Monday, 8 January 2018

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 xx

Hello my little geeks! 

First, let me apologise for my absence over the past month, I was on holiday with my family and my laptop was in the shop to repair a broken hard drive meaning I couldn't blog. I am sorry but I am back and my laptop is all better. I may not be back to my full blogging schedule for a few weeks though however I will post Sunday photography and blog when I can but I am busy with coursework, and university interviews and things so we will see. 

These are some of my highlights from 2017, I got to do some incredible things in 2017. 

Cutting my hair off for the Little Princess Trust, and raising £161.40 for The Dyslexia Organisation.

Going to Summer In the City. 

This was my favourite weekend ever, I got to meet so many amazing youtubers, made some awesome friends and saw brilliant things that made me so inspired as a creator. This was the most fun weekend ever. I cant wait for SITC 2018! 
also this weekend was the first time I travelled around London on my own and I did it, without getting lost too much, that is one proud achievement for me as well as pushing myself out of my comfort zones alot!!

I meet Carrie Hope Fletcher at her book signing and even though I could tell she was struggling as she was very ill, she was still lovely. 

Later that same week I saw her in The Adams Family Musical, which was a birthday present from my parents which she was incredible and that was one of the best musicals ever. Definatley up there in my favourites. 

this year I had lots of laughs and memories with my best ever. She makes me laugh even when I don't feel like I can laugh. I hope we have even more laughs and fun memories in 2018.

I love her lots please go check out her blog link here

2017 was amazing I hope 2018 is even better.

2018 Resolutions/Goals

-not to think about negative friends and dwell on what didn't happen and what bad friends I had a few names come to mind which I won't mention for the fact they could technically read this and I don't want to name them but I would like to not think about them and move on, I know things and these people happens a couple of years ago but they were friends who turned out to be selfish and nasty and I just wish I could have seen at the time they were bad and go and stick with the good friends. In short I want to forgot the bad friends and appreciate the god and brilliant awesome friends who accept and deal with my craziness! You know who you are and I love you guys!

-To start dating.. yeah I think its about time this was to happen and I found my self a boyfriend or at least started to date and put myself out there-anyone know how I do this?

-I want to eat healthier and lose a bit of weight so I can be happy with my body. I am not going to go into too much detail but I want to change.

-I hope university goes well, I get in somewhere "fingers crossed" I have interviews coming up very soon and I just really hope I get in and the move goes well, my flat mates are nice and like me and I make friends and university goes well. I hope I make friends and hopefully a boyfriend and I find the work okay and my tutors like me and moving out and into uni works.

-I hope to go to SITC if I can afford it last year was amazing the best weekend and I want to go so bad this year and will try my hardest to make it happen.

-I am going to learn the bass guitar and hopefully start a band by the end of the year I am already planning it with some friends we just need to buy instruments and find a space and figure the band thing out but watch out we may do a gig near 2019.

-I am going to blog lots as much as I can and do more different things like more baking, some book reviews, more stories, some lifestyle things. Lots of ideas in the works!!!

-to have more fun and laughter without anxiety, I did some of this last year but really want to look after my mental health and get in control, have more fun and push myself out my comfort zone, go to parties etc and maybe do counselling or something ? anyone done this before? any advice highly appreciated.

-read more books, I didnt read much in 2018. any recommendations would be good leave them in the comments below :)
that's it really, I just hope 2018 works out.

What about you? tell me your resolutions and things you hope to achieve in 2018 down the comments below it will be fun x

thanks for reading!

love you all lots!
happy new year!

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