Saturday, 7 July 2018

Where have I been? Have I quit blogging????

Hello my little geeks!

I am sorry that I haven't written in such a long time, a few reasons behind this.

-College took up alot of my time but I am finished with that now! YAY!

 -I have had some technical issues but don't worry most of those are resolved now.

-I have struggled to find the motivation and ideas to write but after a long talk with my best friend about blogs and youtube I have decided I should get back to blogging as soon as, and I might be starting youtube real soon maybe?

here are some things that have happened since I last wrote a blog post:

1. Education

College is completed. I have handed in all my work and my final exhibition of my college work really well.

In September I will be attending Huddersfield University studying Photography, which I am incredibly excited about maybe slightly nervous but mostly super excited! It's going to be a 4 year course, (3 years plus a placement year) and I am incredibly excited! I cannot wait to study photography since I love it and hope one day I will be a travel photographer and I hope I make some friends at uni and have a excellent time!

2. Friends

Unfortunately, friends don't always work out very well. Sometimes you think you are a compatible friend with someone and once you get to know each other and you physically spend time with them it turns out you are the complete opposite of "compatible friends."

It is okay to cut friends out if your life when you realize things don't work, as sometimes two people just don't mix, and once you find that out its okay to get rid of that friend because you weren't good friends. You will find other friends I promise!

3. Anxiety update:

My anxiety has actually been amazing recently to the point I am actually questioning whether my anxiety still exists.
I have had only a few massive panic attacks (ones where I end up crying and struggling to breathe and all shakey) at points when I really wasn't okay but after getting threw it I am okay. Mostly I have had "anxiety attacks" as I call them which after a few minutes of breathing and distraction techniques and talking with my best friend or my mum I am normally fine and carry on with my day like normal.

My anxiety still has ups and downs but generally I think I have learnt to control it very well and it rare;y stops me from doing the things I want to and if it ever gets to the point where I am struggling to keep hiding it and controlling it and it affects my everyday life then I promise will seek help from professional counselor but for now I manage to control it and hide it very well.

4. Birthday Fun 

This up coming week is full of birthdays, my sister, my best friend, and mine. Lots of birthday celebrations happening. we are heading to yorkshire wildlife park for my sister's birthday since we live close and that's what she chose to do, so watch out for lots of photography from that. On my birthday I am heading to Great Yorkshire show for the day with my mum as that is what I wanted to do, so expect photography and maybe a blog post about that soon.

I am 20 next week. I will be heading to university in September and moving into a flat with some lovely house mates. I am incredibly excited but nervous. Nervcited that what I am.

That's all the updates for now I think.

I will be blogging more and I promise you I have not quit blogging, I love writing far too much I have just been distracted and busy but now things have slowed down slightly and I am back and not going anywhere!!

I will back next week with a list of favorites!

Thanks for reading!

what have you been up to recently? tell me in the comments :)

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Ah how I have missed blogging!

love you all!

See you soon

GeekyGirlOnline going offline xxxx