am I missing out on something?”
“no we were just talking about the Winter formal its December 14th and I am hoping to be out by then so I can go and be a normal teenager who is not mentally insane!”
“I know what you mean” me and Nathan laugh. Izzy and Becca raise their eyebrows at me, I know they know I have a tiny crush on Nathan. 
Izzy buts in, “Sorry girls only though Nathan, no boys allowed!” she says like she is five years old.   
“whatever I am probably since gonna be locked up in here anyways….” He trails off.
We chat about the dance and dresses and shoes whilest Nathan goes back to texting. After a few minutes we soon arrive at the art room, and after unlocking it with the key we picked up on our way, we grab out a few supplies like paper, a couple of paints and sketching pencils.
Becca grabs the homework task sheet she brought with her. “so it says here we have to so a project about families like a family tree.”
“yeah coz I really want to an art project about families right now.”
“why?” Nathan innocently askes, I realise I hadn’t told him about the divorce or even why I am here yet.
“well earlier this week my parents announced they are getting a divorce, which is one reason I stuck here, in a way…” I trailed off not really wanting to talk about it.
“aww I am sorry Anna, families suck!” sounding like he has his own family drama to deal with.
“thanks, whatever lets get this done shall we?” after discussing ideas for a few minutes we set on the most generic of them all, making a paper tress and writing family member’s names under apples.

 A nurse walks in with a clipboard and shouts “checks” and writes something on her clipboard. She si curious about what we are doing in the art room since it’s not used much by the other patients and I explained about my school project and she nods and walks off, she does this a few tis while we are in the art room, I lose track of how many times exactly. After an hour of working on it was almost done, I just had to add the names in which I could do another day.

We looked at the clock and it was 6pm already and I knew Izzy and Becca would be having to go home. I started to tidy up and Nathan said “don’t worry I am going to stay in here abit longer and work on my own project don’t worry I will tidy up and lock up when I finished.”
“okay thanks Nathan.”
“We should be going, my mum is going to be waiting for me for dinner.”
“yeah and I need to help with Jamie putting Mandy to bed, she doesn’t sleep if I am not there. Sorry we have to leave I wish you could with..”
“I know me too, but I need to stay for now.” I put on a brave face mostly for them but also for me because I am too emotionally exhausted to cry anymore today.

“Come on I will walk you guys out,” I grab my family tree project, was going to say bye to Nathan but he has already zoned out with his headphones on and working on his project. 


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